Inside look at the new Nike Vault at Staples


This is so dope, especially the drawing and collage of Kobe. I can't wait to get to Staples for a game now..definitely gonna check this out. For Sneakerheads like myself, there is supposed to be exclusive nikeID customizable sneakers and all sorts of Kobe stuff. Even if you aren't in to sneakers, the art work just looks damn amazing!

KG summer was "very painful, very dark."


apparently garnett had a frowny face all through the summer

Kobe Bryant greeting fans at Lakers camp


Story and photo showing Kobe Bryant’s interaction with fans, while leaving the team’s facility during Monday's training camp workouts. Kobe definitely provided some memories for these people who braved one of the hottest days in LA history.

Adidas Revolution 30 Jerseys for all


A look at the new Revolution 30 jerseys. from BDL

A former Laker called Black Superman


I'm a big fan of historical basketball, and every now and then I come across an article that floors me. After reading this article from Deadspin, I thought of Ron and wondered if this would've been his future if he didn't have his handlers watching his every step.

Ron Artest Is Totally Insane


Must see video from San Diego-based sports website 619Sports.Net: Ron Artest sounds off on his bizarre pregame plans for the Lakers' exhibition against Golden State at the SD Sports Arena, trading the Clippers to San Diego for the Chargers, and (really) restoring Pluto to planethood.

The Top Five Laker Training-Camp Stories You'll Soon Be Reading

My latest over at SBN Los Angeles. Would it kill you to click over and read it?