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Anthony Davis says finding his jumper has been a reason for recent scoring outburst

Anthony Davis has had his best offensive games of the season over the past few games. He credits this production with a combination of finding his jumper and being more aggressive.

Los Angeles Lakers v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

With a 41-point performance in the NBA In-Season Tournament title game and a pair of 37-point nights against the Mavericks and the Spurs, Anthony Davis is having his best offensive performances of the season.

Davis being an offensive monster is nothing new.

His career high as a Los Angeles Laker is 55, which he earned last season against the Washington Wizards and his production was a highlight during the playoff run, where he had four games where he scored 30 or more points.

However, this year, the offensive lows have been disappointing.

There have been two games where Davis didn't even break double-digits, including a matchup against the Sacramento Kings where Domantas Sabonis outclassed him en route to a blowout loss at home.

So, why has AD suddenly found his groove on the offensive side of the ball?

"Finding my shot," Davis said during his postgame presser on Wednesday. "Of course, being more aggressive. Feel like my teammates are doing a good job – I feel like it's easier for me to operate when guys are making shots. (Prince) made a ton of shots, actually he's been shooting the ball extremely well in his last five, six, seven games. Cam, C-Wood made some shots tonight, AR, Bron when he's playing. When we're able to shoot the ball and space the floor, it's hard for guys to come double team so it's a lot easier for me to have one-on-one matchups and go to work."

Good shooting benefits everyone.

It raises the team's confidence, puts points on the board and improves spacing. Davis finding his shot, his teammates feeding him the ball and those same players capitalizing on their opportunities are the recipe for offensive success and how you get these kinds of games from Davis on a more consistent basis.

Davis also mentioned how his ability to attack the rim actually discourages him from shooting.

"I just wasn't taking them, nor did I need to, to be honest," Davis said postgame on Wednesday. "I was just so efficient and dominant in the paint, I didn't have to. Now, when a team is trying to double team or when their bigs are down the floor in the pick and roll, I'm very confident in my shot and just let it fly. That's all there really is. There's nothing more to it. Just haven't taken them is all."

If it's as simple as just taking more of these shots, then that's what Davis should do. The past few games are proof of concept. He just needs to keep it going and take this momentum with him throughout the rest of the year and the season.

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