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LeBron James had a hilarious reaction to Austin Reaves old Facebook post

After an old Facebook post of his was unearthed, Austin Reaves got a hilarious reaction from LeBron James during his rookie season.

2023 NBA Playoffs - Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

Nearly everyone has been guilty at some point or another of finding a cringy old social media post. It’s the pitfall of growing up in the era of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In our younger years, we tended to overshare or make a joke or post that came back to bite us years later.

Austin Reaves is no different than you or I in that regard. Except his regrettable social media post was about arguably the greatest basketball player of all-time...and his future teammate.

During his rookie season, an old Facebook post of Reaves’ resurfaced, catching his attention in the progress. Growing up a Kobe Bryant fan, the joke was a fairly predictable one about the Kobe-LeBron rivalry in the early 2010s.

The problem was, when the post resurfaced, Reaves was a teammate of LeBron’s. And instead of hoping it flew under the radar, Reaves showed LeBron right away. On his recent appearance on All The Smoke, Reaves shared how the interaction went down.

“When I first seen it, we were in New Orleans. It was right after the game. I don’t think he or I played and I got on my phone after the game, after coach got done talking and it was the first thing I seen and I was like ‘F---.’ Bron was over there in his locker and I was like ‘Bron, come here man.’ He comes over and I was like ‘I was a Kobe fan. I was s----- on you in 2012. But have you seen this’ And he was like ‘No’ and just started laughing.”

Kudos to LeBron, in all honesty. This probably isn’t the first time a teammate has had a similar situation and, for as long as he keeps playing, it probably won’t be the last.

It does, however, provide maybe some more insight into why LeBron threw a little dig and had a good laugh at Reaves at the end of this season. After Patrick Beverley’s infamous “too small” gesture to LeBron, Reaves got Pat Bev back a handful of days later.

After the game, LeBron thanked him...while also reminding everyone he’s a Kobe guy.

LeBron and Reaves have forged an unlikely bond that’s led to success on the court together over the last two years. Fortunately, Reaves’ love of Kobe wasn’t too deep, as he certainly has become a LeBron fan as well. And all of that is great news for the Lakers and their fans moving forward, because they’re paramount in the team’s success moving forward.

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