Lakers look lifeless in 139-107 loss to Celtics

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The stage was set for an epic Martin Luther King Jr. Day showdown between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. Anthony Davis was given the okay to play for the first time in five games, while Kemba Walker and Jaylen Brown made their respective returns for Boston. Only one name was on each team’s injury reports.

With the exception of the first quarter, which ended 33-30 in the Celtics’ favor, it wasn’t much of a contest — or should I say, it wasn’t much of a contest for Boston.

The Celtics ran the Lakers out of TD Garden, 139-107, in their first meeting of the season. Three different Celtics finished with at least 20 points, including Jayson Tatum, who scored 27 points on 10-18 shooting from the field, including 5-8 shooting form the behind the arc.

The Celtics also killed the Lakers on the boards 48-36, led by Enes Kanter, who grabbed a game-high six offensive rebounds. The 36 rebounds the Lakers grabbed is a season-low for them. The 139 they conceded was also a season-high.

While it’s possible that Brad Stevens orchestrated a game plan to keep the Lakers’ big men off of the boards, these types of performances can usually be traced back to effort, and Los Angeles just didn’t want is as bad as Boston did. In a game with as much as eyes this one had because of the rivalry, that’s disappointing.

The Lakers will look to bounce back against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday — the first game of their New York back-to-back. The last time the Lakers beat the Knicks, it was the Lakers who were on the right side of the blowout, winning 1117-87. Following a disappointing loss to their bitter rivals, they’ll be hoping to do that again.

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This game should be a barometer of the Lakers chances in the playoffs.

And now’s the time to evaluate the material they have with them and make the necessary changes.


Celtics were overdue for a good one, Lakers overdue for a bad one. Too bad it came in Boston, but I wouldn’t get too worried.

We just had a 4 game losing streak

And another loss to a good team. It’s disturbing we don’t win against possible late playoff opponents.

There is zero chance that anybody but the Bucks will win the East.

And thus zero chance that the Celtics will be a "late playoff opponent"… unless by "late" you mean 3 or 4 years from now

Jazz, Mavs, Heat, Nuggets, Rockets

All quality opponents this team has beaten this season, multiple times for some of them too. Yesterday was bad but we don’t have to pretend as if this team hasn’t beaten late playoff-caliber opposition and with an up and down roster hit by injuries.

The Jazz were about a .500 team when we played them (12-10).

They didn’t look like a strong contender until recently as they’ve won 17 of their last 19 games. They’ve made moves since we played them to get them where they are now but when we beat them they weren’t playing like a team capable of making a deep run.

The Nuggets okay we did beat them. They also blew us out. But really we match up well with then because they have small guards and wings. They’re biggest wing is 6’6. Small wings are not our issue.

The Heat- does anybody think they are really a contender? Also they were missing Dragic.

The rest aren’t even top 4 in their conference.

There’s a scene in Reservoir Dogs, where everyone is pointing a gun at each other and shooting at the same time

That would make a good gif right now

Throw it out

Celtics were desperate. Lakers did not care that much.

Does a team with championship aspirations get blown out by 32 points?

Maybe the Lakers don’t want that 1st seed and have to face Memphis or NOR in the first round

But end result was 4-2!

Kareem running down the court with his hands raised in triumph


don’t worry!

Anyone chuckle at how much the game has changed?

That many points scored…

And the Lakers attempted 5 threes. The Celtics attempted 9.

James Harden bricks more threes per game than both the Lakers and Celtics ATTEMPTED haha.

Also worth noting Mike McGee on that Laker team.

I met Mike McGee going through airport security in Beijing airport 7-8 years ago. I think he was surprised anyone recognized him.

He was coaching in China…

Yes, of course

these things happen.

Its January in the NBA and eggs get laid.

Shrug it off.

AD looked like a guy that hadn’t played in 2 weeks. Not sure what everybody elses excuse was.

At this point I’d toss THT some spot minutes too

It’s MLK Day, everyone deserves an opportunity

on the boards, thought Javale.

… ok I can’t think of any more excuses

In hindsight, should have probably waited for the Knicks to bring AD back.

He’ll have rust no matter when he plays but that was awful.

Chuck called it!

The Lakers just went to Houston short-handed and won convincingly on national tv. It was natural that they would feel they were the better team and that they could relax a bit with AD coming back. The youngest players were the most susceptible to this, but they were all affected.

It was like the 1st quarter the Celtics were starting to feel they could do this, and from there on in the Lakers were simply ‘toast’.

Nothng to take away from this game except to make sure they don’t let down again against the Knicks.

and/or the nets

Anyone can have the no.1 seed

Losing twice to the clips and now the Cs, wow as if its not getting clearer we cant beat top 5 nba teams (bucks,raptors). You are very wrong Lebron, we still cant beat good teams.

In Toronto. In Milwaukee. In Boston.

And the Celtics game was the only one that was a blowout. We’ll see what happens in Staples Center

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