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Patrick Beverley is already back to trolling the Lakers

It didn’t take Patrick Beverley long to start trolling the Lakers again as he’s already aiming to knock them out of the playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There are few things Patrick Beverley has enjoyed more during his career than trolling the Lakers. Perhaps part of the reason the Beverley-Lakers partnership never worked was, because nothing about it felt natural.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take Pat Bev long after being traded away from the purple and gold to go back to what he’s done best. After being dealt to the Magic, Beverley agreed to a buyout and will sign for the Chicago Bulls.

When asked about his move on his latest podcast, Pat Bev was VERY aware who Chicago still has on the schedule twice this season and made one of his goals clear.

The Lakers and Bulls have, in fact, not played yet this year, and there is still some time before they do meet. In a weird scheduling quirk — which the Lakers have had multiple of this season — the two teams will effectively play a home-and-home back-to-back.

The first game will be in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 26 before both teams travel to Chicago for a game three days later on Wednesday, March 29. While it’ll be back-to-back games for the Lakers, the Bulls will play the Clippers on March 27 before returning home.

All in all, it’s an odd stretch of the schedule, but hopefully one that comes at a point when the Lakers have gotten themselves sorted out a bit and aren’t still clinging to playoff hopes. The Bulls already have one player who takes a supreme liking to destroying them in DeMar DeRozan.

I can think of few worse images than a DeMar DeRozan pull-up dagger from the elbow to give him 47 points while Pat Bev races to the scorer’s table to jump on top and celebrate. There’s probably an argument to be made that Pat Bev should be focusing on getting his own team to the playoffs with the Bulls well off the pace for most of the year.

But Pat Bev is fueled by pettiness. It’s how he’s made his career. And nothing is going to fuel him more than the possibility of eliminating the Lakers.

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