We haven't seen this Pau Gasol since Phil Jackson...


We haven't seen this Pau Gasol since Phil Jackson retired................................................................ Hopefully, with superstars Dwight Howard and Steve Nash in the mix and his renewed confidence after a standout Olympics performance, the 2009-2010 Pau will return and bring the Lakers another championship. Still think Josh Smith is a better fit for the Lakers?

Anyone else ready for October?


Anyone else ready for October?

The Official Dubsism Breakdown of the Dwight Howard Trade


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, you know that Dwight Howard is a now a Los Angeles Laker thanks to a monstrous, four team deal involving both players and draft picks. This was such a complex deal which obviously took so much time to construct that we here at Dubsism took some time to deconstruct it so you can try to make some sense of this tectonic shift in the basketball world.

A Review of Dwightmare


Great read if you want to get excited about this Lakers' season even further than what you thought humanly possible.

Dwight Howard Arriving At Lakers Facility (Video)


Original video and accompanying article chronicling Dwight Howard’s arrival at the Lakers practice facility, shortly before the beginning of his introductory press conference. The newest Laker big man drove into the Toyota Sports Center behind the wheel of a brand new white Bentley.

An Open Letter to Matt Barnes About Threatening Cops


A little piece I did at work ... Summary: Barnes got arrested in Manhattan Beach for an outstanding warrant on a $23,000 traffic ticket. He allegedly threatened the cops when they arrested him, so he got bonus points for that. I outlined the potential punishment in a (hopefully) humorous take on the situation. Also, is anyone else hoping that we flip Ebanks in the D12 trade and resign Barnes? I've got an unreasonable basketball-crush on him.