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LeBron James channels inner Taylor Swift in first reaction to Kyrie Irving trade

In his first tweet since seeing Kyrie Irving dealt to the Mavericks, LeBron James did his best Taylor Swift impersonation to subtweet the Lakers.

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When Kyrie Irving was dealt to the Dallas Mavericks, it was a given that LeBron James would have some type of reaction to it. It was probably even expected he’d do it in one of his favorite ways with a subtweet on Twitter.

But no one could have predicted that his response would come in the form of a Taylor Swift impersonation.

Hours after the Lakers lost out on another pursuit of Irving, LeBron, like Taylor Swift in “Anti-Hero,” looked to have become self-aware that perhaps he is the problem.

Honestly, whomst among us hasn’t gone through some sad times, thrown on some Taylor Swift and had an introspective couple of hours before heading to social media for a real Sad Boy Hours post.

LeBron, obviously, made his preference pretty clear multiple times over and most recently in the wake of Kyrie’s trade proposal. If we go back to December, he publicly asked for help and was clearly tired of losing and Kyrie felt like exactly the player LeBron has wanted.

The Lakers, though, swung and missed on Irving, a feeling they know all too well, leaving James and the franchise still in search of help. In the team’s defense, and perhaps something that might keep LeBron appeased moving forward, it doesn’t appear the Nets were operating in good faith in the negotiations.

The team is still looking to deal Westbrook, this being the latest example, and are still trying to improve after missing out on Kyrie, so they’ll have to shake it off and continue searching the market. But just that little bit that they’re holding back, even if it makes sense to fans, is also probably the part LeBron is upset about.

Fortunately, the Lakers are still pretty low on the “fit-out or fit-in” LeBron subtweeting scale, and there appears to be no bad blood. Being the subject of Taylor Swift lyrics isn’t the worst the Lakers have done to LeBron and it’s not like everything has changed.

Just hope this ends somewhere closer to “You Belong With Me” and not “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

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