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Lakers Analysis

Film Study: How Austin Reaves building upper-body strength will unlock his offense

Lakers rookie Austin Reaves needs to focus on upper-body strength development during his first NBA offseason.

The Lakers need to replenish the basketball IQ they’ve lost since the 2020 championship

The Lakers have lost a ton of smart players and coaches since the 2020 NBA bubble. This summer, they really should consider prioritizing basketball IQ as much as anything.

The playoffs are exposing just how big the Lakers’ wing deficit is

Although the Lakers have a lot of boxes to check this summer, this postseason is showing why adding wing depth needs to be their biggest priority.

Is there any hope for the Lakers if Russell Westbrook stays?

With recent reports making it seem like a possibility that Russell Westbrook hasn’t played his final game for the Lakers, let’s go back to the drawing board to see if significant improvements can come next season.

What the Suns’ postseason collapse says about the Lakers’ past, present and future

While the Suns lack an all-time great to take them through the playoffs and into the promised land, the Lakers and Mavs both have that guy.

Scouting Report: What should Lakers fans expect from Adrian Griffin?

Adrian Griffin has reportedly interviewed with the Lakers for their head coach job, so let’s get to know his resume some more.

If you think Anthony Davis is ‘soft,’ you’re mistaken. Here’s why.

Lakers big man Anthony Davis often gets labeled as "soft." That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Reacts: Lakers fans love the first season of ‘Winning Time’

Even as those involved with the Showtime Era kept critiquing it, Lakers fans loved the first season of "Winning Time."

Lakers Season in Review: Anthony Davis

Although Anthony Davis’ season was once again marred by injuries, he still produced compelling and curious play when he was on the floor.

2022 Lakers Season in Review: Russell Westbrook

The toxic core of the Lakers’ collapse must be excised if they hope to build a contender again.

Lakers Season in Review: LeBron James

LeBron James had one of his best individual statistical seasons as a member of the Lakers, if not the best. However, it was plagued by nagging injuries, and leaves questions moving forward.

Lakers Season in Review: Talen Horton-Tucker

With some fleeting highs, and persistent lows, Talen Horton-Tucker’s third season as a professional fit right in amongst the myriad of disappointments for the Lakers in 2022.

Lakers Season in Review: Malik Monk

Malik Monk's career year was one of the few bright spots of the Lakers’ season. It also has set him up to be their most difficult player to retain.

Rob Pelinka is learning what it truly means to be a ‘general manager’

As Lakers general manager, Rob Pelinka has to manage a variety of stakeholders and make the best decisions for the team. And almost no matter how you slice it, he failed at that role this year.

Lakers Season in Review: Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony had a great start to the season that slowly transitioned to a poor second half. His age may have been a reason for that, so with the 37-year-old set to enter free agency again, should the Lakers consider bringing him back?

Reacts: A ton of Lakers fans have lost faith in Jeanie Buss

Lakers fans are not happy with how the Jeanie Buss era has gone. Is it too late for her to change that?

Phil Jackson being involved in the Lakers’ coaching search isn’t a bad thing

Phil Jackson has a better track record at identifying top coaching targets than you may think.

Scouting Report: What should Lakers fans expect from Scott Brooks or Mike Brown?

Both Mike Brown and Scott Brooks have been tangentially connected to the open Lakers head coaching job, so let’s get to know their resumes a bit better.

Lakers Season in Review: Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard’s high-end production only came in spurts this season, as he wasn’t able to produce multiple effective games in a row.

Lakers Season in Review: Avery Bradley

The Avery Bradley experience is finally over for the Lakers. Probably.

Reacts: Can the Lakers get back to title contention under Jeanie Buss?

After a season where ownership had such a big impact on the Lakers falling out of title contention, is it fair to wonder if the franchise can get back to that level under the current regime?

Lakers Season in Review: Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves had a surprisingly great season for the Lakers as an undrafted rookie. He’ll almost certainly get to build on that while again wearing the purple-and-gold next year as one of the few players nearly guaranteed to return.

Lakers Season in Review: Wayne Ellington

The Lakers assumed that Wayne Ellington would help solve their perimeter shot-making problems this season. That didn’t happen.

Frank Vogel is gone because he coached the team he wanted instead of the team he had

Frank Vogel’s core beliefs and schematic strengths helped the Lakers win a title, but inflexibility when his roster changed led to his downfall only two seasons later.

Report: Lakers have ‘serious’ interest in Quin Snyder as next head coach

The Lakers want Quin Snyder, and he seems potentially gettable. But does he want them? That remains to be seen.

What does the firing of Judy Seto mean for the Lakers health & fitness moving forward?

Explaining the possible rationale for the Lakers moving on from longtime trainer Judy Seto.

Lakers Season in Review: Kendrick Nunn

Sure, there’s nothing really to review... but there is a case to be made that Kendrick Nunn could be even more impactful for the Lakers next season than what he could have been this season.

Reacts: Lakers fans are ready to move on from Russell Westbrook

A year after watching Russell Westbrook return home, Lakers fans are ready for it to be a one-and-done experiment.

Lakers Season in Review: Kent Bazemore

Kent Bazemore totaled more claps and "chop wood carry water" tweets combined than points with the Lakers this season.

Lakers Season in Review: Stanley Johnson

A mid-season signing who turned into one of the most impactful Lakers, Stanley Johnson revived his career in a completely new role in L.A. this season, and might just be back next year.

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How to build a champion in the modern NBA

Is there any argument for the Lakers to bring back Russell Westbrook?

Russell Westbrook and the Lakers just took part in a season no one would want to repeat. But are there any reasons for them to want to run it back, and hope for a better result?