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Austin Reaves says Christian Wood signing brings ‘more versatility’ to Lakers

The Lakers’ signing of Christian Wood has Austin Reaves excited about the possibilities and options for the team next season.

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers likely finished their summer signings by agreeing to a deal with Christian Wood over the last week. While it wasn’t an unexpected move as it had been rumored for weeks and weeks, it finally crossing the finish line felt like something that was never going to happen.

Wood presents lots of interesting possibilities for the Lakers as a true stretch big man, something they’ve not had consistently or reliably alongside Anthony Davis. Prior to his game against Canada with Team USA, Reaves spoke with our own Nicole Ganglani about his reaction to the Lakers landing Wood.

Outside of perhaps Marc Gasol’s tumultuous season and a season-and-a-half of Markieff Morris, the Lakers haven’t really had a big man who can stretch the floor. Wood, at the very least, can provide that for the Lakers.

For guards like Reaves, it’ll open up the paint even more and allow space to drive to the rim. It also leads to pick-and-pop opportunities that can offer a different look for the Lakers, too.

It’s a new look the Lakers can throw at teams that they haven’t had in years prior and another weapon and wrinkle the team can throw at opponents this season. It gives them versatility to adapt to teams or counter certain lineups.

All that is under the assumption that this works, which is a risk. Wood was available for the minimum in September for a reason but in the ideal situation, this could be a big win for the Lakers.

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