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Darius Soriano has covered the Lakers since 2008 as a writer, podcaster, and analyst. He has run the Lakers blog Forum Blue & Gold since 2010, and his writing has been featured on NBC’s Pro Basketball Talk, Bleacher Report, and ESPN. He is currently a contributor for and is co-host of the Laker Film Room Podcast.

Yes and No: Five things to like (and not) about the Lakers at the All-Star break

From Rui Hachimura’s integration to the starting lineup and the Lakers improving offense to the team’s challenges defensively and a recent return of some smaller lineups, there’s a lot to discuss as the Lakers enter the All-Star break.

The audacity of D’Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell has found his game for the Lakers and seems intent on not losing it anytime soon.

Austin Reaves is back in the right-sized role

From success as a star role player to some struggles as a primary option, Austin Reaves is learning that to be at his best and to most help the team he cannot be just one thing.

Why a potential Lakers trade is about more than a headlining name

Making trades to improve the Lakers is not as simple as acquiring someone who can do things currently missing on the roster, but is also about striking the right balance of what skills you’re dealing away, too.

The Lakers defense looks like it is making the leap

The Laker's defense has been steadily improving over the last several weeks and, after a slew of great defensive performances led them on a run to the IST title, they are showing a potential to be truly special on that side of the ball.

Five observations through the Lakers first 20 games

From LeBron James finding his range to Cam Reddish earning a role and so many things in between, here are five things that have stood out from the Lakers first 20 games

Why D’Angelo Russell is the point guard the Lakers need right now

D’Angelo Russell may not ever get the same credit as some of his more beloved teammates, but his passing and playmaking have been critical for the Lakers to start the season.

How changes for Lakers in Suns win can be stepping stone toward lasting success

Injuries have impacted the Lakers season but not making adjustments could have been an even bigger problem. In their win in Phoenix, they began to rectify that.

5 observations from the Lakers first five games

From the strong play of the Anthony Davis and Christian Wood duo to the team’s growing pains in their new 5-out offense, let’s look at five observations from the Lakers first five games this season.

Can LeBron James continue to defy odds in his unprecedented 21st season?

LeBron James’ ability to continue to defy odds while also evolving his game will be a key driver of the Lakers title chances.