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Lakers Videos

Deconstructing one aspect of LeBron James’ off-season training

LeBron loves to share his off-season training video. Let’s break down the latest and why it’s effective.

Film Study: How Kendrick Nunn fits on the Lakers

Will Kendrick Nunn be an x-factor for the Lakers this season?

Film Study: What Kent Bazemore adds to the Lakers

Kent Bazemore may be in contention for a starting role this season with the Lakers. What could he bring to the starting lineup?

Film Study: What Malik Monk brings to the Lakers

Malik Monk should be a great fit on this Lakers team.

How much does Trevor Ariza have left in the tank for the Lakers?

One of the older players signed by the Lakers this summer, here’s a detailed look into Trevor Ariza’s fit with the roster and what he can contribute.

Talen Horton-Tucker appears slimmer in Chicago Pro-Am highlights

Skinny Talen Horton-Tucker is here, and he’s destroying opponents in his hometown Chicago Pro-Am.

What makes Wayne Ellington an elite shooter? Lets break down his mechanics

Wayne Ellington’s shooting excellence can be best understood by dissecting his shot mechanics, from setup to release.

How the Lakers may circumvent Russell Westbrook’s offensive flaws

Russell Westbrook has some glaring flaws on the offensive end, namely his shooting. I analyzed how the Lakers may get around those pitfalls.

What Russell Westbrook brings to the Lakers’ playmaker-starved offense

I analyzed Westbrook’s key strengths on the offensive end, and how he addresses multiple needs for a creator-starved Lakers offense

Buddy Hield’s Potential Fit on the Lakers Is Foreshadowed By....Ben McLemore?! Let Me Explain

Let’s break down how Buddy Hield could fit on the Lakers by looking at the data, and how the team integrated in a shooter with a similar off-ball movement profile (Ben McLemore).

Dennis Schröder and Anthony Davis are already back in the gym for the Lakers

Anthony Davis and Dennis Schröder are ready to get back to work.

Anthony Davis detailed just how abnormal his post-bubble offseason was

Anthony Davis spoke candidly after the Lakers’ first-round exit about his normal off-season routine and just how impacted it was by the 71-day turnaround.

Medical Analysis: Anthony Davis is ‘day-to-day’ with a Grade 1 groin strain. What does that mean?

Let’s talk about Anthony Davis’ groin strain and reported timetable, and what both might mean for the Lakers as their series against the Suns continues

Movement Analysis: Why Game 3 was a very positive indicator for LeBron’s health

LeBron James’ movement and physical ability looked as good as they have since his return when the Lakers played the Suns in Game 3.

Andre Drummond imitating LeBron James as he destroys Jae Crowder is the most hilariously disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen

It’s safe to say that Andre Drummond is enjoying his first taste of winning in the playoffs, even if he’s just watching LeBron James light up Jae Crowder from the bench.

Can LeBron James get back to 100% healthy during the playoffs?

Can LeBron James return to close to his pre-injury self during the playoffs? Let’s take a closer look at a potential target timeline for him to do so.

How healthy is LeBron James heading into the playoffs?

Let’s take a closer look at LeBron James’ movement and ankle "tweak" to gauge the state of his health and overall readiness heading into the NBA playoffs.

Film study: How close is Anthony Davis to 100% heading into the playoffs?

Let’s take a look at how Anthony Davis is moving following his return from injury to gauge where he’s at for the team’s title defense.

Film Study: Marc Gasol is the Lakers’ answer for Nikola Jokic

Lakers center Marc Gasol has a particular set of skills, skills that make him a great matchup for against Nikola Jokic.

How concerning is LeBron James’ ankle soreness?

Is LeBron James having ongoing ankle soreness after returning from injury something for the Lakers to worry about, or not?

Anthony Davis and LeBron James’ bromance will make you feel better about the Lakers

In the end, the Lakers still have LeBron James and Anthony Davis. For all our worries about how the team is playing right now, remembering that the Lakers have the two stars with the best chemistry in the league matters too.

Film Study: How Montrezl Harrell finishes through contact so effectively

Montrezl Harrell is an absolute unit in the paint, and there are three main skills that fuel his ability to power through contact.

Film Breakdown: The key skill Alex Caruso has improved while LeBron James is out

How Alex Caruso has improved as a pick and roll playmaker in LeBron’s absence.

Film Breakdown: Andre Drummond, the 6’10 penguin who moves like a gazelle

I detailed Andre Drummond’s elite movement ability, and how he flies around like a guard trapped in a big’s body

LeBron is still three weeks away from returning. From a medical perspective, is this a good or bad thing?

I analyzed LeBron’s extended return timeline (reportedly six weeks) and how it fits with the Lakers’ medical strategy.

The final shot Kobe Bryant took was the perfect culmination of his entire career

On the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s final game, it’s worth remembering how every moment of his career set up the last shot he took for the Lakers.

How Ben McLemore will fit with the Lakers

I studied the data and film to decipher what Ben McLemore can add to this Lakers roster.

Film Study: How Kyle Kuzma has improved his passing to become an elite role player

I explained one detail that encapsulates Kyle Kuzma’s development into a championship-caliber role player

The first trailer for ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ is filled to the brim with easter eggs and memes

This looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Film Study: What Andre Drummond brings to this Lakers squad

I detailed the key skills and strengths of the newest Laker Andre Drummond and how he fits with the team.

LeBron James’ high ankle sprain and possible return timeline, explained

Let’s dive in to what LeBron James having a high ankle sprain means, and six indicators of severity and when he might be back.

LeBron James has made a new adjustment to his free-throw routine

I explained LeBron’s latest modification and adjustment at the charity stripe as he continues his search to improve at free throws.