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This video of rookie D’Angelo Russell wishing to play with LeBron, Anthony Davis will make you smile

Many, many years ago, a young D’Angelo Russell dreamed of playing with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Now, he’s seeing that come to fruition.

Milwaukee Bucks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

D’Angelo Russell’s return to Los Angeles in the past week was the perfect feel-good medicine for the Lakers in the midst of a wildly frustrating season. D’Lo was a fan favorite during his time in purple and gold and remained as much across his multiple stops with other franchises in the years since.

Many years ago, he was the fresh-faced youngster that was supposed to guide the Lakers back to success. And many years ago, he was someone who dreamed of the situation he finds himself in now.

In a video from Summer League as a rookie, Russell was asked who his dream all-time starting five to play alongside him would be. His answer to that question included two very noteworthy names.

We’ll avoid the question about why Anthony Davis was in someone’s all-time starting five in 2015 and instead enjoy the fact that Russell will get to play with LeBron James and AD this season now. Hell, at the time, nobody even viewed LeBron and Davis as future teammates, let alone Russell with them.

While it’s hard to imagine NBA players being in awe of one another and especially someone like Russell who has been around for a good while now, it certainly likely felt a bit surreal, then, in his first game with LeBron and AD as teammates on Sunday. After the game, Davis revealed that he, D’Lo and LeBron were drawing up plays at halftime for their future games together.

The best part about the trio playing together is how well they fit with one another. D’Lo has many of the best qualities you would want from a point guard playing next to LeBron with his three-level scoring. Add in his playmaking out of the pick and roll and you have a great piece alongside AD as well.

Offensively, it’s something close to a dream pairing. And for young D’Angelo Russell, it’s something of a dream come true.

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