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Lakers News

Lakers call on elected officials to ‘put policies in place to stop mass shootings in America’

In the wake of the latest mass shooting, this time at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, the Lakers’ released a statement urging policies to be put in place to stop future mass shootings from happening.

The Lakers are supporting Slava Medvedenko as he fights for Ukraine

Once a memorable role player on title-winning Lakers teams, Slava Medvedenko’s life after the NBA has taken a dramatic turn in recent months as he fights for his home country of Ukraine.

LeBron James named to All-NBA Third Team

Even in a season as frustrating as the one the Lakers had, LeBron James was still brilliant and was rightfully recognized as one of the league’s best players with an All-NBA nod.

LeBron James doesn’t sound like someone thinking about retiring anytime soon

During a Q&A on Twitter, LeBron James answered a fan that asked how many years he felt he had left playing in the NBA. Breaking news... he doesn’t see the end in sight yet.

Spencer Haywood says he was pleased with ‘Winning Time’ portrayal

Despite having one of the wildest storylines of the season, Spencer Haywood said he was pleased with his portrayal in "Winning Time."

Jack McKinney’s family thanked ‘Winning Time’ co-creator for giving him his due for Showtime Lakers

The true architect of the dynasty that would come, Jack McKinney received his credit during season one of "Winning Time," something his family showed appreciation for.

LeBron James says the plan is still for him to play with his son Bronny in NBA

LeBron James and his son can make NBA history by becoming the first-ever father and son duo to team up.

LeBron James says Anthony Davis’ game-winner vs. Nuggets was his favorite moment as a Laker

Anthony Davis’ game-winning 3-pointer was not only one of the most memorable moments in recent franchise history, it’s also LeBron James’ favorite moment as a Laker.

Austin Reaves receives two votes for All-Rookie Second Team

From undrafted to receiving All-Rookie votes, Austin Reaves’ rookie campaign was a wholly successful one for the Lakers.

Lakers 2022 NBA draft pick goes to New Orleans Pelicans

One of the lasting pieces of the Anthony Davis trade, the Lakers 2022 draft pick will go to the New Orleans Pelicans as they will select eighth overall

Patrick Beverley discredits Lakers 2020 title as a ‘bubble championship’

During his fiery Monday appearance on ESPN, Patrick Beverley went out of his way to put a hypothetical "asterisk" on the Lakers’ 2020 championship.

LeBron James picks Kobe Bryant as teammate in 2-on-2 game against Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen

In his Twitter Q&A on Monday, LeBron James named Kobe Bryant as someone he would team up with to take on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in a hypothetical 2-on-2 game.

Patrick Beverley says he ‘wouldn’t even hesitate’ at chance to play for Lakers, with LeBron James

A villain in the Lakers story for much of recent history, Patrick Beverley revealed his desire to play for the Lakers while on ESPN on Monday.

John C. Reilly says Jeanie Buss told him her father, Dr. Jerry Buss, was a fan of his

While the Lakers still haven’t any public comment on ‘Winning Time,’ John C. Reilly revealed a personal interaction he had with owner Jeanie Buss about her father.

See you around, Silver Screen and Roll

I am stepping away from Silver Screen and Roll, but I’m not going far.

Doc Rivers will not be the Lakers next head coach, returning to Sixers

The Lakers dodged their biggest bullet of the offseason as Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey told media on Friday that Doc Rivers would be returning as the team’s head coach.

Hornets interviewed former Lakers coach Frank Vogel for coaching job

If there is one coach we know the Lakers won’t hire, it’s our old friend Frank Vogel.

Jeanie Buss still believes the Lakers can win with LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Even after a season as disappointing as the one the Lakers had, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss still believes a core of Anthony Davis and LeBron James is enough to win a title.

Jeanie Buss says Klutch Sports is not running Lakers

In addressing a common narrative, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss pushed back on the idea that Rich Paul, LeBron James and Klutch Sports are running the franchise

Jeanie Buss says she has ‘complete confidence’ in Rob Pelinka to fix the Lakers

Despite back-to-back disappointing seasons, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss still fully believes in general manager Rob Pelinka.

Quin Snyder declines to discuss contract status, says he ‘loves’ it in Utah

The Utah Jazz coach poured water on the smoke about him potentially leaving the franchise and becoming the next Lakers head coach on Monday.

Jeanie Buss explains why she asks Phil Jackson and LeBron James for input on Lakers

With Phil Jackson back in the fold, Jeanie Buss explained her reasoning for consulting him — as well as the influence LeBron James has in the organization.

Jeanie Buss says she expected Lakers to go further because of how much she spent on luxury taxes

In the latest example of her not getting it, Jeanie Buss was surprised the Lakers didn’t have a better season because of how much money she spent on the team.

Jeanie Buss has no plans to sell the Lakers: ‘I’m not going anywhere’

Jeanie Buss is not selling the Lakers, and even if she wanted to, a sale would require a lot more sign-off than just her desire to do so.

Jeanie Buss calls criticism of Kurt Rambis ‘unfair,’ shoots down rumors Linda Rambis is involved in basketball decisions

Jeanie Buss is not holding Linda Rambis, or her husband Kurt, accountable for the Lakers’ failures.

Magic Johnson comments on LeBron James trade speculation, Lakers coaching search and Phil Jackson

In a video "interview" with TMZ as he rapidly tried to fast walk away in downtown Los Angeles, Magic Johnson discussed trade speculation about LeBron James, Phil Jackson being involved in the Lakers coaching search and more.

Phil Handy says he’s ‘ready to be a head coach’ after years as top assistant

Long considered one of the league’s best assistants, Phil Handy stated in a recent interview that he’s ready to take the step up from trusted voice with the Lakers to head coach himself.

Kent Bazemore says people need to show more respect to LeBron James

After a season in which LeBron James was as dominant offensively as he ever has been, Kent Bazemore says more people should be showing him respect.

Kent Bazemore says he’s ‘100%’ open to returning to Lakers next season

Despite having an overwhelmingly disappointing season with the Lakers, Kent Bazemore is open to returning to Los Angeles next season.

Nick Nurse responds to rumors of Lakers interest in him: ‘I don’t know where that stuff comes from’

The pie-in-the-sky target for the Lakers in their search for a new head coach, Nick Nurse (kind of) refuted the reports linking him to Los Angeles and fellow Klutch Sports clients LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Jerry West disputes various details of ‘Winning Time,’ says ‘it hurts’ and he has lost sleep over the way he’s portrayed

As he continues to push back against his portrayal in "Winning Time," Jerry West detailed some of the inaccuracies he’s noticed and the impact it’s had on him

Longtime Lakers training staff member Judy Seto no longer with team

After a season marred by injuries, the Lakers have parted ways with longtime training staff member Judy Seto, who most recently serving as the team’s team’s director of sports performance.