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LeBron James appears to fire back at Mike Malone, Nuggets in Instagram post

LeBron James seems to be tired of the Nuggets — mainly head coach Mike Malone — bringing up the Lakers constantly during the championship celebration.

Rob Pelinka expects Darvin Ham to bring ‘toughness and competitive edge’ to Lakers

The Lakers have officially announced Darvin Ham, who they expect to bring a fresh and competitive culture to the franchise.

LeBron James and Magic Johnson are excited about the Lakers hiring Darvin Ham

Both LeBron James and Magic Johnson took to Twitter to endorse new Lakers head coach Darvin Ham.

Jeanie Buss says she expected Lakers to go further because of how much she spent on luxury taxes

In the latest example of her not getting it, Jeanie Buss was surprised the Lakers didn’t have a better season because of how much money she spent on the team.

Jeanie Buss calls criticism of Kurt Rambis ‘unfair,’ shoots down rumors Linda Rambis is involved in basketball decisions

Jeanie Buss is not holding Linda Rambis, or her husband Kurt, accountable for the Lakers’ failures.

Magic Johnson comments on LeBron James trade speculation, Lakers coaching search and Phil Jackson

In a video "interview" with TMZ as he rapidly tried to fast walk away in downtown Los Angeles, Magic Johnson discussed trade speculation about LeBron James, Phil Jackson being involved in the Lakers coaching search and more.

The Lakers reportedly interviewed Terry Stotts for their head coaching job

Terry Stotts was among the wave of candidates the Lakers interviewed for their head coaching job this week.

Report: Lakers interviewed Mark Jackson for head coaching job

We can add Mark Jackson to the list of candidates the Lakers have interviewed for their coaching job.

Phil Jackson advising the Lakers on their coaching search may not be the worst thing ever

The Lakers are once again turning inward for advice on how to move forward, this time looking to Phil Jackson for feedback on who should be their next head coach.

Kent Bazemore says he’s ‘100%’ open to returning to Lakers next season

Despite having an overwhelmingly disappointing season with the Lakers, Kent Bazemore is open to returning to Los Angeles next season.

Nick Nurse responds to rumors of Lakers interest in him: ‘I don’t know where that stuff comes from’

The pie-in-the-sky target for the Lakers in their search for a new head coach, Nick Nurse (kind of) refuted the reports linking him to Los Angeles and fellow Klutch Sports clients LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Jerry West disputes various details of ‘Winning Time,’ says ‘it hurts’ and he has lost sleep over the way he’s portrayed

As he continues to push back against his portrayal in "Winning Time," Jerry West detailed some of the inaccuracies he’s noticed and the impact it’s had on him

Reacts: Lakers fans are ready to move on from Russell Westbrook

A year after watching Russell Westbrook return home, Lakers fans are ready for it to be a one-and-done experiment.

Jerry West threatens to take HBO ‘all the way to the Supreme court’ over ‘Winning Time’ portrayal

Still upset about his portrayal in "Winning Time," Jerry West is now threatening to take matters all the way to the Supreme Court.

Shaq says he’d coach the Lakers... if they offered him $25 million a year

Shaq is a proven Russell Westbrook whisperer. Maybe it’s time for the Lakers to make that his full-time job.

LeBron James says he wants to get to the free throw line more next season

With his free throws dropping to one of the lowest marks of his career this season, LeBron James wants to focus on getting back to the line next season with the Lakers.

Lakers Rumors: Russell Westbrook could be stretched, Rob Pelinka has one more year to fix this

After a worst-case scenario season, the Lakers and Russell Westbrook are, unsurprisingly, reportedly looking to part ways from one another this summer, and it could be the make or break move that saves Rob Pelinka’s job.

LeBron James lists Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic as players he’d want to play with in today’s NBA

LeBron James had some high praise for Stephen Curry and Luka Doncic on the current episode of HBO’s "The Shop."

NBA executives expect Malik Monk to get $5-10 million annually on his next contract

Malik Monk was one of the few bright spots of the season, but the Lakers may find it difficult to retain him in free agency.

Anthony Davis says questions of ‘what if’ the most frustrating part of Lakers season

In a season that has featured very little of Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook together — and no Kendrick Nunn at all — Davis spoke about the frustrating "what ifs" of this year for the Lakers.

Tyronn Lue says he doesn’t think Lakers treated him ‘fairly’ during contract negotiations

The Lakers may have backed into a head coach they won a title with in Frank Vogel, but that doesn’t mean they handled their coaching search well by bungling negotiations with Ty Lue in 2019.

Draymond Green says he would skip a Warriors game to watch LeBron James break Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s all-time scoring record

With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the only person left to chase, LeBron James’ pursuit of the all-time scoring record will be a driving storyline that even fellow NBA players like Draymond Green will be watching.

LeBron James says he doesn’t listen to narratives about Lakers: ‘I’m literally having the time of my life right now’

After yet another dominant display on Monday, LeBron James spoke about how much fun he’s having with the Lakers this season despite their struggles.

LeBron James roasts Kevin Love, Cavaliers while apologizing for poster dunk

After delivering one of his best highlights of the season on the court with a poster dunk on Kevin Love, LeBron James buried him and the Cavs even more after the game.

LeBron James says this season is ‘testing my patience’

The Lakers have been really bad, and LeBron James admits that all this failure is wearing on him.

Russell Westbrook responds to Timberwolves trash talk: ‘Nobody over there has done anything in this league’

Lakers guard Russell Westbrook says he doesn’t care about the Timberwolves talking smack to him because none of them have accomplished anything.

Reacts: Everybody hates the Lakers, but especially their fans

Not even Lakers fans can find joy in watching their team this season, as they have become one of the most unwatchable groups this fan base has ever seen.

LeBron James says Lakers fans ‘know when bad basketball is being played’ and ‘have the right to have any response they want’

LeBron James went out of his way multiple times on Friday night to specify that he’s playing for Lakers fans, and trying to give them something to cheer about. It was hard not to read some subtext from his remarks.

The Lakers are just as ready for this season to be over as the rest of us

We’re finally starting to see signs that this nightmare season is wearing on the Lakers themselves as much as it is on their fans.

James Worthy blasts Lakers for quitting: ‘It doesn’t seem like they believe in anything that they’re doing’

James Worthy called out the Lakers after their loss to the Rockets on Wednesday for their lack of fight, and Carmelo Anthony doesn’t think he’s too far off base.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope remembers being in Lakers trade rumors ‘every single year’ he was with the team

Ahead of his return this week, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope recalled constantly being in trade rumors during his three years with the Lakers.

Why don’t the Lakers have a mascot?

The Lakers are one of only a small handful of NBA teams to not have a mascot, though they’ve had some unofficial or potential candidates along the way.


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