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‘Winning Time’ creator Jim Hecht on future of show: ‘I don’t think that it’s completely over’

While the immediate future of “Winning Time” is gloomy, creator of the show Jim Hecht believes there still could be a future it.

Winning Time Premiere - Red Carpet Photo by John Salangsang/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images

The ending of “Winning Time” after two seasons was an abrupt one, and not just for fans of the show on HBO. After setting up a longer story that would have existed well past the second season, the plug was pulled on the show and Lakers fans were left with a photo montage of all the success that would be in store for them.

At least for now.

In their first interview since the show was not renewed for a third season, co-creators Jim Hecht and Max Borenstein spoke with The Messenger about the show, season two and it’s future. Notably, the pair revealed they were informed during filming of the season of the possibility the season would end prematurely, leading to them filming the alternate ending.

However, it wasn’t until the week before the finale that they were officially told the series would not be renewed. And while that spells the end of the show at HBO, Hecht still has big plans for the show moving forward and isn’t writing off the future of the show entirely.

“We obviously wanted to go to 1991 but there’s more story to be told even after that. You have one series about ‘Showtime’ and then things pick up five years later in 1996 when Jerry West signs Shaquille O’Neal and trades for Kobe Bryant. It could even go all the way to today with Jeanie as the owner and winning a title with LeBron James. I don’t think that it’s completely over.”

Unfortunately, the timing of the writer’s and actor’s strikes led to the show not receiving much advertising or promotion heading into the second season, though that’s not to blame either the writers or actors for the cancelation.

The reaction after Sunday’s news has been a strong one, which could encourage another service or company to pick up the show. Easily the most hilarious result is Showtime picking up the show on Showtime. Any service, though, that gives it the runway the show was setting up for in the future could have some special in their hands.

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