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Even the Lakers wanted to prove the Tik Tok corgi wrong

The Lakers not only eliminated the Warriors with Friday’s Game 6 win, they defeated the viral social media corgi as well.

The deck was stacked against the Lakers on Friday. While they did have home court advantage in a venue they have not lost in this postseason and were just one win away from eliminating the defending champion Warriors, they were matched up against their fiercest foe.

A corgi.

On Tik Tok, the account “aircorg” has been posting prediction videos that feature a corgi knocking balls down some stairs and into baskets, all a very scientific method. Each series saw the two baskets labeled for the competing teams and the corgi knocked balls into them until one team reached four wins.

Realistically, it was a fun dog video because people love dog videos. Except when it came to this series, the corgi was oddly accurate. Through Game 5, the corgi had predicted every outcome of each individual game so far in the series.

However, the end result was not a particularly good one for the Lakers.

With each win, the corgi grew in popularity to the point that it was very much discussed ahead of Game 6 not just externally, but internally with the Lakers. As our own Cooper Halpern reported in some of the finest beat reporting of the season, even the Lakers knew about the corgi and were motivated to prove it wrong.

We put together an article at the start of the series citing experts, media and even people within the NBA all giving their thoughts on the series. But I did not account for the Lakers' biggest opp being a tiny dog.

How much were the Lakers thinking about the corgi before the game, though? Did they make the move to insert Dennis Schröder into the starting lineup in hopes of foiling the corgi’s plans?

Fortunately, the Lakers were able to prove that dogs do not have psychic powers and can predict or influence the future as they won going away in Game 6. That being said, we will absolutely be checking in on this account ahead of the Lakers-Nuggets series to see what the prediction will be.

But you can add a small, probably otherwise innocent, corgi to the list of those left in the wake by the Lakers this season alongside Dillon Brooks and Draymond Green.

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