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Jeanie Buss credits ‘Winning Time’ for attention to detail with Dr. Jerry Buss

For all the complaints the show has received, Jeanie Buss credited “Winning Time” for it’s attention to detail when it came to her late father, Dr. Jerry Buss.

NBA Finals Game 6 - Los Angeles Lakers v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Rich Pilling/NBAE via Getty Images

Even pre-dating it’s premiere, “Winning Time” has been the subject of criticism from basically anyone directly or indirectly related to its subject material. Some have watched the show and complained, others haven’t watched the show and complained, but the complaints existed nearly unanimously all the same.

There has, however, been one vocal supporter of the show whose voice carries some weight in Lakers owner Jeanie Buss. Not only is she portrayed in the show but, obviously, her entire family is a central part of the series.

In particular, Jeanie has been very complimentary of John C. Reilly’s portrayal of her late father, even suggesting he deserved an Emmy for his work.

Recently in a radio interview, Jeanie once again spoke of “Winning Time” and had more good things to say, this time about their attention to detail when it came to the outfits worn by Reilly.

It’s refreshing to see someone like Jeanie, who is pretty directly associated with the plot of the show, having good things to say about it. She notes there are some inaccuracies and you would expect that, but she also notes there are things the show is doing well and are accurate.

It has felt too often that those portrayed in the show have been exclusively focused on what they feel the show has gotten wrong and nothing else. Particularly in the second season, the show has opted not to stray too far into the drama and stayed true to its roots.

This show has been fascinating and a great look at how wild the era of the Showtime Lakers was. The loud complaints of some have attempted to drown that out at times but, hopefully, more can follow Jeanie’s lead and credit the show for what it’s done right.

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