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Anthony Davis think it’s ‘pretty cool’ Lakers are raising banner for In-Season Tournament win

Fans might have a mixed reaction, but Anthony Davis approves the Lakers raising an In-Season Tournament banner.

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

The Lakers won the NBA In-Season Tournament in dominant fashion last weekend in Las Vegas, beating the Indiana Pacers thanks to a monster game from Anthony Davis and LeBron James’ MVP performance.

L.A. won all seven games, and with the NBA Cup in hand, fans wondered if the team would hang a banner to commemorate the inaugural competition.

Well, despite previous reports stating the Lakers would not hang up a banner, they made it official that an In-Season Tournament banner would be unveiled at the Lakers’ next home game on Dec. 18 against the New York Knicks.

Fans might be mixed on another banner other than an NBA Title being hoisted up in the rafters, but Davis is all for it.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” Davis said after the Lakers lost versus the Dallas Mavericks. “Obviously, it’s not the real thing but it is something that the league recognizes as having been champions for. I think it’s cool that they’re doing that. I think they said it’ll be like not the shape of the regular banner but something different to kind of distinguish between the two. But I think it’s cool the organization decided to do that.”

While fans might be hung on the concept of the Lakers only hanging championship banners, the NBA In-Season Tournament is, technically, a championship. Although, so is the Western Conference winner, so perhaps there isn’t a leg to stand on there.

Either way, the banner is going up, and this is an entirely new experience for all involved. Will this competition become a league staple and in 20 years, will winning an NBA Cup and earning MVP honors be on the list of every elite player?

Time will tell, but for now, the players have consistently discussed their enjoyment of the tournament. Add in the fact that the games were far more competitive compared to previous December regular season games and with ratings through the roof for the title game, I think it’s safe to say the NBA In-Season Tournament is here to stay.

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