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Lakers History

Michael Cooper is still living his basketball dream, 30 years after his Lakers career

After storied tenures with the Lakers and Sparks, the latest coaching stop for Michael Cooper is the BIG3.

Live Blog: The NBA remembers Kobe Bryant as he heads into the Hall of Fame

There will never be another Kobe Bryant. Let’s reminisce about the late Lakers legend along with the rest of the NBA community.

Kobe Bryant showed up to Team USA training camp two days early just to demand to guard the best player on the other team

Yup, that sounds like Kobe all right.

LeBron James wanted to use the 2008 Olympics to learn from Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd

Now, LeBron works with Kidd on the Lakers, Kobe’s old team.

The Lakers scouting department deserves their flowers

With a handful of Baby Lakers ascending into legitimate NBA semi-stardom, it’s worth remembering where these young standouts started, and who helped the team assemble such an impressive hit rate in the draft.

‘He’s out there to dethrone you’: What LeBron James and Anthony Davis remember about playing against Kobe Bryant

Playing against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers for the first time was an unforgettable moment for an entire generation of NBA players, and LeBron James and Anthony Davis are no exception.

Shaquille O’Neal says there will never be another duo like him and Kobe Bryant with the Lakers

Shaquille O’Neal knows that just like he and Kobe Bryant could never be LeBron and Anthony Davis, AD and ‘Bron could never be him and Kobe. Every pairing is unique.

Laker Tails: Why two die-hard Lakers fans wrote a children’s book about the team’s history

Lynn Markham and his wife, Cerise Markham, wanted a book about the Lakers to read to their kids. Figuring they weren’t alone in that desire, they decided to write one.

The urban legend of the Lakers giraffe logo

The Lakers have been connected to giraffes for longer than you can probably imagine. Let us explain.

The only young core the Lakers needed was Alex Caruso and Kyle Kuzma

Alex Caruso and Kyle Kuzma are the only members of "the young core" left, and the Lakers wouldn’t have a title without their contributions

How LeBron James studying up on Lakers history helped him build a strong relationship with Jeanie Buss

LeBron James and Jeanie Buss have developed a mutual respect for one another over their time with the Lakers.

Now THIS is actually going to be FUN

Editor’s Note: With the Lakers finally back in the NBA Finals, former Lakers Nation Editor-in-Chief, Silver Screen and Roll alum and Lakers Twitter legend Daniel Buerge had to make a limited-time return to reflect on Lakers fandom and the long road back.

Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and those infamous playoff air balls in Utah

Shaquille O’Neal tried to offer Kobe Bryant some support after his rookie season air balls in the playoffs against the Utah Jazz. The way Bryant responded was an omen about the future of their partnership.

Let’s Appreciate a Laker: Elgin Baylor, the most under-appreciated legend

It is not an overstatement to say that the Lakers literally might not exist without Elgin Baylor. That is more than enough reason to appreciate one of the first transcendent NBA players.

Let’s Appreciate a Laker: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the most under-appreciated GOAT

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a resume that stacks up against just about anyone in NBA history. The former Lakers star should get more love in the GOAT discussion than he does.

Let’s appreciate a Laker: Kobe Bryant, and his incredible trash talk

For our first entry in a new series that will go for as long as Lakers basketball is gone, let’s have a laugh about how incredible of a trash talker Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was.