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NBA Non Lakers Playoffs: Round 1

Will the champs be able to defend their title?
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Welcome to the NBA playoffs and the first round of the playoffs. This will be a small article aside of the matchups. Let's get to those.

The West Bracket.

1st seed Nuggets vs 8th seed Timberwolves

Nuggets won series 4-1

2nd seed Grizzlies vs 7th seed Lakers

Lakers win 4-2

3rd seed Kings vs 6th seed Warriors

Warriors win 4-3

4th seed Suns vs 5th seed Clippers

Suns won series 4-1

The East Bracket

1st seed Bucks vs 8th seed Heat

Heat win series 4-1

2nd seed Celtics vs 7th seed Hawks

Celtics won series 4-1

3rd seed 76ers vs 6th seed Nets

76ers win series 4-0

4th seed Cavs vs 5th seed Knicks

Knicks win series 4-1

My personal predictions.

Nuggets in 5

Lakers in 6

Warriors in 7.

Clippers in 6

Bucks in 7

Celtics in 5

76ers in 4

Knicks in 6.

As always follow the rules and just have fun chatting about the NBA playoffs again.

Let me know your predictions in the comments below and just have fun.

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