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Lakers History

A Dip in the Lake: The Lakers’ playoff history vs. the Nuggets

A look back at the playoff history between the Lakers and the Nuggets

A Dip In The Lake: The Lakers playoff history versus the Warriors

A look back at the past matchups of the Lakers and the Warriors in the NBA playoffs.

LeBron James becomes NBA’s all-time leading scorer

After over 30 years on top, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been passed as the all-time leading scorer in NBA history by LeBron James.

The origins of ‘1-2-3 Cancun!’, explained

One of the most infamous sayings around the NBA has its origins within the Lakers at the foundation of one of their best teams in franchise history.

LeBron James appears primed to put up the best 20th season in NBA history

Assuming good health on Oct. 18th’s Opening Night of the 2022-23 NBA season, LeBron James will become just the 10th player in league history to appear in 20 different seasons.

Jack McKinney’s family thanked ‘Winning Time’ co-creator for giving him his due for Showtime Lakers

The true architect of the dynasty that would come, Jack McKinney received his credit during season one of "Winning Time," something his family showed appreciation for.

Winning Time: Magic Johnson’s historic Game 6 performance in the 1980 NBA Finals

Every NBA legend has their magnum opus on the basketball court. For Magic Johnson, that moment came during the NBA Finals of his rookie season to clinch the title, all of which is the subject of the season finale of HBO’s "Winning Time."

Winning Time: Are Jeanie Buss and Jack McKinney’s portrayals accurate?

Both Jack McKinney and Jeanie Buss have been constants in "Winning Time," but how accurate have their portrayals been as the show gets close to wrapping up its first season?

Winning Time: Did Spencer Haywood really get kicked off the Lakers for drug use?

As the Showtime Lakers experienced great success, forward Spencer Haywood was spiraling downward, as shown in the latest episode of "Winning Time," which showcased his drug issues and a very real murder plot.

Winning Time: How awkward did things really get between Paul Westhead and Jack McKinney?

The seemingly inevitable showdown between Paul Westhead and Jack McKinney in this week’s "Winning Time" actually was entirely avoidable because it never really happened.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar blasts ‘Winning Time’ for ‘shallowness and lazy writing’

The latest criticism of "Winning Time" comes from as direct a source as possible, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar blasting the series for a litany of reasons.

Contrary to the ‘Winning Time’ portrayal, Paul Westhead was an instant success with Lakers

While "Winning Time" may have portrayed Paul Westhead’s first season with the Lakers as a struggle, the reality was anything but, as he found instant success in charge.

Winning Time: How Paul Westhead really prepared to be Lakers coach

Paul Westhead was more experienced as a head coach than "Winning Time" gives him credit for, but stepping in for his "brother" Jack McKinney with the Lakers was still a difficult process.

Winning Time: Did Jack McKinney really have a bike wreck like that?

Fact-checking the latest episode of HBO’s "Winning Time," from that shocking ending with Jack McKinney, to Jerry Buss and the Forum Club, and those Paula Abdul and Kobe Bryant easter eggs.

Winning Time: But really, who the heck was Jack McKinney?

Many fans know about Pat Riley and Paul Westhead, but the latest episode of "Winning Time" details the Lakers coach that preceded both of them: Jack McKinney.

This stream has:

Winning Time: Fact-checking HBO’s series on the Showtime Lakers

The latest must-see series from HBO centers on the Lakers franchise, and the league’s most famous era of basketball in Showtime. But how much of the drama series is based in reality? We’ll be fact-checking it each week.

Winning Time: A deeper look at the debut of Lakers icon Pat Riley

Known as an uber-confident leader of men, the third episode of "Winning Time" showed a much different version of Pat Riley before his Lakers coaching days

Winning Time: How close was Jerry Tarkanian to signing with the Lakers?

Episode three of "Winning Time" included Jerry Buss’ very real pursuit of UNLV’s Jerry Tarkanian as the next Lakers head coach, and led to raised eyebrows with its portrayal of Chick Hearn.

Winning Time: Was Jerry West really like this?

One of the over-arching storylines of the second episode of "Winning Time" was Jerry West’s childhood and his battles with depression. Was it an accurate portrayal of how West really acted while with the Lakers?

Why don’t the Lakers have a mascot?

The Lakers are one of only a small handful of NBA teams to not have a mascot, though they’ve had some unofficial or potential candidates along the way.

Winning Time: Did Jerry West really not want the Lakers to draft Magic Johnson?

Some of the best scenes on the premiere episode of "Winning Time" on HBO included Jerry West’s character being livid at the idea of drafting Magic Johnson. How realistic was that, though? And was it actually Jerry Buss who saved the meeting with Magic?

Lakers legend Michael Cooper nominated for 2022 Basketball Hall of Fame class

Michael Cooper has a solid case for the Hall of Fame, but it still might be tough for one of the most underrated Lakers ever to make it in.

How the ‘Showtime Lakers’ got their name

The Showtime Lakers are one of the greatest, and most well-known, teams in NBA history, but where did the iconic name come from?

Kevin Garnett says he wanted to team up with Kobe Bryant on the Lakers before his eventual trade to the Celtics

Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett almost formed the most dominant two-man duo in the NBA.

Michael Cooper is still living his basketball dream, 30 years after his Lakers career

After storied tenures with the Lakers and Sparks, the latest coaching stop for Michael Cooper is the BIG3.

Live Blog: The NBA remembers Kobe Bryant as he heads into the Hall of Fame

There will never be another Kobe Bryant. Let’s reminisce about the late Lakers legend along with the rest of the NBA community.

Kobe Bryant showed up to Team USA training camp two days early just to demand to guard the best player on the other team

Yup, that sounds like Kobe all right.

LeBron James wanted to use the 2008 Olympics to learn from Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd

Now, LeBron works with Kidd on the Lakers, Kobe’s old team.

The Lakers scouting department deserves their flowers

With a handful of Baby Lakers ascending into legitimate NBA semi-stardom, it’s worth remembering where these young standouts started, and who helped the team assemble such an impressive hit rate in the draft.

‘He’s out there to dethrone you’: What LeBron James and Anthony Davis remember about playing against Kobe Bryant

Playing against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers for the first time was an unforgettable moment for an entire generation of NBA players, and LeBron James and Anthony Davis are no exception.

Shaquille O’Neal says there will never be another duo like him and Kobe Bryant with the Lakers

Shaquille O’Neal knows that just like he and Kobe Bryant could never be LeBron and Anthony Davis, AD and ‘Bron could never be him and Kobe. Every pairing is unique.

Laker Tails: Why two die-hard Lakers fans wrote a children’s book about the team’s history

Lynn Markham and his wife, Cerise Markham, wanted a book about the Lakers to read to their kids. Figuring they weren’t alone in that desire, they decided to write one.

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