per sources there is a deal with Alex Caruso....


per "sources" there is a deal with Alex Caruso....

The Pre-Lottery Mock Lottery


Can Lonzo Ball fall to #3? Is he worth the headache that is his dad? Can he fit with Russell and Ingram?



I was wondering if anyone seen Sportsnation give Marcellus an intervention for being a Clippers fan lol.

Brandon Ingram Highlights Mixtape


Check out this mixtape of Ingram's pre-NBA highlights.

The #GreatDebate: Kobe vs. Duncan on Fanvana


Tune in to Fanvana at 12 PM PDT today (7/15) as Spurs & Lakers experts discuss Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan's careers.

Early June Laker Smoke


My vlog where I ramble about: Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside, and other laker rumors/ramblings.

Simmons or Ingram


A video I made talking about the possibility of drafting Simmons or Ingram.

What it’s going to cost for the Lakers to acquire Paul George


With the rumors flying that the Pacers are interested in a total franchise tear down, the vultures are beginning to circle the roster with offers for Indy’s top talent. Frank Vogel has no certainty about his future with the team, and the Pacers greatest asset, Paul George, could bring back a king’s ransom. The Lakers have been looking to land their next great star for the last 4 offseasons, their only successful transaction being the acquisition of Dwight Howard, but that scenario fell flat on its’ face when Howard opted for Houston. However, the Lakers have kept their nose to the grind and drafted high upside, young assets that have shown promise, and the rest of the league has taken notice. But what would it take to get Paul George to Los Angeles? Lets take a look at some potential trades:

Kobe Bryant: Villain or Hero?


Villain or hero? A seemingly simple question, but the more you dive into it, the harder it gets. However, I bet that most of you, especially those not from Los Angeles, would answer villain. If you were ever in the way of this competitor from accomplishing his mission, odds are your dreams were shattered. I can’t imagine having my soul crushed time and time again by this one man, so I’ll give you a second to swallow the pain…….better now? If not, maybe the fact that you’re not alone will lift your spirits.