Pre Pre-Season Season Predictions

Always a lay-up on a fan site: how do you think the season will play out? Get your predictions on record now so you can brag about them later!

Post answers as replies

1. Games Won

a) 55+
b) 51-55
c) 46-50
d) 41-45
e) how 'bout them Dodgers?

2. Playoff Seed:

a) 1-3
b) 4-6
c) 7-10
d) zoinks!

3. Bottom Line

a) Make it to the Finals
b) Make it to the Conference Championship
c) Make it to the Playoffs
d) Make it to the Play-in
e) 1-2-3 CANCUN!!!

4. Individual Regular Season Award:

a) Lebron James
b) Anthony Davis
c) Austin Reaves
d) Someone Else
e) Seriously???

5. MVR - Most Valuable Rookie (ie: total minutes played)

a) Jalen Hood-Schifino
b) Maxwell Lewis
c) D'Moi Hodge
d) Colin Castleton
e) Trick Question: there are no valuable rookies

Got any others? Post them below...