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Damian Lillard rejects joining Lakers in rap song

In the most Damian Lillard way possible, the Trail Blazer guard shot down the notion of him playing for the Lakers through a rap song.

The Late Late Show with James Corden

For as long as LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been Lakers — and even predating the latter — the Lakers have pursued Damian Lillard in some form or fashion. They’ve been linked to him, LeBron and AD have had meetings with him during the summer and he’s been on their radar for years.

But, and this is going to stun you to hear, Dame is pretty loyal. And he has resisted every one of those advances by the Lakers, as well as other teams. With the rumors still persisting heading into yet another offseason in which the Lakers could have cap room and the Blazers look primed for a rebuild, it seems as though Dame has made his stance clear.

Look, I understand the loyalty aspect. In the modern era, it’s very rare for a player not to leave a franchise to chase a ring.

But, Dame also likes to make it well-known how loyal he is. Which is kind of like telling people how humble you are. It defeats the purpose a bit.

Comparing your career to Reggie Miller isn’t all that great, either. Hell, Reggie at least made an NBA Finals, further than Dame has gotten. I mean, Reggie is a Hall of Famer and a local legend in Indiana and Dame will be a Hall of Famer and is a local legend in Portland.

The whole thing is just kind of too much. Congrats on being loyal, Dame, and toiling away for a franchise that can’t put a competent team around him. Loyalty means something to him and, again, fair enough. But instead of going down as a great Laker — or great player for another franchise — while winning a title, he looks more likely to just join Charles Barkley and Elgin Baylor in the discussion of best players ever to never win a ring.

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