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LeBron James advises teammates to ‘stay off social media’ during playoffs

With the constantly-changing narratives of the postseason, LeBron James has encouraged his Lakers teammates to go Zero Dark 23 mode and stay off social media.

2023 NBA Playoffs - Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

LeBron James is familiar with a postseason run or two. He’s also familiar with going Zero Dark 23 mode.

While LeBron is not one to shy away from using his voice on social media for all sorts of reasons, when the playoffs come around, LeBron typically goes quiet. Because of the bubble and the general lack of postseason runs from the Lakers since LeBron has come to the franchise, there hasn’t really been a Zero Dark 23 mode to activate, at least until recently.

LeBron has largely gone quiet this postseason, tweeting just once since the start of the playoffs, and that was to roast the hell out of Dillon Brooks. When the games matter most, LeBron cuts out the distractions and focuses on the game.

And that was his advice to his teammates following the team’s Game 3 victory over Golden State. Asked about what he would suggest to his younger teammates going through some of their firsts playoff runs, he advised them to stay off social media.

“I think just for the young guys that haven’t been a part of the postseason or hasn’t had much experience in the postseason, just stay off the TV and stay off of social media,” James said. “You win a game, everybody is the greatest player in the world. You lose a game, they’re throwing dirt on you. It’s literally that simple.

“It’s all about training your mind for the next challenge. What’s the next challenge? This game is over with. We played well. Okay, cool. But we’ve got another one on Monday. If you’ve got a show to watch or if it’s one of your favorite movies or you like listening to music or if you’re reading books or whatever the case may be, playing cards with the family, stay off of social media. And when you watch the other playoff games, watch it on mute. Play some music in the background. That’s what I do.”

At least one teammate has definitely taken his advice as Anthony Davis noted that he’s been off social media for months. Largely speaking, his teammates have more or less followed sorts with very few players actively tweeting throughout the postseason.

It’s not quite been Zero Dark 23 mode, but it’s been enough so far. With each playoff series — and specifically one against the Warriors — requiring full attention and focus, staying away from distractions and zoomed in on the games is imperative, which is what LeBron is advising.

It’s also a complete counter to how most people LeBron’s age treat social media as most of them get on Facebook and argu — actually never mind. Few people would have more experience in these situations and competing at this level than LeBron, so the Lakers would be wise to continue following his lead.

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