3 Words to Describe Kobe in 2013


There are few words that can describe a player with as many accolades as Kobe. You could use words like scorer, leader, or veteran just to name a few. But what words can we use to describe what 2013 might be like for Kobe.

Opposing Player to Watch Tonight: DeAndre Jordan


Since some of the stars are sitting out tonight, I thought you guys might find this of interest. It's something I wrote about the development of DeAndre (and project big men in general) I also used Bynum in my calculation for comps.

Survey about the NBA Lockout


I am conducting a survey about opinions on the NBA lockout as part of my Senior Thesis Project at Occidental College. I was hoping someone at CelticsBlog could take the survey, or post the link somewhere, such as on twitter or on the blog itself to help me get more responses. People who take the survey will be entered in a drawing to win a $50 gift card.

Kobe Bryant & His Brand New Ferrari (Video)


Original video of Kobe Bryant driving his brand new Ferrari away from the Lakers facility, after the first full day of training camp.

Pau Gasol Signing Autographs At Lakers Training Camp (Video)


Original video of Laker good guy Pau Gasol signing autographs for fans, after the first full day of training camp.

Steve Nash...that is all


Steve Nash...that is all

Lakers Could Spend Nearly $200M On Payroll, Tax In 13-14


The Los Angeles Lakers could spent nearly $200 million on player payroll and associated luxury taxes during the 13-14 season. The Lakers already have $79.6 million committed to eight players for the 13-14 season. Assuming they re-sign Howard next summer to a maximum contract that calls for him to make $20.5 million in the first year, they will then exceed a payroll of over $100 million.

LA Lakers talk


starts at 13:00 i'm trying to get some radio experience