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Lakers reportedly sign Maxwell Lewis to four-year deal

Having learned their lessons of previous years, the Lakers reportedly took advantage of a new rule in the CBA to sign second-round draft pick Maxwell Lewis to a four-year contract.

2023 NBA Summer League - Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Lakers have plenty of experience with unearthing useful prospects in the second round or as undrafted players. As a result, they also have plenty of experience with the Gilbert Arenas Rule and the complications that come with retaining those hidden gems.

The new CBA looked to help solve some of those issues for teams with a Second Round Pick Exception. The rule allows teams to sign second-rounders to as long as four-year deals, which the Lakers themselves did this very season.

After spending quite a hefty fee for the pick used to draft him, the Lakers signed Maxwell Lewis to a four-year deal, according to Khobi Price of the OC Register.

In previous years, the Lakers were forced into tough decisions and circumstances after the second year for guys like Jordan Clarkson and Talen Horton-Tucker. Now, those decisions won’t have to come until much, much later for the Lakers.

Lewis has shown some flashes during Summer League this season. It’s not uncommon for rookies to struggle in their first games in Summer League, though. Even amidst his struggles, he’s had his flashes, including going 5-9 from the field for 12 points in Sunday’s win over the Hornets.

This contract takes a bit of pressure off Lewis to contribute right away, too, and may allow him to develop a bit more behind the scenes, whether in the G League or with the Stay Ready groups on the NBA roster.

Either way, it feels like a win for the Lakers and Lewis — with the latter getting a long-term contract if things work out, and the former being able to secure another potential steal of a draft pick for twice as long as before.

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