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Lakers Playoffs

Kyle Kuzma thought the Suns were a real contender once he saw their chemistry

The Lakers’ championship run in 2020 taught Kyle Kuzma to recognize contender-level cohesion when he sees it, and he saw it in the Suns during the first round of the NBA playoffs.

This Lakers season was doomed before it started

The Lakers were denied a real chance to defend their title. The reasons why make some degree of logical sense, but it will always feel like a missed opportunity.

Dennis Schroder says the Lakers’ lack of time to build chemistry together isn’t an excuse if they fail

Dennis Schröder knows that no one is going to feel sorry for the Lakers if they lose, no matter the circumstances or larger context.

LeBron James on 30-point loss to Suns in Game 5: ‘We got our ass kicked’

LeBron James didn’t have an explanation for the Lakers’ embarrassing loss on Tuesday.

Three takeaways from the Lakers’ blowout loss in Game 5

In case you’ve already scrubbed your brain of the monstrosity that was that game, here’s what you missed.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope says ‘big brother’ LeBron James telling him to keep shooting ‘meant a lot’

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has seen his shooting slump to start the NBA playoffs, but his Lakers teammate LeBron James never wants him to lose faith.

Andre Drummond imitating LeBron James as he destroys Jae Crowder is the most hilariously disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen

It’s safe to say that Andre Drummond is enjoying his first taste of winning in the playoffs, even if he’s just watching LeBron James light up Jae Crowder from the bench.

Three takeaways from the Lakers’ Game 3 win at Staples Center

The Lakers are starting to resemble the team they were at the start of the season.

Three takeaways from the Lakers’ series-tying win over the Suns

The Lakers found out a lot about the strength of their center rotation on Tuesday, for better or for worse.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope says the Lakers weren’t ready for the intensity the Suns played with in Game 1

The Lakers will be looking to come out with a bigger sense of urgency in Game 2.

LeBron James loves that Anthony Davis took responsibility for Game 1 loss against Suns

LeBron James and the rest of the Lakers have no doubt that Anthony Davis is going to bounce back in Game 2.

Podcast: What went wrong for the Lakers in Game 1?

The Lakers made plenty of mistakes in Game 1 and the Suns made them pay for them.

Three takeaways from the Lakers’ Game 1 loss to Phoenix

The Lakers lost the big man battle against the Suns, and lost the game as a result.

Danny Green would have loved to play against the Clippers in the playoffs

Alas, the Clippers choked.

The Lakers are NBA Champs! Here’s all the merch you need to celebrate!

The Lakers have beaten the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Let’s party with the same gear they got.

Playoff Rondo was literally historically good for the Lakers

Lakers veteran Rajon Rondo was not just great in the playoffs. He was great on an unprecedented level for a bench point guard.

The job is not finished. The Lakers need to stop acting like it is

The Lakers appeared to start their coronation a little too early against the Miami Heat, both on and off the court. They’ll have to be more focused if they want to close out the NBA Finals.

Three takeaways from the Lakers’ Game 5 loss to the Heat

The Lakers let their cushion in the NBA Finals slip away despite LeBron James’ best efforts.

Kendrick Perkins started the ‘Playoff Rondo’ nickname

Kendrick Perkins is responsible for the most accurate nickname ever given to Lakers veteran Rajon Rondo.

Anthony Davis credits Frank Vogel for getting Lakers to buy-in on defense

Frank Vogel has lived up to his defensive reputation in his first season with the Lakers.

Anthony Davis reportedly asked to be switched onto Jimmy Butler after Game 3

Anthony Davis stepped up and led the Lakers on the defensive end in Game 4.

Frank Vogel praises Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for having the ‘guts’ to take over in Game 4

Like bread from heaven, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was there when the Lakers needed him the most in Game 4.

The Lakers won’t be able to have a championship parade if they win the title. What should they do instead?

A public championship parade during a pandemic is out of the question, but the Lakers still want to find some way to celebrate with their fans if they win the NBA Finals.

Three takeaways from the Lakers’ Game 4 win over Miami

The idea that the Lakers don’t have depth just gets sillier and sillier.

Rajon Rondo credits Frank Vogel, Rob Pelinka for helping him step up for Lakers in playoffs

Frank Vogel and Rob Pelinka have supported Rajon Rondo every step of the way with the Lakers this year, so he’s happy to repay them with his great playoff run.

Kyle Kuzma doesn’t care about anything but winning

In light of a wave of social media hate, Kyle Kuzma is trying to block out the noise and stay focused on helping the Lakers win a championship.

The Lakers aren’t panicking about losing Game 3

Anthony Davis, LeBron James and the rest of the Lakers feel like they’ll be fine, even after a rough loss to the Heat.

Three takeaways from the Lakers dropping Game 3 against the Heat

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are going to have to do more if the Lakers want to actually beat the Heat in the NBA Finals.

Kyle Kuzma is grateful Lakers kept him out of Anthony Davis trade, gave him a shot at title

As the last man standing from the Lakers’ 2018 NBA Draft haul, Kyle Kuzma is just happy to here

Lakers feel like the Black Mamba jerseys designed by Kobe are ‘perfect,’ both in look and feel

"He designed the perfect jersey," Danny Green said.

Danny Green says the Lakers helped him through his shooting struggles

Danny Green is shooting almost 4% better in the playoffs than he did in the regular season.

LeBron James says there’s no jealousy between him and Anthony Davis

"We know who we are, we know what we’re about," LeBron James said.

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