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Lakers Podcasts

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What is going on with the Lakers and Frank Vogel?

The news cycle following the biggest Lakers win of the season shouldn’t be this frustrating.

Who feels like the likeliest Lakers trade candidate?

The Lakers have been active leading up to trade rumors season, so let’s set the table for what should be an interesting month before the deadline.

Did the Hawks set the market for wings with Cam Reddish trade?

If so, the Lakers might need to send Travis Schlenk some flowers.

How can LeBron James help Russell Westbrook get out of his own way?

LeBron James has preferred a more hands-off approach with his leadership but the Lakers might need something different with Russell Westbrook.

How would a Lakers-Grizzlies playoffs series go?

The Lakers haven’t looked particularly good against Memphis this year, but how different would things go in a playoff setting?

Halfway through the season, what are the Lakers?

The Lakers have at times looked like they might get it together, then immediately remind us why they had to try and fix things in the first place. So, 41 games in, who are they?

Where do the Lakers stand with the trade deadline one month away?

The Lakers lost on Sunday, but are they trending in the right direction?

Will the Lakers make a trade at this year’s deadline?

The Lakers don’t have much to offer but do need to improve the roster. What can Rob Pelinka do?

Are the Lakers doing right by Stanley Johnson?

Stanley Johnson has made the most out of his opportunity thus far. Do the Lakers owe him anything beyond increased opportunity?

Podcast: What should the Lakers target in as the NBA trade deadline approaches?

The Lakers don’t have many assets. So if they use them, Rob Pelinka had better get a great return.

Podcast: Small-ball has become the Lakers’ identity

LeBron James at center has energized an otherwise clunky season. Can the Lakers build on this?

Podcast: Are trade rumors starting to affect Talen Horton-Tucker?

Talen Horton-Tucker is the Lakers’ only real trade asset. As his game continues to slide, it’s fair to wonder what else might be going on.

Podcast: New Year’s resolutions for the Los Angeles Lakers

New year, new Los Angeles Lakers?

Podcast: Behind the scenes of that infamous Darren Collison free agent meeting

We got an inside view of one of the more infamous nights in recent Lakers history.

Podcast: Russell Westbrook isn’t the problem with the Lakers, but is he the solution?

As per usual, Russell Westbrook has been a lightning rod for all kinds of overheated analysis with the Lakers this year. Let’s actually try to break it down.

Podcast: Where does Talen Horton-Tucker fit in a rotation with everyone available?

Talen Horton-Tucker is seriously struggling and, given who might be getting healthy for the Lakers soon, his minutes aren’t exactly a sure thing moving forward.

Podcast: Will Talen Horton-Tucker finish this season on the Lakers?

Talen Horton-Tucker is the most appealing player the Lakers have to use in a trade. Which, for a team with as many holes to plug as this one, might mean he’ll be on the move.

Podcast: Should the Lakers trade Russell Westbrook?

Couldn’t even make it to 2022 before we started having this conversation.

Podcast: What should be on the Lakers’ holiday wishlist?

This Lakers season has felt like a big helping of coal.

Podcast: Can the Lakers still win a championship this season?

The Lakers are going to need a lot to fall in their direction to regain their spot as a legitimate title contender.

Podcast: Another loss, another night spent wondering what the Lakers might be

It sure feels like the Lakers are heading towards a lost season.

Podcast: Which is the saddest NBA fan base this season?

This NBA season has been quite the slog, and not just for Lakers fans.

Podcast: Undermanned Lakers won’t be undermanned much longer

Down to just 10 active players on Sunday, the shorthanded Lakers fell to the Bulls on the road. An agreement between the league and player’s association, though, means the team won’t be shorthanded much longer.

Podcast: What can the NBA do to slow the apparent league-wide COVID outbreak?

The NBA isn’t shutting down anytime soon, so is this something they are ready to live with from now on?

Podcast: Austin Reaves can still get a lot better

As one of the Lakers’ most consistent role players, the crazy thing is Austin Reaves can still improve a lot.

Podcast: Austin Reaves isn’t afraid of the moment

Austin Reaves provided a big boost for the Lakers against the Mavericks.

Podcast: How different might the Lakers look at the end of this season?

Trade rumors season has come early for the Lakers, and you know what, we get it.

Podcast: Will Talen Horton-Tucker finish this season on the Lakers?

As the Lakers’ lone trade asset, Talen Horton-Tucker will probably see his name in headlines and trade rumors quite a bit this year.

Podcast: The Lakers are learning how to win, and it’s all because of LeBron James

LeBron James has shown he’s still the Lakers’ most important player.

Podcast: Will the Lakers get involved in trade rumors season?

This trade season might get pretty busy; will the Lakers participate?

Podcast: The Lakers deserve this fan base’s ire after another embarrassing loss

Lakers fans can be patient about most things, except apathy.

Podcast: How would we view Russell Westbrook if he played before social media?

Russell Westbrook is pretty polarizing given everything he’s accomplished. How would he be perceived had he played in a different era?