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Lakers Analysis

The Revival of Stanley Johnson

Through his willingness to tackle a new position, accept a simplified role and play for only today, Stanley Johnson has reinvented himself with the Lakers, all in the hopes of earning another NBA chapter.

Trevor Ariza doesn’t look like the difference-maker the Lakers were hoping he could be

Stir-fried and shaken, a 36-year-old Trevor Ariza might not be the guy the Lakers hoped he was.

How much do other teams value Talen Horton-Tucker?

I asked three non-Lakers fans to put together their best trade packages involving Talen Horton-Tucker now that he’s eligible to be traded. These were the results.

Austin Reaves and The Floor: A Love Story

Whether it’s getting clobbered at the rim, or the aches and pains that come with playing tough-nosed defense, Austin Reaves is earning his Lakers stripes by hitting the floor.

Russell Westbrook is as cold as ice right now

Using Game Score to historically contextualize both how poorly Russell Westbrook is playing for the Lakers right now, and how things may not be as bad as they seem.

Some thoughts on Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook fitting in with the Lakers has proven to be more complicated than previously expected, but there are still glimmers of hope that this can eventually work.

Reacts: Warriors establish themselves as clear title favorites

With Klay Thompson’s back on the court, the Warriors may now be the heavy favorite for the NBA title this season.

Anthony Davis was back on the court prior to the Grizzlies game. How close is he to returning?

Lets take a closer look at what Anthony Davis was doing on the court, and what that means for the Lakers star’s potential return.

An investigation into the accuracy of the Russell Westbrook Timeline Meme

An attempt at understanding the shifting narrative surrounding the Brodie.

By going small, the Lakers are also going younger

They didn’t make any major roster changes, but in shifting their identity to a mostly small-ball team, the Lakers also infused their lineup with some much-needed youth.

Lakers Notebook: Malik Monk’s ghost-busting, Carmelo Anthony’s quick trigger and Avery Bradley’s improv skills

After a tumultuous start to the season, the Lakers are finally on an upswing again thanks to LeBron James’ stellar play, but also a blossoming supporting cast.

Reacts: Has COVID impacted fans feelings toward NBA games?

The NBA appears to be on the backside of a league-wide COVID breakout, but not without having games impacted throughout the year.

How the Malik Monk-LeBron James two-man game guided the Lakers past the Kings

The Lakers went to a common play type on Tuesday with a new face as LeBron James and Malik Monk guided the way to victory over the Kings.

Avery Bradley is giving the Lakers no choice but to guarantee his contract

Avery Bradley has been one of the Lakers to benefit most from the change to playing more small ball, and it could keep him around past his contract guarantee date this week.

Film Study: A key secret to Carmelo Anthony’s shooting technique

Carmelo Anthony’s shooting ability has been elite for the Lakers. Here is one major reason why.

The Lakers have an open roster spot... now what?

With an open roster spot, the Lakers have a number of directions they can go in, even if some are easier than others.

Stanley Johnson is forcing the Lakers to make some tough decisions

Stanley Johnson has went from replacement player to potentially irreplaceable. And as he battles to make the Lakers roster, he’s impressing the right people, from LeBron James to Frank Vogel.

A Tale of Two Talens

After a thrilling, albeit delayed, start to his age-21 campaign, Talen Horton-Tucker came crashing down to earth, and has since struggled to get back off the ground.

LeBron James is showing how the Lakers can better optimize Anthony Davis at center

LeBron James’ success playing center can give both Anthony Davis and the Lakers a blueprint for how to better optimize AD at that spot when he returns from injury.

4 reasons why Russell Westbrook’s struggles are overstated

Russell Westbrook has received heavy criticism after the Lakers’ Christmas Day loss to the Nets. Much of it is unfounded.

Reacts: How should the NBA handle the league-wide COVID outbreak?

With more and more players entering health and safety protocols across the league, what’s the best way for the NBA to move forward?

In Jemerrio Jones, the Lakers are banking on familiarity and relentlessness

With the Lakers once again short on bodies, they have turned to former fan favorite Jemerrio Jones to provide a much-needed spark.

What can a healthy Isaiah Thomas do for the depleted Lakers?

The Lakers’ COVID reinforcement has arrived in the form of a Isaiah Thomas, a 31-year-old fresh off an 81-point pro-am outing and a 42-point explosion in his G League debut. Can he help? Let’s take a closer look.

The Lakers’ previous injury woes should have them prepared for this moment

With the Lakers being hit hard by COVID and injuries still an issue, the team will have to go back to their old formula of LeBron, Anthony Davis, and resilient role players to keep them afloat.

Reacts: NBA slow in reacting to COVID outbreaks?

With multiple franchises experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks, is the league reacting quickly enough?

3 trades the Lakers can make before the deadline

The Lakers can improve at the trade deadline, despite their limited assets.

Is “REM sleep” the key to LeBron’s longevity?

LeBron James swears by his sleep, specifically REM sleep. What is that, and what are the benefits for the Lakers star?

Austin Reaves has earned a spot in the Lakers’ rotation

Against the Thunder on Friday, Austin Reaves reminded the Lakers why he absolutely has to be in the mix every night.

The Lakers are learning the importance of the little things

While there are many facets to point to when it comes to the Lakers’ slow start this season, it is their inconsistency within the margins that continues to prove costly.

How the Lakers can improve before the trade deadline

It won’t be easy, but the Lakers can theoretically acquire a difference-maker at the trade deadline.

Contrary to popular opinion, Avery Bradley has been essential to the Lakers’ defensive development

Frank Vogel has deployed Avery Bradley as a referendum on how he wants the team to play, even if Bradley himself won’t eventually be the best man for the job.

The exciting prospects and potential limitations of LeBron James at center

A deeper examination of LeBron James’ budding development and performance as the Lakers’ back-up 5 reveals both interesting possibilities, and a few drawbacks.