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LeBron James says he went to ‘LeBron James of feet’ to heal from injury

After improbably returning to the Lakers lineup on Sunday, LeBron James dropped an all-timer in explaining how he healed from his foot injury.

Chicago Bulls v Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers fans were treated to quite the surprise this weekend with the return of LeBron James. While it came in a game they ultimately lost to the Bulls, James returned multiple weeks ahead of schedule from his foot injury, at least according to reports in recent days and weeks.

After the contest, LeBron spoke to reporters and revealed some insight on his injury and recovery. For one, he did confirm that he tore a tendon in his foot, an injury that typically would have been season-ending for most players.

LeBron, though, did not settle for that assessment. As part of him turning over every stone to get back on the court, he sought out the top specialist...or the LeBron James of feet.

Look, there is really going to be no one like LeBron on so many levels. He’s a one-of-a-kind basketball player that fans should appreciate for as long as he’s around.

But it’s moments like this that are going to be equally missed. To sit at the podium postgame and call someone the “LeBron James of feet” is something only the true greats can do. How long did LeBron cook this one up before firing it off?

The question now is, considering what Dennis Schröder knew about LeBron’s rehab process, where does he fall in this scenario? Is he the LeBron James of feet? Does he have a connection with the LeBron James of feet? Is he or LeBron allowed to tell us who the LeBron James of feet is?

These are questions we may never have the answers for, but the people deserve to know.

Having made all the necessary jokes and asked all the important questions, getting LeBron back this quickly is huge for the Lakers in a number of ways. For one, every game matters and having LeBron out there for more of them is a huge win. For two, LeBron’s return allows the Lakers more runway to re-integrate him into the lineup and figure things out.

It also will give us more chances for LeBron quotes and moments like Sunday, and for that, we should truly be thankful.

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