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Austin Reaves says Lakers have ‘most talented’ team in the league

The Lakers will have one of the best teams in the NBA this season with Austin Reaves believing they’ll be the "most talented."

Austin Reaves doesn’t regret not shooting his shot with Taylor Swift

Austin Reaves says Taylor Swift is "literally amazing," makes great music, and has "the best fans in the world," but he still doesn’t have second thoughts about not trying to reach out after the two were romantically linked this summer.

Austin Reaves has no issues with his contract: ‘It’s hard to be mad at making $54 million’

Austin Reaves could have gotten more money this summer if a team like the Spurs had given him an offer sheet in free agency, but he’s happy where he’s at with the Lakers.

The Lakers had their mini-camp and Anthony Davis is already impressing

The Lakers held their mini-camp in San Diego last weekend and Anthony Davis’ shooting is already drawing praise from Austin Reaves and his teammates.

Dwyane Wade says Kobe Bryant winning titles led to Miami Heat super team with LeBron James

The Lakers’ success in the late 2000s and early 2010s was apparently one of the driving factors behind Dwyane Wade and LeBron James forming a super team.

Jeanie Buss reveals Dr. Jerry Buss was offered $1 billion for Lakers in early 2000s

Roughly two decades and multiple championships ago, Dr. Jerry Buss was, according to his daughter and current owner Jeanie, offered $1 billion for the Lakers...and turned it down.

‘Winning Time’ creator Jim Hecht on future of show: ‘I don’t think that it’s completely over’

While the immediate future of "Winning Time" is gloomy, creator of the show Jim Hecht believes there still could be a future it.

Jarred Vanderbilt says he modeled his game after Lamar Odom, Penny Hardaway

With a unique skillset in his own right, Jarred Vanderbilt spoke recently about modeling his game after two unique players in Lamar Odom and Penny Hardaway.

Jarred Vanderbilt full contract and salary details, explained

The Lakers agreed to an extension with Jarred Vanderbilt that will pay him handsomely as reward for a strong 2022-23 season.

Jeanie Buss wanted ‘Winning Time’ to get more seasons

Like many Lakers fans, Jeanie Buss wanted to see HBO’s "Winning Time" to get more seasons than the two it received before being canceled.

HBO’s ‘Winning Time’ not renewed for third season

The finale of the second season of HBO’s "Winning Time" will serve as the series finale, as the show will not return for a third season.

Jeanie Buss loves Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dr. Jerry Buss ‘Winning Time’ portrayals

While the future of the show may be in danger, "Winning Time" continues to have one big, vocal backer in Lakers owner Jeanie Buss.

Myles Turner shares hilarious story of being booed by Pacers fans vs. Kobe Bryant

In a recent podcast interview, Myles Turner recalled a funny story of being booed by his home fans after beating Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in his rookie season.

How the NBA’s new player participation policy impacts LeBron James, Anthony Davis

The Lakers will be one of the many teams across the league impacted by the new player participation policy but also a number of potential exceptions apply as well.

Jalen Hood-Schifino says he’s made ‘a lot of progress’ on 3-point shot over summer

Lakers first round draft pick Jalen Hood-Schifino has been working on his game this summer — including his 3-point shot, which he feels he’s made ample gains on this offseason.

Austin Reaves says Christian Wood signing brings ‘more versatility’ to Lakers

The Lakers’ signing of Christian Wood has Austin Reaves excited about the possibilities and options for the team next season.

Analytics rank Rob Pelinka as 15th-best GM in NBA

Rob Pelinka is an oft-crticized general manager for the Lakers, but where does he rank among the top GMs in the NBA?

Referee who made controversial calls vs. Lakers retires to end NBA investigation

In one of the most 2023 stories possible, longtime NBA referee Eric Lewis — known to Laker fans for some recent controversial calls last season — announced his retirement on Wednesday.

Even Austin Reaves can’t believe he’s on Team USA

While he’s proven he belongs on the team, even Austin Reaves was surprised by his invitation to Team USA this summer.

Bronny James will play basketball again in ‘very near future’

A family spokesperson provided a medical update on Bronny James, saying that an "anatomically and functionally significant Congenital Heart Defect" caused his collapse during a scrimmage at USC, but that he will return to play basketball again.

D’Angelo Russell clarifies comments about Wolves holding him back

After a comment during the season about feeling held back while in Minnesota blew up, D’Angelo Russell recent clarified things and corrected the record.

Lakers to unveil Kobe Bryant statue on February 8 outside Arena

The Lakers finally announced that on 2-8-24, Kobe Bryant would receive a statue outside Arena.

D’Angelo Russell talks Lakers depth, need for right mentality next season

With a deep roster for next season, D’Angelo Russell recently spoke about the need for the Lakers to have the right mentality coming into games.

Trevor Ariza shares hilarious text exchange with Kobe Bryant on his birthday

On Kobe Bryant’s 45th birthday, Trevor Ariza shared an incredible old text exchange between the two in a happy birthday post.

Austin Reaves is ready to carry the tampering torch for the Lakers

Faced with a big challenge, Austin Reaves has taken the next step this summer with Team USA and is upping his tampering game.

Austin Reaves says he was motivated by Rising Stars Game snub

Always looking for an edge like any elite athlete, Austin Reaves took to an unlikely snub this season in the Rising Stars Game.

Jeanie Buss says trading for D’Angelo Russell ‘was like a dream come true’

In trading for D’Angelo Russell this past season, the Lakers reunited with one of the Baby Lakers, something owner Jeanie Buss approved of.

Thomas Bryant explains how he became a meme on the night LeBron James broke the scoring record

One of the most historic recent moments in league history featured Thomas Bryant making himself a meme as LeBron James broke the scoring record with the Lakers this season.

Austin Reaves helped lead Team USA past Dennis Schröder, Germany in final exhibition game

In their final warm-up before the start of the FIBA World Cup, Austin Reaves helped lead Team USA past Germany and former teammate Dennis Schröder.

Jeanie Buss credits ‘Winning Time’ for attention to detail with Dr. Jerry Buss

For all the complaints the show has received, Jeanie Buss credited "Winning Time" for it’s attention to detail when it came to her late father, Dr. Jerry Buss.

NBA, Lakers announce in-season tournament game schedule

Ahead of the inaugural in-season tournament this year, the NBA announced the dates for the group games, including for the Lakers.

Austin Reaves says he wants to become more of a playmaker

As he looks to progress his game this summer, Austin Reaves is focused on becoming more of a playmaker and point guard this summer.


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