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Matt Ryan keeps finding his way on to the court for the Lakers

The Lakers’ 15th man is making fun things happen, at least on offense.

The Lakers finally did right by George Mikan and the Minneapolis era

Hall of Famer George Mikan’s jersey is finally, deservedly, in the rafters alongside the other Lakers greats.

Danny Green is also confused by the Lakers roster construction

2020 champion Danny Green doesn’t think the Lakers have surrounded LeBron and AD with good fits over the past two years.

LeBron and Russ believe Anthony Davis needs to get his mind right with his injury issues

It can’t be great for Anthony Davis’ mindset that his goal of playing 82 games was foiled two weeks into the season.

Non-competitive turnovers killed the Lakers against the Nuggets

The Lakers have enough trouble on offense with their shooting. They can’t compound that with bad turnovers.

Anthony Davis thinks it’s better to go through adversity early than late

Every team goes through tough times during an 82-game season, so the Lakers have to hope this state won’t last forever.

The Lakers’ transition defense continues to be a weak link

For the most part, the Lakers have had an outstanding defensive start to the season, but one glaring flaw sticks out.

Have the Lakers shown enough to invest more in this season?

A Russell Westbrook trade is the only potential out the Lakers have from their current malaise.

Austin Reaves will reportedly get the start in Russell Westbrook’s absence

The Lakers are banking on Austin Reaves to help spark their first win of the regular season.

The Lakers reportedly haven’t stopped pitching multi-team trades around the league

Despite wanting to wait 20 games before making any big moves, the Lakers are still reportedly putting trade feelers out.