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Where have all the Lakers trade rumors gone?

This time of year is usually when trade chatter starts its crescendo, but things around the Lakers are oddly silent. Why?

The Lakers have done whatever they needed to keep things afloat without Anthony Davis

Despite a deluge of injuries, the Lakers may finally be on the verge of a healthy roster, headlined by Anthony Davis’ potentially imminent return.

Lakers experience the good and the bad of Russell Westbrook in loss to Sixers

On a night when he did so much right, it was the ending of Russell Westbrook’s night for the Lakers against the Sixers that will be most remembered.

Does LeBron James deserve to be forced to ride out the Russell Westbrook trade?

LeBron James played an inarguable role in the Lakers trading for Russell Westbrook. How long should he have to pay for a decision he wasn’t alone in making?

When will the front office meet Lakers players halfway?

The Lakers have competed despite a flawed roster, injuries and a generally questionable culture so when will the front office step in to fix what they’ve broken?

The Lakers are surging and it’s time to make a trade to capitalize

As the Lakers piece together a winning run and move back into playoff contention, it’s time for the front office to finally pull the trigger on a trade.

How can the Lakers overcome recent injury concerns?

Obviously with Anthony Davis, Austin Reaves, and Lonnie Walker IV out for the foreseeable future, other guys are going to have to step up. But do the already thin Lakers have enough to stay afloat?

The Lakers don’t need nearly as much help as Rob Pelinka thinks

This season is wide open and in the west especially, the Lakers don’t need much to get right back into contention. Fans just have to hope the front office agrees.

Are the Lakers risking future stars’ interest by not helping LeBron James, Anthony Davis compete this season?

NBA stars talk to each other about their respective franchises. What will LeBron James and Anthony Davis say about the Lakers after the last few years?

The Lakers can’t need huge nights from LeBron James to merely compete

Behind LeBron James’ stellar play, the Lakers have stayed afloat during Anthony Davis’ absence. But in order to make up ground, James will likely need some more help from his friends.

Darvin Ham’s guard-heavy rotation is hurting the Lakers

The Lakers roster is forcing Darvin Ham to play too many guards. Those lineups are absolutely killing their already slim chances at winning.

How much longer will LeBron James be ok with the Lakers prioritizing their future without him?

LeBron James signed his extension with the understanding that the Lakers front office would retool around him. They haven’t, and his patience appears to be wearing thin.

Lakers’ best chance of competing after Anthony Davis injury is still trading Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has been better than last year but we can’t mistake "better" with "good."

Would Jeanie Buss ever sell the Lakers?

Prices for NBA teams keep going up and while it’s extremely unlikely Jeanie Buss would ever vote to sell the Lakers, at some point it could be out of her hands.

Lakers could be entering danger zone without Anthony Davis

With a potential serious and lengthy injury on deck for Anthony Davis, the Lakers could be set for a rough and dangerous path this season.

The Lakers are going to star bleep themselves right into another lost season

Waiting for unattainable superstars as the season dwindles away is the kind of mistake the Lakers front office can’t make... again.

The Lakers can’t afford for Darvin Ham to be the typical rookie head coach

The Lakers have such thin margins for error that a head coach learning on the job might be one too many variables to figure out.

What else do LeBron James, Anthony Davis need to prove before Rob Pelinka gets them some help?

Rob Pelinka put together a bad roster and has expected LeBron James and Anthony Davis to keep it afloat. They have, mostly, and the front office has to now meet them halfway.

If Chicago blows it up, could Lakers trade Russell Westbrook for DeMar DeRozan?

The Lakers have been clear on what kind of player they would prefer to use both first round picks at their disposal for. DeMar DeRozan meets those requirements, but would he help more than a few better-fitting role players?

Lakers make big strides during challenging road trip

The Lakers wrapped up their road trip with a win over Detroit to cap off a road trip that brought with it lots of positives.

Russell Westbrook accepting his role off the bench has given the Lakers options

Russell Westbrook didn’t have to accept his role off the bench. By flourishing in it, he’s given the Lakers options — something they didn’t appear to have a few months ago.

Loss to Cavaliers shows what Lakers are capable of, but still clearly need

The Lakers loss to the Cavaliers shined light on both their recent improvements and where there continues to be areas of need.

Is Anthony Davis’ stellar play of late sustainable?

Anthony Davis has been incredible this year and has recently been playing like an MVP candidate. Can he keep it up and what will be the key to doing so?

Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo matchup might have immense implications

The Lakers front office is reportedly waiting to see more from their team before they make a trade to improve it. Anthony Davis showing out against Giannis Antetokounmpo would check a crucial box.

Has the Lakers front office actually come to a conclusion about the LeBron James, Anthony Davis era?

The Lakers may say they’re fixing things and need more data to analyze on this team but their actions point to a pretty clear conclusion: They don’t think LeBron James and Anthony Davis can spearhead a championship.

Will December make or break the Lakers?

Monday's loss to the Pacers could prove to be an even bigger letdown if the Lakers succumb to their difficult December schedule.

Rob Pelinka has made it impossible to focus on the basketball

With each passing arbitrary deadline, one thing becomes painfully clear: Rob Pelinka is not the man for this job.

Can the Lakers afford to keep waiting on a Buddy Hield, Myles Turner trade?

As the Lakers have turned a corner behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis, can they afford to wait to pull the trigger on a Myles Turner and Buddy Hield trade?

Anthony Davis has played well enough to warrant committing to winning now

If part of waiting before trading Russell Westbrook was to see how the stars look this season, Anthony Davis has done more than enough to make the front office comfortable betting on him this year.

Which Lakers should stay in the starting lineup once LeBron James comes back?

Difficult decisions will need to be made from the coaching staff starting as soon as Tuesday.

Anthony Davis is playing at an MVP level for the Lakers

Another dominant display against the Spurs on Sunday from Anthony Davis was just the latest in a run of MVP-level basketball.

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