Darvin Ham & Centers

Darvin Ham and the Los Angeles Lakers fall to the Memphis Grizzlies 103-93, resulting in a series tie 1-1. Although the Lakers gained the home court advantage by splitting the series, there is still some adjustments that need to be made, and we will see how it plays out in game 3. However, there is certain instances when Anthony Davis is on the bench and the defense drops off a little bit, when there is little to no rim protection. Well there are some certain instances in which a rotation change can be made, as their are two valuable rim protectors on the bench as the Lakers did sign Tristan Thompson and traded for Mo Bamba at the trade deadline. None of the Lakers big men have seen the floor and Mo Bamba has not touched the floor since he is returning from injury. We will see if the Lakers counter to the Grizzlies paint oriented offense, whether Bamba or Thompson see the floor remains to be seen. We will see if the Lakers going up 2-1 or down 1-2 in a very tough matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Another key factor to the series is how Darvin Ham can instill energy into his roster as they did come out sluggish in the first quarter. Ever since the trade deadline the Lakers have always came out flat in the first quarter, hopefully being in front of the LA home crowd will help instill confidence and energy into the team as that remains to seen for a full 48 minutes. It is a seven game series but it is very important to know every game is it's own game, regardless hopefully there will be more energy for the Lakers on Saturday Night. The Lakers tip off April 22 at 7:00 PM PT.