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Who has more trade leverage between the Nets and Lakers?

The Lakers and Nets are reportedly engaged in trade talks that don’t have traction. Yeah it was a confusing, long weekend.

Is Kyrie Irving the only player who can save the Lakers?

The Lakers opened NBA free agency with a whimper, but the big bang could still be coming.

Which types of players should the Lakers target in free-agency?

With the team only hours away from needing to fill multiple roster spots, they have to be strategic with which positions they prioritize.

The Lakers can’t seriously be thinking about bringing Russell Westbrook back, can they?

The Lakers tore down a championship team and are now running back a 33-win team. Make it make sense.

How serious are the Kyrie Irving to the Lakers rumors?

The rumors are persistent when it comes to Kyrie Irving and the Lakers, but how serious are they?

Does the three-star model make sense for the Lakers?

The "I Love Basketball" crew discusses whether the Lakers can afford to be choosy in a Russell Westbrook trade.

Should the Lakers trade for Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie Irving is as unpredictable as he is skilled. Desperate as the Lakers might be to move Russell Westbrook, is gambling on Irving recommitting to basketball a worthwhile risk?

Who should the Lakers target in the 2022 NBA Draft?

If the Lakers are to buy a second round pick in the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft, who are some of the prospects they should be targeting?

Why Lakers fans can relate to how Warriors fans feel about this championship

Warriors fans keep saying how this championship just feels different. Lakers fans absolutely know that feeling.

LeBron James and the Lakers’ game of chicken, explained

The Lakers and LeBron James are stuck in limbo, and for good reason.

What is a realistic return on Russell Westbrook in a trade?

There is no painless way out of the Russell Westbrook situation and it’s past time that the Lakers realize this.

Are the Celtics still a threat to win banner 18?

The "I Love Basketball" duo breaks down the NBA Finals and if the Laker fan nightmare scenario remains in play.

Are the Hornets a realistic trade destination for Russell Westbrook?

If the Lakers do trade Russell Westbrook, are the Charlotte Hornets a realistic spot for him to land?

Why trading Russell Westbrook helps the Lakers even more than him opting out

Hoping for Russell Westbrook to forego $47 million is not only hilariously unrealistic, but impractical.

Can Russell Westbrook be the Lakers’ Andrew Wiggins?

The "I Love Basketball" crew breaks down the path that Darvin Ham has laid out for the Lakers’ highest-paid player.

What Darvin Ham’s first assistant coaching hires say about his approach

Lakers coach Darvin Ham set a direct tone in his introductory presser. His first hires for his staff have followed that theme.

Why Darvin Ham challenged Russell Westbrook in introductory press conference

Darvin Ham’s response when asked about Russell Westbrook showcased why the Lakers hired him for such a tough situation.

What’s next for the Lakers this offseason?

After officially hiring Darvin Ham, what’s next for the Lakers to accomplish this offseason?

The process that led to hiring Darvin Ham was just as important as the hire, itself

The Lakers have plenty of mistakes to learn from coming off the last two years. The process that led to hiring Darvin Ham might show the beginning of that journey.

The Lakers failed Talen Horton-Tucker last season and must learn from that for Darvin Ham

Talen Horton-Tucker’s development took a pretty huge step back last season largely because the Lakers failed to put him in a place to succeed. They’ll need to do better for Darvin Ham.

Would the Lakers actually start next season with Russell Westbrook?

The team’s public posturing about keeping their embattled point guard is becoming a little unsettling.

No, it is never, ever OK to root for the Celtics

It’s unbelievable this even has to be explained, but no, Lakers fans should not be torn on who to root for between the Celtics and Warriors.

The Lakers got it right in hiring Darvin Ham as head coach

After their long, extensive search process, the Lakers made the right call in picking Darvin Ham as the team’s next head coach.

Why would Lakers fans be torn on a Warriors-Celtics finals series?

The Warriors and Celtics seem likely to face off in the finals. Some Lakers fans are seriously considering rooting for the Celtics. What gives?

Can the Lakers have a Warriors-esque rebirth?

The Warriors are back into the Finals after two years of missing the playoffs, leaving a template for other teams to follow.

Would you trade Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving if it also meant an extension?

It’s hard to comfortably rely on either Russell Westbrook or Kyrie Irving but that’s where the Lakers and Nets find themselves. Does a swap make sense for either side? Both?

Do you believe the Lakers’ attempts at gaining trade talk leverage?

The Lakers are doing all they can to convince teams they’re willing to run it back with Russell Westbrook. Is anyone buying their bluff?

Could a new head coach get the best out of Russell Westbrook for the Lakers?

The Lakers are closing in on a new head coach this offseason, but will that change the team’s plans for Russell Westbrook?

What can the Lakers learn from the team build of the Mavericks?

The Mavericks have gotten pretty far with Luka Doncic handling a big chunk of their creativity. Can the Lakers still rely on LeBron James in such a fashion?

Was Jason Kidd the missing element to this last Lakers season?

Lakers stars (ok one in particular) struggled with accountability this year. Could Jason Kidd have helped in that regard?

The Lakers aren’t really considering bringing Russell Westbrook back, are they?

The Lakers don’t have many great options this offseason, but bringing Russell Westbrook back feels like the worst of all of them.

Were the Lakers right about Jason Kidd as a coach?

Sunday featured a pair of Game 7s, one featuring the Celtics - yuck - winning and the other featuring the Mavericks obliterating the Suns and may serve as vindication for the Lakers.