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Jeanie Buss says Lakers won’t make a bad deal at NBA trade deadline

In a truly revolutionary move, Jeanie Buss says the Lakers won’t be doing any bad trades at the trade deadline.

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

After years in charge of the Lakers, Jeanie Buss has finally mastered ownership of an NBA team. It took some trial and error but Jeanie revealed her grand plan for the Lakers and the trade deadline.

In speaking with Melissa Rohlin of Fox Sports on Tuesday, Buss revealed the secret to success for the Lakers moving forward: don’t make bad trades.

“We’re always looking to improve our roster, but what we will not do is we’re not going to make a deal that sets us back. Because you could take one step forward and then go two steps back. So, we’re always monitoring everything.”

Presumably, the thing that sealed this notion for the Lakers was the trade for Russell Westbrook, objectively a bad trade in hindsight. Perhaps she looked at the Rui Hachimura trade, realized it was a good one, and had an epiphany.

Honestly, it’s a miracle no one before her has taken this approach. Too many NBA owners still do bad trades and that’s where they’re coming up short. Not every franchise can have success like the Lakers, and making bad trades is one of the things that separates them.

Presumably, Jeanie is suggesting they won’t make a trade that sets them back long-term just to try to save this season, I guess? I mean, I’m not even sure what the big takeaway from this quote should be even if you set sarcasm aside.

You’re not going to make a deal that takes you backward? Great work, guys! You’re always monitoring everything? Congrats on doing your job! I’m just not sure what the point of the quote was. It sure seems like Jeanie learned from Mitch Kupchak on how to say lots of words without saying anything really of substance.

The truth is, the Lakers season does need some level of saving. Things seem to be quickly trending in the wrong direction. Hopefully, there’s a good trade coming before the deadline to set things back on course.

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