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Lakers Podcasts

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Podcast: Previewing an unusually quiet LeBron James

Did LeBron James go into Zero Dark Thirty-23 mode without telling anyone?

Podcast: Will Kendrick Nunn compete for a spot in the starting lineup?

One of the few players on a non-minimum contract, Kendrick Nunn will be a valuable piece for the Lakers that has a solid case for the starting lineup.

Podcast: Why Lakers fans should be paying attention to the Ben Simmons trade rumors

Ben Simmons is certainly a flawed player, but Lakers fans should still want him to remain in the Eastern Conference.

Podcast: What are fair expectations for Talen Horton-Tucker?

Talen Horton-Tucker has shown real flashes, but potential is not going to be enough for the Lakers this season.

Podcast: What does Trevor Ariza have left in the tank?

Trevor Ariza is making his long-awaited return to the Lakers. What can he offer coming off a hectic last couple seasons?

Podcast: Can Malik Monk help make the Lakers backcourt rotation bulletproof?

Malik Monk is coming off his best year as a pro. Can he continue that momentum with the Lakers?

Podcast: What would a Lakers vs. Nets NBA Finals look like?

The Lakers and Nets have the star power to make for an incredible matchup. Will it actually happen?

Aaron Larsuel, Anthony Irwin to co-host ‘The Hook,’ a national NBA show through the lens of the Lakers

Spend your Friday commutes with us as we take a look at everything going on around the NBA and how it impacts the Lakers.

Podcast: The Lakers officially ship out Marc Gasol, welcome DeAndre Jordan

The Lakers are recommitting to their 2019-20 playstyle on both ends of the court with the weekend’s moves involving Marc Gasol and DeAndre Jordan.

Podcast: Does signing DeAndre Jordan mean Anthony Davis will play less center?

Anthony Davis apparently thanked Lakers GM Rob Pelinka for bringing in DeAndre Jordan. Because it’s September, we wonder why.

Podcast: How Marc Gasol, DeAndre Jordan might affect Lakers pursuit of James Ennis

It would seem the Lakers have some last second juggling to round out their offseason.

Podcast: How the Lakers offseason moves can benefit Anthony Davis

The Lakers acquisitions of Dwight Howard and (soon-to-be) DeAndre Jordan along with Russell Westbrook all could lead to a big season for Anthony Davis.

Podcast: No one wins in Anthony Davis, Dennis Schröder leaks

Dennis Schröder might have been difficult to play with, but leaks about just how awkward it was doesn’t work for anyone.

Podcast: How Rajon Rondo will provide value for the Lakers

Rajon Rondo is once again with the Lakers, and the fit actually makes quite a bit of sense.

Podcast: Breaking down the Rajon Rondo and DeAndre Jordan rumors

One potential addition makes quite a bit of sense. The other, well...

Podcast: Jared Dudley taking an assistant coaching job shouldn’t be this controversial for the Lakers

Not everything has to be some reflection on the state of the Lakers. Jared Dudley took the best opportunity for him and so be it.

Podcast: Will this finally be the year the Lakers and Warriors meet in the playoffs?

For some reason, the Lakers and Warriors aren’t allowed to both be good at the same time. Will this be the year that trend falls flat?

Podcast: We’ll miss you, Jared Dudley

Jared Dudley is starting his coaching career, and unfortunately not with the Lakers.

Podcast: What it was like to be on the receiving end of Kobe Bryant giving “The Kobe Stopper” buckets

Ruben Patterson once dubbed himself the "Kobe Stopper." And then...

Podcast: Power ranking the Western Conference

After a busy offseason for the Lakers, where do they rank among the Western Conference exiting free agency?

Podcast: Is this the most motivated LeBron James has been as a Laker?

LeBron James always has a lot riding on any season, but is this season with the Lakers particularly significant?

Podcast: Which contenders make you the most nervous against the Lakers?

There are some interesting matchups for the Lakers this year and they all seem to be in the Eastern Conference.

Podcast: Do the Lakers need another point guard?

The Lakers are figuring out how to fill out their roster. Do they actually need to add to an already packed backcourt?

Podcast: Could Anthony Davis be the best player on the Lakers next year?

If so, what kind of team would Anthony Davis make the Lakers?

Podcast: What kinds of players do the Lakers still need?

The Lakers can still add a few free agents. What needs should they fill?

Podcast: Was the Dennis Schröder trade a mistake?

Bringing Dennis Schröder in was a gamble that, in hindsight, did not work out.

Podcast: Which Lakers you should be watching in Las Vegas Summer League

The Lakers headed off the the land of, um, activities. We previewed which players you should pay a little extra attention to.

Podcast: Are the Lakers the biggest winners of NBA free agency?

After landing a host of players on great value contracts, were the Lakers the biggest winners of NBA free agency?

Podcast: How does this Lakers roster actually fit?

This Lakers roster has been scrutinized heavily for who isn’t on it, but that shouldn’t take away from how interesting — and good! — it currently is.

Podcast: How will the Lakers fill out the rest of their roster?

The Lakers still have a few open roster spots. How should they use them?

Podcast: Will the additions the Lakers made make up for losing Alex Caruso?

Letting Alex Caruso walk will always be controversial, unless, of course, his replacements do enough winning to make fans forget the decision.

Podcast: What role will Russell Westbrook accept alongside LeBron James?

Russell Westbrook had some success next to James Harden. Can that be replicated with LeBron James now that they’ve joined forces on the Lakers?