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Lakers Analysis

Contrary to popular opinion, Avery Bradley has been essential to the Lakers’ defensive development

Frank Vogel has deployed Avery Bradley as a referendum on how he wants the team to play, even if Bradley himself won’t eventually be the best man for the job.

The exciting prospects and potential limitations of LeBron James at center

A deeper examination of LeBron James’ budding development and performance as the Lakers’ back-up 5 reveals both interesting possibilities, and a few drawbacks.

Dwight Howard deserves to play over DeAndre Jordan. The Lakers just shouldn’t start him

Dwight Howard is clearly better than DeAndre Jordan, but that doesn’t mean that the Lakers should start him.

It’s time for Frank Vogel to try something new

Frank Vogel has had enough time to see what’s worked and what hasn’t for the Lakers. As a result, it’s time for him to make a change.

Reacts: Are the Lakers struggles due to their old roster?

The Lakers are just a game over .500 and have struggled to string together wins this season, which could be due to their lack of depth and aging roster.

LeBron James hasn’t had his usual ‘pop’ going to the rim. Is that just age, or something else?

Is LeBron James finally starting to show signs of age, or is there another factor in the Lakers star’s finishing struggles?

Frank Vogel says Avery Bradley’s ‘infectious’ effort and intensity can’t be captured by numbers

Lakers starter Avery Bradley transcends analytics, according to Frank Vogel.

The Lakers appear to have conquered their third quarter woes... for now

After being a bugaboo for the early part of the season, the Lakers appear to have overcome third third-quarter struggles.

Diagnosing the Lakers’ underperformance from downtown

After an offseason spent acquiring shooting to complement the Lakers’ superstar playmakers, the newcomers have mostly failed to live up to their billing.

Reacts: NBA fans are thankful for the Lakers’ early season struggles

The Lakers are struggling to start the season, which is bring joy to NBA fans across the league this Thanksgiving.

The Lakers are subtly pointing fingers in the middle of a defensive identity crisis

The Lakers are not where they want to be defensively, and it’s been frustrating for those within the team that care about that end most.

The Staples Center name change is a bold entrepreneurial move that will allow the Lakers’ arena to keep pace with competitors

While the name may draw jokes for many years to come, the possibilities for the future of Arena and it’s potential renovations may benefit not just the Lakers, but their fans as well.

LeBron James says he ‘feels worse playing low minutes.’ Does that make any sense?

There’s actually some concrete basis to the idea that LeBron James may feel healthier when he plays more minutes.

The Lakers have bigger problems than Frank Vogel

Frank Vogel is the perfect scapegoat for the Lakers, but he’s not the reason for their slow start.

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How to figure out successful Lakers rotations

How Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook guided the Lakers to a fourth quarter comeback

On the back of their two superstars remaining, the Lakers completed a comeback that spells good things for the future of the Anthony Davis-Russell Westbrook partnership.

The Lakers keep losing the same ways, and Russell Westbrook is tired of getting asked about it

Russell Westbrook may not like it, but the Lakers have been terrible in third quarters and on the defensive glass all year.

‘Really Bad’ and ‘Our Kryptonite’: LeBron James and Anthony Davis sound off on Lakers’ terrible third quarters

The Lakers have been horrendous in third quarters all season. Anthony Davis and LeBron James admitted that it’s a problem, but it remains to be seen when they’ll find a solution.

Talen Horton-Tucker is the answer to the Lakers’ questions

The Lakers’ young No. 5 might just give LeBron James a chance to get ring No. 5.

The Lakers can’t just play faster. They need to decide faster, too

The Lakers play at one of the fastest paces in the entire league, yet still find themselves operating late in the shot clock on too many possessions.

Russell Westbrook and the art of calling bank

Despite mostly living up to his reputation of being one the league’s worst shooters, Russell Westbrook has found success by shooting not at the rim, but behind it.

Reacts: Lakers no longer considered frontrunner in Western Conference

After coming into the season as one of the favorites, the Lakers’ slow start has diminished fans view of the team.

Talen Horton-Tucker doesn’t care what his role is for the Lakers. He just wants to win another ring

Talen Horton-Tucker is back on the floor, and just focused on doing whatever the Lakers ask of him on both ends of the floor.

Medical Analysis: Austin Reaves’ hamstring injury and return timeline, explained

Austin Reaves is the latest player to join the Lakers’ injury report. Lets go through the nuances of his injury, and when he might be back.

Lakers Notebook: Russell Westbrook’s turnovers, the value of ‘next man up’ mentality, and horns actions

Despite being shorthanded and still feeling the effects of a deflating performance against Portland, the Lakers are improving, and that’s all we can ask for.

Russell Westbrook needs Anthony Davis to start at center

Frank Vogel has played Anthony Davis at center for most of his minutes this season, just not at the start of games. For Russell Westbrook’s sake, that needs to change.

Anthony Davis still doesn’t understand how the Lakers were able to afford Malik Monk in free agency

Malik Monk clearly has a ton of talent, and Anthony Davis is still confused as to how the Lakers were even able to add his fellow Kentucky product on a veteran’s minimum deal last summer.

Reacts: Lakers fans are split on the Russell Westbrook trade

Lakers fans aren’t in agreement on whether or not Russell Westbrook can fit on this team.

How Russell Westbrook can supercharge the Lakers as a cutter

Before his turnover-laden fourth derailed what once looked like a Lakers blowout, Russell Westbrook flashed some off-ball activity that could unlock his potential next to LeBron James when the latter returns.

Talen Horton-Tucker has been cleared for practice. What steps are left before he’s back on the court?

THT has been out for nearly a month following surgery on a thumb tendon. How much longer until he sees game action?

Carmelo Anthony never believed his career was over. Now he’s making a Sixth Man of the Year bid

Out of the league barely three years ago, Carmelo Anthony’s resurgence with the Lakers has made him a fan favorite and an early contender for Sixth Man of the Year.

10 games, 10 questions about the Lakers

What the hell is going on with the Lakers?