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Lakers News

Frank Vogel says Rajon Rondo can replace Jared Dudley in locker room as vocal leader ‘who’s not going to play as much’

It sure sounds like Rajon Rondo won’t have a significant on-court role for the Lakers, but Frank Vogel still expects him to be a leader in the locker room.

The Lakers’ new jersey patch deal is worth more than double the NBA average

Another win for Lakers exceptionalism.

Frank Vogel says Anthony Davis looks physically ‘imposing’ to start training camp

Lakers coach Frank Vogel says Anthony Davis attacked the offseason and got in amazing shape.

LeBron James is hosting a players-only minicamp in Las Vegas for the Lakers

LeBron James wants to help the 2021-22 Lakers get off to the same start the 2020 champions did, so there was only one option available: Players-only minicamp.

Carmelo Anthony says LeBron James is ‘the GM’ of Lakers

Carmelo Anthony may not have been with the Lakers long, but he already understands how LeBron James fits into the team’s organizational hierarchy.

Wayne Ellington says it was an ‘easy decision’ to return to Lakers, calls it a ‘perfect fit’

The former Laker sharpshooter barely thought twice before returning to Los Angeles this offseason, choosing the purple and gold over the Nets.

DeAndre Jordan doesn’t think switching sides in the Nets/Lakers title race is a big deal: ‘It’s just basketball’

Despite switching from one of the top title contenders to another, DeAndre Jordan is adamant it’s just a basketball move and nothing else.

Carmelo Anthony says the Lakers are laughing at people who doubt them because of their age

The question about the Lakers age isn’t going away no matter how the players answer it, so Carmelo Anthony has a new approach to the questions.

Carmelo Anthony says he ‘can’t be at peace with not winning a championship’ now that he’s joined the Lakers

Carmelo Anthony is not going to let the opportunity he has with the Lakers go to waste.

Lakers hire new head trainer, finalize assistant coaching staff

The Lakers made a few reported moves official this week, hiring David Fizdale and John Lucas III while also bringing in a new head athletic trainer.

DeAndre Jordan says it ‘was not a very tough decision’ to pick Lakers in free agency

After agreeing to a buyout with the Pistons this summer, DeAndre Jordan had an easy decision to sign with the Lakers, he says.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says that if LeBron James passes him in scoring, he’ll be ‘right there to cheer him on’

As LeBron James begins a serious assault on the all-time scoring top spot, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be cheering him on.

Anthony Davis thanked Rob Pelinka for adding DeAndre Jordan

The Lakers decision to sign DeAndre Jordan was a move appreciated by their current star big man, Anthony Davis.

DeAndre Jordan says he left Nets for Lakers to ‘compete’

DeAndre Jordan explained why he left the Nets for the Lakers, and his word choice may raise some eyebrows.

DeAndre Jordan on role with Lakers: ‘Be a great force on both ends of the basketball floor, and be a great locker room guy’

DeAndre Jordan is ready to be an impactful player on both ends of the court this season for the Lakers.

DeAndre Jordan says the way LeBron James and Russell Westbrook get to the rim can help him

As one of the league’s best finishers around the basket, DeAndre Jordan expects his life to be even easier with LeBron James and Russell Westbrook this season.

Lakers hire former LeBron James posterization victim as assistant coach

John Lucas III — perhaps most famous for being dunked on by LeBron — will now be coaching him with the Lakers next season, according to multiple reports.

Frank Vogel says Lakers adding Russell Westbrook means he doesn’t have to be ‘afraid to play him’ anymore

After years of struggling to constrain Russell Westbrook, Lakers coach Frank Vogel will now be able to compete alongside him instead of trying to stop him this season.

DeAndre Jordan is excited to team up with Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook

While he expressed eagerness to play with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook this season, it was a player DeAndre Jordan studied in his younger days in Dwight Howard that he singled out first.

The Lakers have officially signed DeAndre Jordan, who brings them back to a familiar identity

Signing DeAndre Jordan signals that the Lakers are shifting away from something that did not work back to a previously successful formula.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel says he’s ‘excited that teams are counting us out’

Frank Vogel has heard the doubts about the Lakers’ overhauled roster.

Rajon Rondo wants to learn from Lakers teammates while bringing his own leadership to roster

Rajon Rondo is just as eager to learn from his teammates like Trevor Ariza this season as he is ready to lead them as well.

Kyle Kuzma says he has no hard feelings, bitterness toward Lakers after being traded

After being dealt to the Wizards this summer, Kyle Kuzma said it’s "all love" between him and the Lakers.

Kyle Kuzma says he was ‘shocked’ at trade to Wizards, expected to be dealt to Kings

Corroborating reports from earlier in the offseason, Kyle Kuzma revealed he was shocked that the Lakers traded him to Washington and not Sacramento.

Phil Handy says championships aren’t won on paper, and the Lakers will have to work

The Lakers have assembled quite a collection of talent, but that’s only half the battle, according to assistant coach Phil Handy.

Rajon Rondo says a chance to have a championship parade in Los Angeles was a big factor in him re-joining Lakers

Like Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo wants his damn parade after winning the title with the Lakers.

Rajon Rondo says Rob Pelinka did ‘a hell of a job’ building roster for ‘special’ Lakers team

The two-time champion is confident that the team’s collective determination will outweigh their age.

Rajon Rondo says he never considered any team but the Lakers after Grizzlies buyout

After a season bouncing around the league following a successful stint with the Lakers, Rajon Rondo said he only considered signing with one team this summer.

Rajon Rondo says he’s excited to get to team up with Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony on Lakers

Despite having their differences in the past, Rajon Rondo appears excited to work with Russell Westbrook this season in Los Angeles.

Rajon Rondo not concerned with playing time, prepared to mentor young Lakers

Rajon Rondo quelled some concerns on Tuesday by noting that he will likely not be playing as much on the court this season with the Lakers

Lakers rookie Austin Reaves only realized LeBron James was at his summer league game when he cheered for a defensive rotation

Austin Reaves made a good first impression on his new Lakers teammate, LeBron James.

Rajon Rondo believes Lakers age will come with ‘wisdom’ and ‘discipline’

Rajon Rondo doesn’t mind that the Lakers are now the old guys of the NBA.