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Reacts: Lakers fans want to trade for Dejounte Murray

Even with D’Angelo Russell playing his best ball in purple and gold, Lakers fans are still clamoring for a Dejounte Murray trade.

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The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves in a similar position as last season, trying to rack up wins and looking at making a move before the trade deadline.

While players like Collin Sexton and Tyus Jones have been linked to the Lakers, Dejounte Murray is the most popular and talented guard the Lakers are interested in.

With draft picks and Lakers players not too appealing to Atlanta and D’Angelo Russell playing at a top level, the Lakers might not be encouraged to make a trade.

What do fans think, though? According to our latest SB Nation Reacts poll, they’d rather trade for Dejounte Murray than keep the roster as is.

With the NBA trade deadline looming it has teams wondering where they stand. Is it time to push for a title run, stand pat, or blow it up and rebuild? NBA fans voted for the Lakers to begin a rebuild above teams like the Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz despite currently being in a play-in spot.

The Lakers getting more votes than the Brooklyn Nets or Utah Jazz is perplexing given that the purple and gold are higher in the standings than both teams and have an All-Star starter in LeBron James and a Defensive Player of the Year frontrunner in Anthony Davis, healthy and playing at an elite level.

Does this show that outside of the Lakers fandom, there’s a lot more skepticism on a path forward for the Lakers to be competitive this season? Well, as our own Darius Soriano would say, yes and no.

Sure, some NBA fans are hating on this mom-and-pop organization and voting for a rebuild, but on the other side of that coin, NBA fans seem to think the Lakers are the one playoff contender that has to make a move before the deadline.

A trade is never easy, but the Lakers have some draft picks and a few key players to package in a deal, so we’ll see if Rob Pelinka can pull another rabbit out of his hat and make the Lakers better heading into the All-Star break.

If a trade is possible, 37% of Lakers fans think Austin Reaves shouldn’t be untouchable.

Based on reports, the Lakers have consistently said Reaves is close to untouchable, but maybe the Lakers could be convinced to give up their homegrown talent for the right player.

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