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Darvin Ham says ‘it’s over for the excuses’ after Nets loss

After an abysmal second half, which resulted in a loss versus the Nets, Darvin Ham made it clear he’s just as frustrated as the fanbase with these performances.

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Up by half a dozen against the Nets, the Lakers were in a good position to earn their third straight win on Friday and tie with the Utah Jazz for ninth in the West.

Then, in the second half, the Lakers imploded. Brooklyn went on a surge, outscoring the Lakers 38-22 to take the lead and never looked back. They hit three after three, with Cam Thomas putting on a show, scoring 33 off the bench.

A game that could’ve been another example of the Lakers trending in the right direction revealed the opposite. At game No. 43, they are a mediocre team and for every impressive win, they’ll provide an equally disappointing loss.

After the game, Darvin Ham was a bit more blunt about what this team has to do to be the best version of itself.

“We watch a ton of film,” Ham said postgame. “We’ll definitely do that, watch this game and make it more about our principles and, again, the type of team we want to be. It’s over for the excuses, man. We have to play basketball.”

You’re not hearing Ham say, “It’s one of 82” anymore. Gone are his “it’s a marathon” phrases. He understands that this season is closer to the end than the beginning and context for losses in January are just excuses no one wants to hear.

This late into the season, a home defeat against a team as poor as the Brooklyn Nets is indefensible. The squad is relatively healthy and your two best players suited up and were ready to play.

The defense seemed to be the biggest culprit on Friday but has been a sore spot all season.

The Lakers allow the third-most 3-point attempts and allow teams to shoot 37.7% from downtown and that’s exactly what got the Nets back into this game. Brooklyn had 47 3-point attempts and converted on 40.4 % of them.

Trades could help this team, but they will need to improve internally, or else they will continue to mount losses externally in the standings.

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