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Would you trade Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving if it also meant an extension?

It’s hard to comfortably rely on either Russell Westbrook or Kyrie Irving but that’s where the Lakers and Nets find themselves. Does a swap make sense for either side? Both?

Do you believe the Lakers’ attempts at gaining trade talk leverage?

The Lakers are doing all they can to convince teams they’re willing to run it back with Russell Westbrook. Is anyone buying their bluff?

Could a new head coach get the best out of Russell Westbrook for the Lakers?

The Lakers are closing in on a new head coach this offseason, but will that change the team’s plans for Russell Westbrook?

What can the Lakers learn from the team build of the Mavericks?

The Mavericks have gotten pretty far with Luka Doncic handling a big chunk of their creativity. Can the Lakers still rely on LeBron James in such a fashion?

Was Jason Kidd the missing element to this last Lakers season?

Lakers stars (ok one in particular) struggled with accountability this year. Could Jason Kidd have helped in that regard?

The Lakers aren’t really considering bringing Russell Westbrook back, are they?

The Lakers don’t have many great options this offseason, but bringing Russell Westbrook back feels like the worst of all of them.

Were the Lakers right about Jason Kidd as a coach?

Sunday featured a pair of Game 7s, one featuring the Celtics - yuck - winning and the other featuring the Mavericks obliterating the Suns and may serve as vindication for the Lakers.

If the Lakers are serious about accountability, Doc Rivers should never have been considered

The Lakers have fairly emptily preached accountability following a disastrous season. Hiring Doc Rivers would’ve represented a further misunderstanding of what they need to learn to turn things around.

Does Quin Snyder’s reported lack of interest in the Lakers job show where the team’s reputation stands?

It’s probably not great that Quin Snyder — a good, but not quite elite, coach — doesn’t seem all that interested in coaching a Lakers team led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Can anyone trust Lakers leadership at their word?

The Lakers have attempted to steer the narrative, but have often contradicted themselves in ways that makes it hard to follow what they are trying to say.

Did Jeanie Buss help or hurt her case with her latest comments?

Jeanie Buss felt the need to speak publicly, but did her comments accomplish anything other than enflaming a fan base looking for anything else to pick apart?

‘Winning Time’ showed how entertaining non-fiction can be when its subjects aren’t in the way

The Showtime Lakers may have hated it, but HBO’s "Winning Time" was entertaining in large part because its subjects weren’t involved in the process.

Does the Kings’ hiring of Mike Brown impact the Lakers coaching search?

Sacramento made the first coaching hire of the offseason by agreeing to a deal with Mike Brown. Does that have an impact on the Lakers coaching search?

What is fair to expect defensively from high-usage superstars?

Players like LeBron James and Luka Doncic do so much offensively that holding them accountable on the other side of the ball seems unfair at times. But defense still matters, though.

Is bringing Phil Jackson back worth it if it pisses off LeBron James?

Phil Jackson, LeBron James and Rich Paul have very public history. Is trudging all that up worth it for the Lakers?

Which current Lakers could hang in the second round of the playoffs?

As the Lakers rebuild their roster, they’ll need to find some 16-game players.

What could Phil Jackson consulting the Lakers mean for their pursuit of Nick Nurse?

Phil Jackson certainly comes with baggage, but could his continued role in the Lakers organization give them a better chance at Nick Nurse?

Why is Nike so determined to handle Kobe Bryant shoe drops in the worst ways possible?

Nike has played a central role in ruining shoe culture. The Mambacita release was just the latest example of them show no interest in fixing the problem.

Is there a frontrunner for the Lakers head coach search?

As the playoffs continue on, the Lakers coaching search is moving at a snail’s pace. How much has the playoffs impacted things for the team?

Could either Quin Snyder or Nick Nurse become available now that Jazz, Raptors seasons are over?

The Lakers would happily welcome either Quin Snyder or Nick Nurse, but first they’ll have to actually be available for hire. What are the chances either (or both) hit the market?

Predicting the Lakers offseason, one leak at a time

The Lakers have been a pretty leaky organization since the Russell Westbrook trade went sideways. And since that will likely continue this offseason, here are a few leaks we can (probably) look forward to.

What is the biggest question facing the Lakers this offseason?

The Lakers have a litany of moves they’ll have to nail if they want to turn things around. Which is the decision that holds most weight?

Will the Lakers learn from DJ Augustin’s short but productive stint?

DJ Augustin was available at midseason for a reason, but it was undeniable what his floor spacing offered at times. Were the Lakers paying attention?

Are the Pacers really a legitimate trade candidate with the Lakers for Russell Westbrook?

While most around the league expect that Pacers to be a team interested in a Russell Westbrook trade with the Lakers this offseason, will that actually be the case?

Will Lakers, Nets failures impact the amount of power stars have in organizations moving forward?

LeBron James and Kevin Durant have had unprecedented power over the Nets and Lakers. Both situations this year failed to meet expectations. Will that impact power structures moving forward?

Was the Anthony Davis trade worth it?

Of course trading Anthony Davis was the right move. It’s also natural for Lakers fans to wonder how else things might’ve played out.

How far away are the Lakers from playoff teams?

The Lakers didn’t make the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn things from the basketball being played right now.

What should Lakers fans be watching for during the NBA playoffs?

The Lakers may not be in the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth watching.

How will Russell Westbrook fans look back on his Lakers tenure?

Lakers fans and Russell Westbrook fans have been at odds with each other all season. How did this season go for people who are both of those things?

The Lakers are really far behind other playoff teams

It’s hard to watch the playoffs so far and not see the Lakers as a team with a whole lot of ground to make up in a rapidly-improving Western Conference.

Should the Lakers ditch the three-superstar approach?

Big Three teams are great in theory, but is an approach of two stars and a deeper supporting cast more sensible?

Why would a team trade for Russell Westbrook?

Russell Westbrook is coming off his worst season as a pro and is owed almost $50 million next year. So why would a team sign up for that experience?