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Lakers Podcasts

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Podcast: With LeBron James returning and DeAndre Jordan to the bench, the Lakers might finally make sense

Let’s try to recap one of the busiest Lakers days in recent memory, an eventful few hours that saw LeBron James return, DeAndre Jordan get benched, injury updates on Avery Bradley and Trevor Ariza and more.

Podcast: How will the Lakers adjust without LeBron James?

There are opportunities aplenty for other Lakers to step up in the upcoming 10 days.

Podcast: The Lakers finally blew a team out

The Lakers finally played fun, sustained basketball! It was in a win against the Kings, but still!

Podcast: LeBron James at center could be the answer to the Lakers’ problems

The Lakers hung on for a victory on Sunday behind their Big Three while debuting a new wrinkle in their rotation with LeBron James at center.

Podcast: LeBron James at center unleashes Lakers offense

Frank Vogel went super small and found success. More of that please.

Podcast: The Lakers aren’t talented enough to overcome Frank Vogel’s bad lineups

If Frank Vogel won’t adjust to the roster he has, then it’s going to be tough to continue to defend him as the Lakers’ coach.

Podcast: Avery Bradley needs a demotion

Frank Vogel needs to be weened off his safety blanket.

Podcast: Nearly another Malice in the Palace

The Lakers fought literally and then fought figuratively on Sunday to earn a comeback win over Detroit that may change the trajectory of their season.

Podcast: Can the Lakers catch the Warriors?

Stephen Curry is playing at a ridiculous level. LeBron James is close to returning. Can he pull the Lakers back to where Curry has taken the Warriors?

Podcast: Talen Horton-Tucker should remain a starter when LeBron James comes back

Thank you for your services, Avery Bradley. Talen Horton-Tucker can take over for the Lakers from here.

Podcast: Thank goodness LeBron James is on his way back

Anthony Davis clearly needs someone else to help shoulder the burden, so LeBron James returning is a welcome sight.

Podcast: Can LeBron James returning fix the Lakers?

The Lakers clearly have issues and, while help is on the way in the form of LeBron James, they can’t rely solely on him to fix all that currently ails them.

Podcast: What could Anthony Davis have done better against the Bulls?

Other than tie his shoes faster, of course.

Podcast: The Lakers have a good guard problem

How will the Lakers find playing time for all of their guards?

Podcast: Should Malik Monk be starting over Kent Bazemore?

Kent Bazemore has quietly seen his role diminished despite the Lakers’ lengthy injury list. Could another demotion be on the way?

Podcast: Are Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis starting to figure some stuff out?

The Lakers notched their biggest win of the season behind Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis. More of that, please.

Podcast: Are there reasons to be worried about this Lakers team?

11 games in, the Lakers have flashed some positives, but there. are reasons for concern about this roster, too.

Podcast: The Lakers need more from Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook was brought to make life easier on those around him. But he deserves time to turn things around, he’s been more of a burden on the Lakers than anything else.

Podcast: Where do the Lakers go from here?

After another embarrassing loss on Saturday, the Lakers are at a low point which begs the question of where do they go now?

Podcast: Is it time to rethink the Lakers’ ceiling?

Were expectations for the Lakers heading into this season too high?

Podcast: Where do the solutions even come from with this Lakers team?

The Lakers are hobbled and haven’t looked good consistently against a couple of the worst teams in the NBA. So where should they even start to fix this?

Podcast: Do you believe Damian Lillard?

Damian Lillard is really loyal to the Blazers and definitely did not have a recruiting meeting with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Lakers this summer.

Podcast: Has the NBA brought back the 90s?

The Bulls, Knicks and Hornets are good. Baggy pants are back. So are hard fouls. Green Day, wake up. It’s your time again.

Podcast: Anthony Davis starting at center sure looked nice, didn’t it?

Anthony Davis started at center out of necessity, but that could be something Lakers fans could get used to.

Podcast: Howard Beck defends his Dwight Howard decision

One of the voters who left Dwight Howard off of their top 75 players in NBA history ballot explained their choice.

Podcast: Have the NBA’s new shooting foul rules derailed the Nets’ season?

Laughing at James Harden is more fun than thinking about the Lakers right now.

Podcast: Who was most to blame for horrific collapse against Thunder?

When something as ugly as the Lakers’ loss to the Thunder happens, there’s always plenty of blame to go around.

Podcast: This is how the Lakers can make Russell Westbrook fit

The Lakers have to find ways to optimize Russell Westbrook. Rajon Rondo is the opposite of that, but the team found a few other strategies to help him against the Spurs.

Podcast: What have we learned from Lakers 1-2 start?

The Lakers have been quite the rollercoaster. Have we learned anything definitively quite yet?

Podcast: Lakers show glimpses of potential in win over Grizzlies

The Lakers finally picked up a win on Sunday and showed how much fun and impressive they could be this season in the process

Podcast: How quickly can the Lakers rebound from their opening night loss?

Sure, the Lakers can technically learn from their mistakes Friday night, but will they?

Podcast: How can Frank Vogel correct his Opening Night mistakes?

Frank Vogel is going to have to step out of his comfort zone given the flawed roster he’s been tasked with managing.