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Lakers Analysis

How does Talen Horton-Tucker compare to the best under-25 talent in the West?

In a thinly veiled excuse to write about some of my favorite young players, I’ve sifted and sorted through the best young talent in the Western Conference to see how Talen Horton-Tucker measures up.

How the Lakers slowed down Russell Westbrook in the 2020 playoffs, and what can be learned from it

The Los Angeles Lakers negated Russell Westbrook during the playoffs en route to a title in the bubble. Should that have them worried about his future in Los Angeles now?

Film Study: How Kendrick Nunn fits on the Lakers

Will Kendrick Nunn be an x-factor for the Lakers this season?

The five best locations for an NBA ‘Field of Dreams’ game, ranked

If the NBA is looking for a "Field of Dreams"-style game, then they have plenty of options to choose from.

2K Sim: What if the Lakers traded for Buddy Hield instead of Russell Westbrook?

Through the power of NBA 2K22, we were able to simulate the season as if the Lakers followed through on their plan to trade for Buddy Hield.

Is the messy relationship between Marc Gasol and the Lakers still worth salvaging?

The value of Marc Gasol significantly depends on how the Lakers coaching staff utilizes him.

The Five Most Embarrassing Moments of the Lakers’ Past Decade

The Lakers have had a nearly unbelievable amount of success in franchise history, but the last decade had a few bad moments, too.

Film Study: What Kent Bazemore adds to the Lakers

Kent Bazemore may be in contention for a starting role this season with the Lakers. What could he bring to the starting lineup?

Russell Westbrook’s mythos will be the Lakers’ lifeblood, for better or worse

On the NBA’s Paul Bunyan, Boogeyman and everything else in-between.

The case for DeAndre Jordan over Marc Gasol

Choosing DeAndre Jordan over Marc Gasol would be a polarizing move, but also one that could make some sense for the Lakers.

The 2021-22 Lakers’ All-Time Machine Team

If seven Lakers All-Stars could turn back their clocks, how good would this team be?

The Lakers’ depth will require a balancing act from Frank Vogel

Rob Pelinka has given Frank Vogel a roster with three stars and a deep bench of rotation ready veterans. But managing a group of this many able contributors could bring about its own challenges.

How Russell Westbrook can find success alongside LeBron James with the Lakers this season

Much has been made about Russell Westbrook’s potential poor fit alongside LeBron James, but a deeper look shows how the two could find success with the Lakers this season.

The Lakers have officially signed Rajon Rondo, who doesn’t have to be Playoff Rondo to have value

Rajon Rondo returns to the Lakers after a season with three different franchises, and now has quite the expectations to live up to.

The Lakers are bringing dunks back

After a brief hiatus, the team’s newly altered roster is set to dunk the basketball once again. And likely have some fun doing so.

Film Study: What Malik Monk brings to the Lakers

Malik Monk should be a great fit on this Lakers team.

The Grizzlies have become the Lakers’ feeder team

Over the last three seasons, the Memphis Grizzlies have made a habit of helping players end up on the Lakers.

How much does Trevor Ariza have left in the tank for the Lakers?

One of the older players signed by the Lakers this summer, here’s a detailed look into Trevor Ariza’s fit with the roster and what he can contribute.

Russell Westbrook is home, and that matters

The L.A. kid turned NBA superstar turned Laker shows that you can come home again.

A pair of big reasons to be excited about the 2021-22 Lakers (and a trio of concerns)

This upcoming season should be a fun one in tinseltown.

In case you forgot, Anthony Davis is still that dude

After an injury-plagued season that did not live up to expectations, and the buzz around how Russell Westbrook and LeBron James will fit together, it’d be a mistake to forget how good Anthony Davis is, and how much he’ll mean to the Lakers this year.

Kendrick Nunn is ready to show that he can help the Lakers on both ends of the floor

It’s hard to imagine how opponents can stop the Lakers if Kendrick Nunn has a career year in purple and gold.

What makes Wayne Ellington an elite shooter? Lets break down his mechanics

Wayne Ellington’s shooting excellence can be best understood by dissecting his shot mechanics, from setup to release.

Can these Lakers finally solve the Rubik’s Cube that is non-LeBron minutes?

This Lakers roster may finally accomplish something previously thought impossible: Survive when LeBron James sits.

It won’t be just the Lakers’ role players who have to sacrifice this season

If the Lakers are going to win as much as they expect to, the team’s star players will also need to sacrifice in much the same ways that their role players are expected to.

The Lakers are better off with Dwight Howard than Andre Drummond

Despite losing one of the best rebounders in modern NBA history, the Lakers made an addition by subtraction in swapping Dwight Howard in for Andre Drummond.

The Lakers are finally going all-in on offense

After yet another roster makeover, the Lakers have made their most concerted effort in recent history to score more points.

How the Lakers may circumvent Russell Westbrook’s offensive flaws

Russell Westbrook has some glaring flaws on the offensive end, namely his shooting. I analyzed how the Lakers may get around those pitfalls.

The Lakers have officially acquired Russell Westbrook, which just might be crazy enough to work

The Lakers’ trade for Russell Westbrook is official. Here’s how the addition could help the team.

The Lakers have officially signed Carmelo Anthony, which will put his ability to sacrifice to the ultimate test

For the first time in his career, Carmelo Anthony is on a real title contender. Is he willing to make the sacrifices necessary to contribute?

The Lakers have officially re-signed Talen Horton-Tucker, maintaining a baseline of youth

Talen Horton-Tucker has been the youngest player on the Lakers’ roster each of his first two seasons. That won’t change this season, but this time it will be by a large margin.

The Lakers have officially signed Malik Monk, who will give them a dose of dynamism

Malik Monk could give the Lakers the type of dangerous shooter and scorer they were missing last season.