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Christian Wood possibly subtweeted Darvin Ham, blamed it on being bad tweeter

As if the Lakers didn’t have enough issues, Christian Wood may now be subtweeting at head coach Darvin Ham.

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Tyler Ross/NBAE via Getty Images

You know what the Lakers really needed in the midst of back-to-back losses? An off-court controversy!

Fortunately, Christian Wood stepped up to the plate.

Heading into Tuesday’s game, the Lakers were without Anthony Davis due to injury. In lieu of elevating backup center Christian Wood to the starting lineup, head coach Darvin Ham opted to leave him in his current role and move Jaxson Hayes into the starting lineup.

Ten minutes after the starting lineups were announced, Wood tweeted “Lol.”

Read into that as you wish. I fall on the side of it being a non-story and not actually a subtweet. However, social media did what it typically does and spun this up into something that eventually was addressed postgame. Wood was asked about it after the team’s loss and called it both accidental and not basketball related.

“I meant to quote something but I didn’t have the quote I thought I did,” Wood said, “and I just pressed send and I couldn’t check my phone before because we had to go out. It was an accident. I looked at it just now. It came off a certain type of way. I didn’t mean it that way.”

A quick glance at Wood’s timeline on Twitter would show he doesn’t tweet much in general. And friend of the site Honi Ahmadian went back to mid-2022 on Wood’s Twitter and didn’t find a single quote tweet.

Do with that information what you will.

There was another Wood quote that gained some traction as well that, if you wanted to further read into things, would add some fuel to the fire. He was asked if he felt like he needed to do more on a night like Tuesday when the team didn’t have AD and perhaps gave too much away.

“I would love to do more but I’ve been playing around 14, 15 minutes a night, about 20, 22 minutes tonight,” Wood said. “If I had the opportunity to, I would definitely try to.”

Ham himself was also asked about it postgame and said he did not know about the tweet and more or less left it at that.

“Well, nah. I’m not on social media and I don’t have everybody running and grabbing hold of stuff like that and throwing it at me unless it’s presented to me in this form,” Ham said. “That said, it’s a lot of things he and all of us can do better. I thought he was solid overall tonight. Tried to help give us a chance and we decided to keep him in his role and where he’s been for some time.

“We’re constantly looking for balance with our lineup. It’s not a popularity contest. We’re looking at how to mix and match our players that’ll be most effective in helping us get a win.”

Look, I think you could pretty much see this however you choose. If you think he was tweeting about Ham, then there’s plenty of evidence that he was doing so. If you think he wasn’t, then you’re going to view this differently.

But the most I’ve ever been able to relate to an NBA player over the last week is Wood admitting to being a bad tweeter. Because same, man. Same.

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