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Darvin Ham says Lakers can’t get ‘discouraged,’ must ‘block out all the noise’

As things continue turning in the wrong direction, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham has implored his team to remain locked in and focused.

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Both before and after Friday’s loss to the Grizzlies, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham had an adventurous time sitting in front of the microphone. During pregame availability, he compared the anonymous sources that contributed to the report of a “deepening disconnect” between the locker room and coach to people in the Witness Protection Program.

Postgame, his reaction to another loss wasn’t all that much better. When he wasn’t telling fans to quit “living and dying” with each game, he was talking about this season being a marathon yet again as the losses mount.

Perhaps lost amidst all that, though, was a seemingly rare rational point from Ham. Asked what the team’s reaction to the losing streak and his postgame message was, Ham spoke about the team needing to lock in and focus moving forward.

“They’re just ready to be done with this slide,” Ham said. “Obviously, no one wants to lose. It’s disappointing to lose. But we can’t make the mistake of getting discouraged. Everybody’s going to nitpick at me, the staff, the players, the organization, whatever, whatever. We got to block out all the noise. Like block out all the noise, don’t pay attention to it. Focus on how we can be better. Whatever the mistakes are, whatever went wrong, look at it, analyze it and try to correct it. That’s it.

“You have to be solution-based and you definitely have to be numb to whatever is going on outside. (If) they’re not Lakers, then don’t pay attention to it. Just lock in on us and try to see how we can be the best version of ourselves through our work, our daily work.”

There is some value to what he said and part of it is a very similar message that Anthony Davis had postgame. When speaking about the need to improve individually, AD said the team needs to tune out outside noises with his suggestion being focused on not going to social media. It’s not all that dissimilar from the message Ham had.

The other part that stuck out from Ham’s quote is the need to be solution-based. It’s one thing to talk about the problems the team is having and diagnose them, but you have to work out solutions to them as well.

Ham hasn’t made his seat any cooler with recent results or recent press conferences. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some wisdom and takeaways to be found in his words. The Lakers’ issues aren’t going to be fixed with finger-pointing and complaining and only the Lakers themselves are going to be able to pull themselves out of this.

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