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Rob Pelinka has made it impossible to focus on the basketball

With each passing arbitrary deadline, one thing becomes painfully clear: Rob Pelinka is not the man for this job.

Can the Lakers afford to keep waiting on a Buddy Hield, Myles Turner trade?

As the Lakers have turned a corner behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis, can they afford to wait to pull the trigger on a Myles Turner and Buddy Hield trade?

Anthony Davis has played well enough to warrant committing to winning now

If part of waiting before trading Russell Westbrook was to see how the stars look this season, Anthony Davis has done more than enough to make the front office comfortable betting on him this year.

Which Lakers should stay in the starting lineup once LeBron James comes back?

Difficult decisions will need to be made from the coaching staff starting as soon as Tuesday.

Anthony Davis is playing at an MVP level for the Lakers

Another dominant display against the Spurs on Sunday from Anthony Davis was just the latest in a run of MVP-level basketball.

Did LeBron James send a message to Rob Pelinka and mask it as Aaron Rodgers analysis?

LeBron James had some pointed thoughts about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers that pretty obviously applied to his own situation.

Lonnie Walker IV on his path to the Lakers and the trade rumors since he got there

Lonnie Walker IV stopped by to talk about growing up more athletic than everyone, what he did to prepare for this season, and how it’s gone thus far. Oh, and wrapping gifts.

The Lakers and Warriors aren’t meeting LeBron James and Stephen Curry halfway

LeBron James and Stephen Curry have done too much for their respective teams to be let down the way they have.

Lakers outscore Nets in showdown between two disappointing teams

The Lakers snapped their five-game losing streak on Sunday with a win over a Nets team with somehow worse vibes than the purple and gold this year.

Metta World Peace details how he’d handle this Lakers season if he was playing on this team

Metta World Peace says playing on this Lakers team would be tough, but there are ways he’d deal with the stress.

The Lakers waiting for a superstar could end their chances at a productive season

Rob Pelinka is reportedly waiting for a superstar to fall in his lap. This is an incredibly risky play on multiple levels that feels damned from the start.

Is Anthony Davis too focused on efficiency on offense?

Anthony Davis has become a non-factor late in games. How much of that is approach-driven?

What is wrong with the Lakers’ in third quarters this season?

The Lakers threw another game away with a poor third quarter on Sunday, falling to 2-7 on the season and raising more questions about their slow start.

Whenever Kyrie Irving is available, the Lakers have to pass

Kyrie Irving’s market has depreciated to a point where the Lakers will likely have a chance at bringing him in. They absolutely should not do that.

Is there a good Lakers team in here?

The Lakers squeaked by the Pelicans despite playing some of their best basketball of the season.

Can the Lakers capitalize on their upcoming soft schedule?

After facing a difficult opening slate of games, the Lakers could be in position to make up ground in the standings starting Wednesday.

Does Russell Westbrook looking better off the bench change anything for him and the Lakers?

Russell Westbrook deserves credit for finally accepting a bench role. It makes the Lakers a better team, but does it change anything for the trajectory he and the organization are on?

The Lakers and Russell Westbrook are fun again

It may have only been one night, but the Los Angeles Lakers and Russell Westbrook were fun against the Nuggets on Sunday night.

Russell Westbrook is the end result of all that ails the Lakers

Trading for Russell Westbrook and now refusing to trade him away is the kind of thing that happens in an organization as rife with issues as the Lakers are.

Have the Lakers shown enough to invest more in this season?

A Russell Westbrook trade is the only potential out the Lakers have from their current malaise.

The Lakers are set to get a glimpse of life without Russell Westbrook

The polarizing point guard has been listed as doubtful for the team’s upcoming game. How the Lakers fare in his absence may prove to be an interesting test case.

Rob Pelinka has to stop operating in a vacuum

Rob Pelinka has made any number of decisions that make some sense when isolated. Problem is: That isn’t how basketball works.

Lakers collapse to Blazers caps off brutal opening week

The Lakers looked set for their first win of the season on Sunday until a fourth-quarter collapse left them 0-3 through the opening week.

It’s time for the Lakers to either trade Russell Westbrook or send him home

Everyone knows that eventually, the Lakers are going to trade Russell Westbrook. So why continue to hurt any chance at gaining chemistry while he sticks around?

The Lakers should feel encouraged even in defeat to the Clippers

Despite remaining winless to start the season and continuing to be ice-cold from the perimeter, the Lakers made positive strides against the Clippers that hopefully will lead to long-term success.

Are the Lakers playing too small?

Anthony Davis starting at center solves one problem but creates another for the Lakers.

No one has more at stake this Lakers season than Jeanie Buss

Jeanie Buss has lived a pretty charmed life with the fan base and media to this point. Another season of struggling because of her decisions, and that will change in a big way.

Silver Screen and Roll announces its podcast lineup for this season

This Lakers season is going to be entertaining at the very least, and no podcast feed will offer more coverage of it than ours.

No matter how you feel about Russell Westbrook huddle-gate, this ridiculous situation should have been avoided

The focus on Russell Westbrook’s behavior during play stoppages was always coming. This is why he needed to be traded before the season.

What should the Lakers guard rotation look like?

There were too many cooks in the kitchen for the Lakers against the Wolves once they finally had their full collection of guards available.

Should Anthony Davis start at center?

One the biggest decisions Darvin Ham and his staff still need to answer is who should be in the Lakers starting lineup, and whether AD is in fact the center.

By extending Rob Pelinka, Jeanie Buss proves she won’t hold her inner circle accountable

The Lakers’ refusal to ever look outside their walls was on full display as they extended Rob Pelinka after an incomplete offseason.

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