DeMarcus Cousins unwittingly angers the champs


Article chronicling the very questionable and unwitting Twitter message posted by Kings draft pick DeMarcus Cousins towards Lakers two-time champion center Andrew Bynum. Hope everyone is OK after the quake.

Everything You Need to Know About the Lakers' Summer-League Roster

Courtesy of the madmen over at Ridiculous Upside. Go forth and learn.

A Very Candid Stan Van Gundy on the Free Agency Spectacle


(Orlando Sentinel, via J.A. Adande's Twitter feed) Some highlights: 1. He thinks the whole spectacle is ridiculous and said the big three did a nice job putting on a charade. 2. He likened Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade together to Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol and also said he wasn’t surprised Bosh went to Miami because he’d been following Wade around "for two weeks like a lapdog." 3. He seemed to have great admiration for the way Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant handled their recent contract extensions. "You don’t hear Kobe Bryant and certainly not Kevin Durant talking about their brand … they’re simply basketball players who want to be great players and win games." 4. He hopes Pat Riley doesn’t return to coach the Heat (thus unseating Erik Spoelstra). (Click on headline to read more)

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade choose Miami


As reported by ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade have agreed to play in Miami. Details of the arrangement are extremely limited, and it is not yet known whether Bosh will come to Miami outright or through a sign-and-trade, which would free up more cap room for the Heat; but it seems extremely likely both will be getting the maximum contract allowable. Regardless, Riley is a smart GM, and will likely fill out the rest of the roster well. The Miami Heat may well end up your 2011 Eastern Conference Champions - though anything may happen. There is a possiblity, particularly if Bosh comes on a sign-and-trade, that LeBron shall join the duo, but for reasons already well-covered both here and elsewhere, that seems unlikely. Of course, nothing is official until July 8th, but Broussard and ESPN seem fairly certain of their sources, certain enough to place the story on the front page of Now, with Amare's max deal with New York, Joe Johnson's max deal with Atlanta, and Pierce and Dirk re-signing with their respective teams, LeBron James is the only major Free Agent yet to decide upon a destination, therefore granting him the attention he always craved. He's scheduled to announce his decision on an ESPN special on Thursday night, once again according to Broussard.




What 4th of July is all about


Lots of news in the net these days. But sometimes, you see one that really touches you. It did to me, with its sad irony, and the nobility of the act.

not sure if you guys saw this already...


not sure if you guys saw this already...