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Lakers Game Previews

Lakers vs. Bulls Preview and Game Thread: A back-and-forth affair

Now riding a three-game winning streak, the Lakers will look to continue trending upward as they face the Chicago Bulls twice in the next four days

Lakers vs. Thunder Preview and Game Thread: Play-in sneak peek?

After two straight wins, the Lakers will look to keep this train to the play-in going with a win against a team trying to do the same: The Oklahoma City Thunder.

Lakers vs. Suns Preview and Game Thread: 10 games left

The Lakers will have to rely on their depth and of course, Anthony Davis’ dominance to will them to victory in this one

Lakers vs. Magic Preview and Game Thread: When will this team learn to capitalize?

The Lakers’ urgency and performance in this one will speak volumes about their current state

Lakers vs. Mavericks Preview and Game Thread: Back to business

After a disappointing loss, the Lakers will return home to try and get a much-needed win against an undermanned Mavericks team.

Lakers vs. Rockets Preview and Game Thread: Nothing for granted

On Wednesday, the Lakers will hopefully keep their focus and continue climbing the Western Conference standings against one of the league’s worst teams, the Houston Rockets.

Lakers vs. Pelicans Preview and Game Thread: Battle for positioning

If Los Angeles plans to bounce back from their frustrating loss to the New York Knicks on Sunday, they need to work on a few things.

Lakers vs. Knicks Preview and Game Thread: Let’s keep having fun

Arguably their toughest opponent since the All-Star break, the Lakers’ defense will be tested against the team with one of the best current offenses in the league, the New York Knicks

Lakers vs. Raptors Preview and Game Thread: D’Angelo Russell returns

After a celebratory night on Tuesday, the Lakers will now celebrate getting their starting point guard back in the lineup on Friday when they face off against the Toronto Raptors.

Lakers vs. Grizzlies Preview and Game Thread: Pau Gasol forever

On the night of his jersey retirement in L.A., Pau Gasol will be treated to a game between the two teams he played the most for: the Lakers and Grizzlies.

Lakers vs. Warriors Preview and Game Thread: Gut check time

This time, health isn’t on the Lakers' side as they take on the streaking Warriors, who have emerged as one of the hottest teams in the Western Conference.

Lakers vs. Timberwolves Preview and Game Thread: Maintain

The bruised-and-battered Lakers will look to continue their hopeful climb up the standings on Friday with a pivotal matchup in the form of a game against the Timberwolves.

Lakers vs. Thunder Preview and Game Thread: No LeBron, no SGA

Wednesday’s tilt versus the Shai-less Thunder will say a lot about the direction of this Lakers team and whether or not their odds of surviving life without James, in the meantime, will be in their favor.

Lakers vs. Grizzlies Preview and Game Thread: Switching gears... again

The Lakers have to accept that they may be without LeBron James for "multiple weeks," a process that will start with Tuesday’s game in Memphis against the Grizzlies.

Lakers vs.Mavericks Preview and Game Thread: Most important road trip yet

The next few games on the road for the Lakers will significantly impact their record for better or worse.

Lakers vs. Warriors Preview and Game Thread: Time to catch up

Will the Lakers find enough in the tank to crash the play-in (or playoff) party in 6 weeks? Their pursuit of that will start Thursday with their post-All-Star-break game against the Warriors.

NBA All-Star Weekend Preview and Discussion Thread: Can Team LeBron remain undefeated?

LeBron James looks to make it six straight wins in a row as he goes up against Team Giannis for the main event of this year’s All-Star Weekend

Lakers vs. Pelicans Preview and Game Thread: Time is running out for the purple and gold

With exactly 24 games left for the Lakers this season, time is running out for them to get out of the 13th seed and climb back into the play-in and playoff picture.

Lakers vs. Trail Blazers Preview and Game Thread: Waiting on stars

The revamped Lakers got off to a good start with a win, however, the supporting cast will need LeBron James and Anthony Davis to lead them with their play at some point soon, hopefully starting with Monday’s game vs. the Trail Blazers.

Lakers vs. Warriors Preview and Game Thread: New look

Following the NBA trade deadline. the Los Angeles Lakers will finally be debuting their newly acquired players on Saturday in a game against the Golden State Warriors.

Lakers vs. Bucks Preview and Game Thread: Is there fight left in this team?

Thursday’s game will tell us a lot about the state of this Lakers team moving forward and whether or not there’s still fight left in them.

Lakers vs. Thunder Preview and Game Thread: This is LeBron James’ moment

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here — LeBron James is finally set to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s scoring king

Lakers vs. Pelicans Preview and Game Thread: Blinders on

Amidst a flurry of trade rumors to close out the work week, the Lakers will hopefully be able to stay focused on their tasks at hand, starting with a mid-Saturday game vs. the Pelicans.

Lakers vs. Pacers Preview and Game Thread: An opportunity to capitalize

This is the perfect opportunity for the Lakers to take advantage of a team that has lost nine out of their last 10 games.

Lakers vs. Knicks Preview and Game Thread: Bounce back opportunity at the Garden

LeBron James may or may not play in MSG for the second straight year in a row.

Lakers vs. Nets Preview and Game Thread: No LeBron, AD

After the most frustrating loss of the season for the Lakers, LeBron James and Anthony Davis will sit out the game on Monday vs. the Nets before the second night of a back-to-back on Tuesday.

Lakers vs. Celtics Preview and Game Thread: Decisions, decisions

Darvin Ham has tools available to him now that he had not had in recent weeks. After an all-around lackluster game against the Spurs, one has to wonder what will change about his rotations in a rivalry game vs. the Celtics.

Lakers vs. Spurs Preview and Game Thread: Rui Hachimura makes his debut

All eyes will be on the newest member of the team tonight

Lakers vs. Clippers Preview and Game Thread: In flux

Two L.A. teams meet in a continued state of flux, but with potential of stability and overall improvement on the horizon.

Lakers vs. Blazers Preview and Game Thread: Another must win

The Lakers have the opportunity to improve their record against a Pacific Division opponent and in the standings with a win on Sunday

Lakers vs. Grizzlies Preview and Game Thread: Brick wall

The Lakers have struggled lately, with those struggles seemingly set to continue as they run into the juggernaut Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night.

Lakers vs. Kings Preview and Game Thread: Withering frontcourt faces tough challenge

The Lakers’ frontcourt defense struggled mightily in its latest game, with an even tougher challenge ahead in that department with the Sacramento Kings coming to town.

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