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The Lakers need better vibes this preseason

After a preseason last year in which the vibes were awful, the Lakers head into this preseason in need of much improvement.

Should Austin Reaves start for the Lakers?

With plenty of options in the backcourt heading into the preseason, should Austin Reaves be the starter for the Lakers?

The biggest takeaways from Lakers Media Day and the start of training camp

Between awkward photo ops, Patrick Beverley’s jokes and being back to 100%, the last few days have offered several glimpses into the dynamics of the new squad.

Previewing an awkward Lakers media day

The Lakers head into media day an incomplete team and one that’ll have lots of awkward questions to answer.

What does a good outcome for Russell Westbrook look like on the court?

The Lakers will have to figure out a way to be successful with Russell Westbrook on the roster.

What was the defining highlight of the Shaq and Kobe Bryant Lakers?

Remembered as one of the most greatest teams in the modern era of the NBA, the Shaq and Kobe Bryant Lakers needed one heck of a comeback to get to that point.

Could the Lakers use a return of Dennis Schröder?

The Lakers roster feels unfinished, and Dennis Schröder remains an unsigned free agent. Could a reunion be in the cards?

What should the Lakers’ starting lineup be if the roster is a finished product?

One of Darvin Ham’s most difficult, and potentially combustible decisions, is nailing down an effective starting five from the onset.

How big an impact has the Lakers’ search for a creator next to LeBron James had on their misfortune?

The Lakers have used way too many resources on players whose skillset won’t matter in their biggest moments.

Should Lakers fans be bracing themselves for a Russell Westbrook return?

With no reported traction on the trade front and his recent public team sightings, the polarizing point guard feels on track to be back in Los Angeles.

Buy or Sell: The Patrick Beverley press conference

Patrick Beverley and Darvin Ham were trying to sell a very specific vision for the Lakers when the team introduced their new guard. Should Laker fans buy it?

Where do the Lakers look now for a Russell Westbrook trade?

With the Donovan Mitchell trade done and the Lakers unable to serve as a third team in the deal, where do they turn now to potentially trade Russell Westbrook.

Is Jeanie Buss gaslighting Laker fans?

If Jeanie Buss is trying to engender empathy from Lakers fans, she’s not going about it the right way.

The Lakers could kick the can down the road again, but shouldn’t

With Russell Westbrook almost certainly on his way out, the Lakers still have a couple options. The path forward should be pretty clear, though.

What dominos still need to fall now that the Lakers have traded for Patrick Beverley?

The team is very likely not done tinkering their roster even after swinging a deal for the decorated defensive guard.

Who are the greatest Lakers role players in team history?

It’s time to celebrate Lakers lore through the "others."

What impact would Phil Knight buying the Blazers have on the rest of the NBA?

Phil Knight would be the latest mega-billionaire to purchase an NBA team. He’d likely only add to the already hyper-competitive league.

Pau Gasol’s differing legacies with the Lakers, Grizzlies

While Pau Gasol will have his jersey retired by the Lakers against the Grizzlies this season, his legacy with the two franchises is quite different.

Why ‘Legacy’ Lakers documentary (and other recent sports docs) isn’t landing with people

There are inherent issues with the subject having final say in documentaries. "Legacy: The True Story About The Los Angeles Lakers" is no different from others that haven’t resonated.

Can the Lakers turn things around against the Clippers this year?

The Clippers have dominated the Lakers in recent years. Can the Lakers find a way to have more success in that matchup this season?

Lakers’ deadline to trade Russell Westbrook might be sooner than they think

The Lakers are looking at training camp as a soft deadline to move Russell Westbrook, but LeBron James might not agree with that timeframe.

Is LeBron James a Los Angeles Lakers great?

Despite playing just four seasons in Los Angeles, has LeBron James already established himself as a Lakers great?

Where was ESPN on Kevin Durant demanding Joe Tsai to fire Sean Marks, Steve Nash?

Kevin Durant demanding that Joe Tsai fire his general manager and head coach was arguably the biggest news of the offseason to this point. So where was ESPN?

As currently constructed, would the Lakers make the playoffs?

ESPN released their latest projections and, while it’s just one piece of analysis, there’s just no way around this right now: The Lakers aren’t built to be competitive in a loaded Western Conference.

Have stars derailed the star empowerment movement?

Stars earned the right to leverage their power on their respective teams, but in light of recent events, might the pendulum be swinging back in the other direction?

Reliving Ron Artest’s game-winner against the Phoenix Suns

It’s the middle of the offseason for the Lakers and the NBA, so let’s relive Ron Artest’s memorable game-winner against the Phoenix Suns.

Darvin Ham having “permission” to bench Russell Westbrook isn’t the good look the Lakers think it is

Leaking that your brand new head coach is prepared to bench his Hall of Fame point guard months before they’re on the court together is certainly one way to prepare for the season.

What does Russell Westbrook hiring a new agent mean for his chances at getting traded?

After a very public split from his agent, Russell Westbrook has replaced him with a legitimate power broker. How they choose to use that power will have immense impact on the Lakers moving forward.

What to expect as Lakers, LeBron James enter extension negotiations

Typically, August is a nice time to relax and get ready for training camps in a month or so. That won’t be the case as the Lakers and LeBron James get ready to start talking about his extension.

Should the Lakers be worried about LeBron James’ looming extension?

The week ahead for the Los Angeles Lakers could serve to shake up the offseason with LeBron James’ extension looming.

In trading Russell Westbrook, the Lakers will have to look past their own self interests

Trading for Russell Westbrook was a giant misstep. If Rob Pelinka isn’t willing to admit as much, the Lakers won’t be able to rectify his mistakes.

Podcast: What can the Lakers learn from the Liz Cambage debacle?

The Sparks’ divorce with Liz Cambage has some universal lessons about front office management that should resonate with the other purple and gold franchise.

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