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Frequent Lakers target Terrence Ross secures buyout from Orlando Magic, set to sign with Suns

Could Terrence Ross be the final player the Lakers add to their roster on the buyout market? (Update: No)

Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Update: Shortly after this story was originally published, Woj reported that the Dallas Mavericks — and not the Lakers — were the frontrunners to sign Terrance Ross after the Orlando Magic gave him a buyout. However, after a last-minute change of heart, Ross will actually join Kevin Durant and the new-look Suns instead.

Original story follows.

The NBA buyout market is starting to take shape after an extremely active trade deadline this week. The latest development on that front, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, is that longtime Lakers target Terrence Ross is securing a buyout from the Orlando Magic so that he can “get an opportunity to join a contender.”

And when I say “longtime Lakers target,” I am not exaggerating, as Ross being linked to the Lakers is like a semi-annual Festivus for true Lakers Twitter Sickos. The team has been rumored to have interest in him at least once in nearly every transaction cycle since Rob Pelinka took over as general manager:

Still, while the Lakers do indeed have an open roster spot — and, based on all the above leaks, probably interest — do they fit the billing of “contender” in Ross’ mind? That remains to be seen, but in his roundup of five buyout candidates to keep an eye on, our own Jacob Rude did list Ross as the type of “theoretical 3-and-D wing” that “you can’t have too many of.”

Ross, a career 36.2% 3-point shooter, has also canned 1.5 of his 3.8 threes per game this year (38.1%), the fourth-best shooting season of his career. With the 32-year-old now on the market and Los Angeles already being linked to Danny Green as well, it does seem like the team will have a few options if they want to fill their 15th roster spot with a vet who can bring a bit of size and shooting in a pinch.

All that noted, it’s not a certainty the Lakers will even use their 15th roster spot, according to Pelinka:

But if they do, will they go with one of those two guys or someone else? We’ll find out in the weeks to come, as the March 1 playoff waiver eligibility deadline gets closer.

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