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Rumor Roundup: A Russell Westbrook trade does not seem likely to happen

Self-imposed constraints and a diminishing pool of suitors have sapped the Russell Westbrook trade market.

Jeanie Buss isn’t sure why people care so much about what Kurt and Linda Rambis do

Jeanie Buss is a lot more fond of the Lakers’ four-pronged brain trust than her team’s fans are.

NBA executives think the Lakers have decided to run it back

The expectation around the league is that the Lakers don’t like any potential Russell Westbrook trades and will be keeping their point guard to start the season.

What happens if the Lakers actually keep Russell Westbrook?

As training camp approaches and Russell Westbrook remains on the roster, the Lakers have to make decisions about how to utilize their embattled point guard.

Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook have talked to each other since the trade, and Darvin Ham reportedly wants to play them together

The Lakers are going to great lengths to maintain the party line that Russell Westbrook will be on the roster to start the season.

The Lakers are still looking at Cam Reddish, Myles Turner and Buddy Hield as they search for Russell Westbrook trades

The Lakers are reportedly still unwilling to part with two first-round picks, even if the stated goal is for the franchise to be a contender this year.

Jeanie Buss says it’s a ‘priority’ that LeBron James retires as a Laker

That could come into conflict with LeBron’s stated desire to play with his sons in the NBA.

Who are the greatest Lakers role players in team history?

It’s time to celebrate Lakers lore through the "others."

Were the Lakers better than any of the play-in teams?

Watching a postseason without the Lakers has made the "I Love Basketball" crew unexpectedly sentimental.

Sparks to re-sign Te’a Cooper, reportedly lose Nia Coffey

The Sparks lose yet an other unrestricted free agent.