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Lakers Game Previews

Lakers Summer League Preview and Discussion Thread

The Lakers begin NBA Summer League with the California Classic over July 4th weekend before heading to Las Vegas. Here is an in-depth look at every player on the roster, the impact they could make on the team this summer and when they’ll play.

NBA Playoffs First-Round Discussion Thread

Come hang out and chat as the NBA playoffs continue.

Lakers vs. Nuggets Preview and Game Thread: Goodbye ‘21-22 team, you won’t be missed

No more painfully watching this team lose for many nights and more importantly be the biggest joke in basketball.

Lakers vs. Thunder Preview and Game Thread: The saddest NBA game

The Lakers could be without LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook while the Thunder will be without... well... nearly everyone on their team, as this is shaping up to be a very sad basketball game.

Lakers vs. Warriors Preview and Game Thread: There’s still games left?

Now that the Lakers are officially eliminated from play-in contention, the season is over... right? Sadly, that’s wrong, as the team has three games remaining, starting with the Warriors on Thursday.

Lakers vs. Suns Preview and Game Thread: Is it time to shut down LeBron James and Anthony Davis?

The last thing the Lakers really want is to begin what looks like a long summer ahead with their superstars recovering from worse injuries. Maybe it’s time for LeBron James and Anthony Davis to sit down.

Lakers vs. Nuggets Preview and Game Thread: What is Frank Vogel going to do next?

After one of the most confusing rotations Frank Vogel has deployed all season resulted in another loss, one has to wonder what he will do on Sunday vs. the Nuggets with the Lakers’ backs against the wall (again).

Lakers vs. Pelicans Preview and Game Thread: The battle for a play-in spot continues

The Lakers will likely have LeBron James and Anthony Davis back when they host the Pelicans for a pivotal matchup with play-in implications.

Lakers vs. Jazz Preview: Aiming for a hilarious season sweep

Basically nothing has gone right for the Lakers this season, except when it comes to playing the Utah Jazz who they inexplicably could sweep the season series from on Thursday.

Lakers vs. Mavericks Preview and Game Thread: Snakebitten

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are likely to miss Tuesday’s game vs. the Mavericks. But even with that and their most recent embarrassment factored in, Frank Vogel was definitive that the Lakers will show some fight.

Lakers vs. Pelicans Preview and Game Thread: Postseason Implications

The Lakers and Pelicans face off Sunday in the first of their two final regular-season games against each other this week before a probable play-in tournament matchup.

Lakers vs. Sixers Preview and Game Thread: Can Russell Westbrook sustain his recent performance?

This is the Russell Westbrook the Lakers need. Can he keep rolling against the Sixers?

Lakers vs. Cavs Preview: The King returns to his kingdom

Every LeBron James return to Cleveland feels noteworthy but a return given everything he said All-Star weekend feels even more so.

 Lakers vs. Wizards Preview and Game Thread: Can L.A. replicate tonight’s performance?

The Lakers need to start the game with the same sense of urgency they did against the Raptors on Friday night.

Lakers vs. Raptors Preview and Game Thread: Déjà Vu

The Lakers move onto game two of four of their road trip, traveling to Canada to take on the Toronto Raptors who very recently beat the purple-and-gold.

Lakers vs. Timberwolves Preview and Game Thread: Thank God there are only 14 games left

Frank Vogel says the team isn’t letting go of the rope yet, while Russell Westbrook and Talen Horton-Tucker have no idea how to solve their issues. Where do the Lakers really stand here?

Lakers vs. Raptors Preview and Game Thread: Will LeBron James be available?

The Lakers have stayed afloat because of LeBron James, but with their first back-to-back in some time, will he be able to play?

Lakers vs. Suns Preview and Game Thread: Some real competition

After facing teams that are right alongside them around the bottom of the standings, the Lakers will face one of the tougher tests they can find in the NBA, going into Phoenix to take on the Suns.

Lakers vs. Wizards Preview and Game Thread: Celebrating Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

After a(nother) new low for the Lakers, it’ll be nice to take a short moment to celebrate the championship contributions of Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who will return to L.A. as members of the Wizards on Friday.

Lakers vs. Rockets Preview and Game Thread: Leave Russell Westbrook’s family alone

It’s all fun and games until death threats and hateful messages are involved. We as Lakers fans need to be better, and make sure our fellow fans are too.

Lakers vs. Spurs Preview and Game Thread: What can the team carry over from recent win?

After breaking their four-game losing streak on Saturday, the Lakers will look to bring that momentum into San Antonio when they take on the Spurs.

Lakers vs. Warriors Preview and Game Thread: Two struggling teams desperate for a win

If the Lakers’ shooting isn’t going to make up for their poor defense (like it has prior to the past five games) then this could be another ugly one.

Lakers vs. Clippers Preview: Can the Lakers ever stop their skid?

Losers of six of their last seven games, if the Lakers don’t stop their skid against the Clippers, it could really start to get ugly.

Lakers vs. Mavericks Preview and Game Thread: How much will the Lakers lose by?

After the Lakers found a new low against the Pelicans on Sunday, it almost feels foolish to closely examine this upcoming game against the Mavericks, who are trending up while the Lakers are doing the complete opposite.

Lakers vs. Pelicans Preview and Game Thread: L.A’s problems haven’t been solved

The same problems have haunted the Lakers all season. Will the trend continue against the Pelicans?

Lakers vs. Clippers Preview and Game Thread: Resuming the season without Anthony Davis

The Lakers are finally back on the court following the All-Star break, taking on the Clippers with the knowledge that they’ll be without Anthony Davis for a while. Again.

NBA All-Star Weekend Preview and Discussion Thread: LeBron James returns to Cleveland

Homecoming king LeBron James and Lakers legend James Worthy will represent the purple and gold in their corresponding events at 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend.

Lakers vs. Jazz Preview and Game Thread: Anthony Davis meets Rudy Gobert again

It’s no secret that Anthony Davis loves to play against Rudy Gobert and dominate those matchups while he’s at it.

Lakers vs. Warriors Preview and Game Thread: So what now?

After no moves were made at the trade deadline, Russell Westbrook and the Lakers will now try to re-focus on the rest of their season, starting with the Warriors on Saturday.

Lakers vs. Blazers Preview and Game Thread: L.A. has reached it’s breaking point (again)

The Lakers must do everything they can to steal a win tomorrow night against the rebuilding Trail Blazers in their final game before the NBA trade deadline.

Lakers vs. Bucks Preview and Game Thread: How will Russell Westbrook respond?

Russell Westbrook did not play in the entire overtime of the Lakers’ most recent game against the Knicks after one of his worst performances of the season. How will he respond against the Bucks on Tuesday?

Lakers vs. Knicks Preview and Game Thread: Recovering from a heartbreaking loss

The Lakers will be given another chance to regroup, rebuild and regain momentum on Saturday against the Knicks.