Breaking Down Lakers' Training Camp Roster

After registering one of the most miraculous performances last season, the LA Lakers have officially opened their training camp with the 21 maximum players required. As usual, there are different moving parts in the team's roster, especially considering the numerous signings they have completed in the last few weeks.

The Lakers have brought in Christian Wood on a two-year deal, after spending last season with the Mavericks where he registered 16.6 points. They have also signed Damion Baugh, Vincent Valerio-Bodon, Scotty Pippen Jr., and Bryce Hamilton on Exhibit 10 deals. These four players are also invited to the Lakers’ training camp, although they don’t have an official spot in their roster.

The four players together with their three two-way players (D’Moi Hodge, Alex Fudge, and Colin Castleton) and their 14 actively rostered players will be attending the training camp in LA, making up 21 players. With the team featuring 14 rostered players, the two-way rule will allow for a total of 90 matches in between the three slots. The other games will be featured in the South Bay Lakers G-League.

Following their performance last season, the Lakers need to look at themselves as the championship contenders and their fans are hopeful that their squad will carry them through. That makes it a great time for NBA fans to closely monitor the team’s roster as they get ready to wager on their games in the 2023/2024 season. Fortunately, The Sports Geek will help you find reliable NBA betting sites with solid odds.

Here's a breakdown of the LA Lakers training camp roster as they prepare for a potentially championship-contending season.

LA Lakers 21-man training camp roster

Two-Way Players

The Lakers' 21-man training camp roster features three two-way players; Alex Fudge, Colin Castleton, and D’Moi Hodge. According to Gatorswire, Colin Castleton stood out during the NBA Summer League and registered at least six assists in over 50% of his games. D’Moi and Fudge were also quite impressive in the summer league, but it’s not yet known whether any of the three will get standard contracts like Reaves during his rookie season.

Exhibit 10 players

The Lakers’ squad features the quartet of Bryce Hamilton, Damien Baugh, Scotty Pippen Jr., and Vincent Valerio-Bodon as exhibit 10 players. This quartet is likely to finish their training camp in South Bay, but they’re still an interesting lot to watch playing alongside the Lakers' 14-man active squad.

14-man active roster

Instead of the usual 15 players, the Lakers roster features 14 active players. These players have booked their spots in the official roster and they’ll start next season, unless an Exhibit 10 or a two-way player impresses the team enough to join the team as the 15th player. Otherwise, the Lakers will feature an open roster going into the 2023/2024 season, with the 14 players including:

  1. Austin Reaves

  2. Anthony Davis

  3. Christian Wood

  4. Cam Reddish

  5. D’Angelo Russel

  6. Jalen Hood Schifino

  7. Gabe Vincent

  8. Jaxson Hayes

  9. Jarred Vanderbilt

  10. Max Christie

  11. LeBron James

  12. Maxwell Lewis

  13. Taurean Prince

  14. Rui Hachimura