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Lakers Analysis

Why new Lakers assistant Chris Jent could be the key for Lonnie Walker IV, Troy Brown Jr.

Incoming Lakers lead assistant Chris Jent has a reputation for helping players shoot more consistently. Could Lonnie Walker IV and Troy Brown Jr. be his next success stories?

How much cap space will the Lakers have this summer?

We will be keeping track of the salary cap situation for the Lakers as it updates, and how much usable space the team will have.

Lakers Free Agency Preview and Discussion Thread

Answering the biggest questions facing the Lakers entering NBA free agency, which starts Thursday at 6 PM EST.

3 centers the Lakers should target this summer

After a disappointing season, the Lakers will likely look to upgrade at nearly every position in NBA free agency. Here are a few options when it comes addressing the center spot.

What the Lakers really mean when they talk about Russell Westbrook coming back

The Lakers are leaving the door open for Russell Westbrook to return, but this time, they’re making sure that it’ll be on their terms.

The Lakers are swinging for the fences with Max Christie

Although the Lakers are clearly still in a win-now mindset, they have dipped their toes into the future with their new 19-year-old rookie.

What the Lakers can learn from the Warriors’ title run

The only way the Lakers can reach the Warriors’ level is to take a page or two from the newly crowned champions’ playbook.

How the Lakers could trade for Kyrie Irving, explained

The Lakers are reportedly interested in acquiring the Nets’ Kyrie Irving, but given their limited resources, how could they even do so?

Is trading for oft-injured Malcolm Brogdon worth the risk?

Detailing Brogdon’s checkered injury history and the potential risks that come with it.

Why Kyrie Irving is the Lakers’ best option

Kyrie Irving just makes sense next to LeBron James (from a strictly basketball perspective). The Lakers should add him, if they actually can.

Darvin Ham’s Lakers need Anthony Davis to be more than just available

For the Lakers to restore their status as a legitimate championship contender this coming season, they need to do more than simply figure out how to keep Anthony Davis on the floor.

The types of players the Lakers need in order to maximize Darvin Ham’s system

Rob Pelinka and Darvin Ham’s first task together will make or break the Lakers’ chances of competing for banner number 18 next season.

The Celtics winning the NBA Championship could be a blessing in disguise for Lakers fans

Having gorged themselves on the fruits of the 2020 championship, the Lakers got too comfortable. Perhaps an 18th green banner would reignite the fire requisite for an 18th gold one.

Austin Reaves, Stanley Johnson and Wenyen Gabriel are the 2022-23 Lakers’ X factors

These three youngsters can prove to be far more important than the Lakers ever thought was possible when they signed them.

Why Anthony Davis not touching a basketball for two months might be a good thing (and why it’s not surprising)

Davis’ hiatus from basketball activities isn’t that big of a deal.

What Darvin Ham’s comments say about Talen Horton-Tucker’s future with the Lakers

Heading into a make-or-break fourth season with the Lakers, Talen Horton-Tucker will have a brand new coach in Darvin Ham, and a whole lot left to prove.

The beginning of the Darvin Ham era looks promising

Through Darvin Ham, the Lakers are sending a message that they’ve learned from their mistakes and are looking to change.

What is the actual best-case scenario for the Lakers this offseason?

Indulging in some fantastical optimism, these are the ways the Lakers can take their offseason from solid to superlative.

Can Darvin Ham actually get more out of Russell Westbrook? That’s up to Russ

There are arguments to be made that Russell Westbrook was set up to fail by the Lakers last season. But how badly does he want to succeed? This season may give us the answer.

Five things Darvin Ham’s introductory press conference told us about his leadership style

Newly-minted Lakers head coach Darvin Ham lived up to the hype in his introductory presser alongside general manager Rob Pelinka.

Don’t believe every Lakers rumor you read this summer

It is officially silly season, and the fake Lakers rumors and NBA trades are out in full force.

Lakers Roundtable: How do we feel about this offseason?

The next three months are going to be as crucial as it gets for the Lakers, who need to ace most of their decisions this offseason.

Darvin Ham offers the Lakers the rare chance at upside

Strapped for resources to make any long-lasting moves of impact this summer, the Lakers may come closest in doing so with their new head coach.

What does the Lakers’ pre-draft combine medical and testing process look like?

Lets go behind the scenes to see what NBA hopefuls go through when they get evaluated by the Lakers.

What is the actual worst-case scenario for the Lakers this offseason?

There are a lot of ways that this offseason could produce results for the 2022-23 Lakers that are nearly the same as last season. But what are the absolute worst ways things could go? Let’s find out.

Lakers Prospect Watch: Kaodirichi Akobundu-Ehiogu

Blessed with incredible leaping ability, Kaodirichi Akobundu-Ehiogu’s upside is as high as his vertical, and could be a perfect fit with what the Lakers need from potential undrafted players after the 2022 NBA Draft (or in the second round).

The Lakers need to figure out what tense they’re in

Given that teams have rarely succeeded in serving both the present and future, the Lakers need to figure out which timeline they’re going to pursue this summer.

Film Study: How Austin Reaves building upper-body strength will unlock his offense

Lakers rookie Austin Reaves needs to focus on upper-body strength development during his first NBA offseason.

The Lakers need to replenish the basketball IQ they’ve lost since the 2020 championship

The Lakers have lost a ton of smart players and coaches since the 2020 NBA bubble. This summer, they really should consider prioritizing basketball IQ as much as anything.

The playoffs are exposing just how big the Lakers’ wing deficit is

Although the Lakers have a lot of boxes to check this summer, this postseason is showing why adding wing depth needs to be their biggest priority.

Is there any hope for the Lakers if Russell Westbrook stays?

With recent reports making it seem like a possibility that Russell Westbrook hasn’t played his final game for the Lakers, let’s go back to the drawing board to see if significant improvements can come next season.

What the Suns’ postseason collapse says about the Lakers’ past, present and future

While the Suns lack an all-time great to take them through the playoffs and into the promised land, the Lakers and Mavs both have that guy.