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LeBron James had a brutally honest assessment of the Lakers

No lies detected on LeBron James’ comments that this team can play well or awful on any given night.

Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Men lie, women lie, numbers don't.

49 games in, we have enough data to say the Lakers are mediocre at best. They are currently 24-25 and the ninth seed in the Western Conference.

What makes this season fascinating for the Lakers is this roster was considered generally good. Anthony Davis has played in all but three games and LeBron James, at 39 years old, is still an elite player and an All-Star starter.

So why do they have more losses than wins?

James discussed where the team currently stands after a disappointing loss on the road against the Hawks.

"We could, on any given night, beat any team in NBA and then, on any given night, we could get our a– kicked by any team in the NBA," James said postgame. "What's our record? Under .500? 24-25? That's what we are."

James hit the nail on the head with this assessment. For every impressive win the Lakers have over talented teams like the Golden State Warriors or the Los Angeles Clippers, they have an equally pathetic defeat like a blowout versus the Houston Rockets or losing to a San Antonio Spurs team that's only won 10 games this season.

The Lakers have been dangling hope over fans' heads with their quality wins and dynamic duo but can never gain enough momentum to get out of the .500 mark for good.

With just a few days left until the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 8, something has to change if the Lakers want to contend this season. That means either improvement from within, which means head coach Darvin Ham has to reconsider his starters and rotations, or making a trade for an upgrade at guard.

You can't waste what could be James' final season as a Laker by just continuing as is when there are some signs of greatness within this team. The Lakers organization has a lot to consider and no path is the definitively right one, so we'll have to see what changes are coming and if they are enough to turn this pretender into a contender.

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