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Comments On Kobe Bryant


A look at other players and coaches comments on the black mamba. An interesting video on how other people view his game. This is part 1 of 3. Part 2 can be seen here: Part 3 can be seen here:

Lakers' Theo Ratliff back at practice


"The front end of the Lakers' center rotation has been intact since Andrew Bynum returned to the lineup last month. Sunday during practice, they took a step towards getting the back end whole as well. Veteran center Theo Ratliff, who on Nov. 17 underwent successful arthroscopic surgery to perform a partial meniscectomy on his left knee, returned to the practice floor..." Click the link to read the rest.

Kobe Bryant Is Not The Wizard of Oz


In 2005-2006, Kobe put up 35/5/5 and was a first-team All-Defense player. The Lakers won 45 games and lost to the Phoenix Suns in the first round. Many people seem to hold that against him, but what more was he supposed to do exactly? There are ten guys on a basketball court. Kobe can only do so much — he can’t give Kwame Brown a heart, Smush Parker a brain or Vlad Radmanovic some courage. He’s not the Wizard of Oz. And LeBron is not the Green Lantern. They are just really good basketball players. Can’t that be enough? How well their teams do in the playoffs says only so much about them as players, and very little, if anything at all, about them as human beings

Rare VHS video of Kobe in High School - apologies if it's a re-post, I didn't see in the fanshots...


Rare VHS video of Kobe in High School - apologies if it's a re-post, I didn't see in the fanshots yet

get autographs from Lamar, Fish, Ron, Luke, and Shannon


each of them will be making appearances across the southland over the next few weeks. be sure to get there early for autographs.

Kobe Bryant to get Hollywood honor


Saw this on ESPN so decided to share it.

Kobe being Kobe.


Kobe being Kobe.