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Austin Reaves turned into Shakespeare in explaining Lakers loss vs. Heat

Sure, Shakespeare had bars, but not like Austin Reaves after the Lakers’ loss to the Heat.

Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Unable to win on the road, the Lakers lost another heartbreaker in Miami on Monday night. The game had all the drama of the theatre on full display.

You had an Anthony Davis injury, a 39-year-old LeBron James rallying the troops back and the result of the game hanging in the balance on a final shot taken, not by a star player, but Cam Reddish.

The result was a defeat by the slimmest of margins and postgame Austin Reaves went poetic in explaining the ebbs and flows of the game that started inside a gymnasium at Springfield College with just a ball and a peach basket.

"The beauty of basketball is the frustration of what it is tonight. Some nights, those go in and we might get like a 10-0 run and win by eight, big win, good win, good comeback win." Reaves said. "And nights like tonight, they don't fall and, obviously, you're p----- off. I'm p----- off at myself for the two that I missed. LeBron had a good look on the left wing, I had two and Cam had the last one. Those are shots that I guarantee…coaching staff, players, everybody on the team and in the organization would be like 'Shoot them again.' That's the beauty of the game. It's also very frustrating because you want to win every game but it happens."

The game giveth, the game taketh away.

Sometimes, it's as simple as the ball not bouncing your way. Given the injuries prior to the game and the one that occurred during the game, the Lakers did a great job fighting back and were just one field goal away from their first road win of the season.

Moral victories are as valuable as cubic zirconia though, and the Lakers need to start winning away from home, or else they risk digging a hole they'll never be able to dig out of. Every season, there's a "what if" team in the NBA. One that has bad luck, is injury-riddled and underperforms based on slow starts and bad luck.

We know the Lakers currently are 3-4, but we know not what they may be. Let's hope they get it together so that Midsummer Night's Dream of lifting the Larry O'Brien becomes reality in June.

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