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Player Grades: Lakers vs. Pistons

Assessing every Lakers player’s performance from the team’s 133-107 win versus the Pistons.

Los Angeles Lakers v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

After a rough loss on Monday, playing the worst team in the NBA was just what the doctor ordered for the Lakers.

They cruised to victory, beating the Detroit Pistons 133-107 and are now looking at a chance of winning three of four games during this road trip.

With a dominant win, there are plenty of positive takeaways and many standout performances, including a Laker who reached their season-high in points tonight.

Let's grade the win. As always, grades are based on expectations for each player. A "B" grade represents the average performance for that player.

D'Angelo Russell

34 minutes, 35 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds, 13-17 FG, 5-7 3PT, 4-5 FT, +31

This is, without question, a good D'Angelo Russell game. He was perfect from the field to start the game, was constantly feeding Anthony Davis and as the game progressed, he hit incredible shot after incredible shot, ending the night with 35 points.

This is as dominant as you'd ever hope Russell to be and he was the best player on the court tonight. These performances won't ever be commonplace for Russell, that's not sustainable. Still, it's a reminder of how good he can be and why replacing his production and potential in a trade will be a challenge and might be ill-advised.

Grade: A

Anthony Davis

29 minutes, 28 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal, 3 blocks, 9-15 FG, 10-13 FT, +29

Anthony Davis was as dominant as ever on Wednesday. He was an efficient 9-15 from the field, got going early in the two-man game with Russell and was a tyrant protecting the rim.

There was one sequence where Cade Cunningham pumped faked three times, trying to get Davis to bite and either draw the foul or create space, but the play still resulted in a blocked shot.

With the game in hand, Davis only clocked in 29 minutes and barely saw the court in the fourth. Otherwise, he'd likely have ended with 30-plus points and 20-plus rebounds on the night.

Grade: B

LeBron James

29 minutes, 25 points, 8 rebounds 4 assists, 9-19 FG, 2-6 3PT, 5-5 FT, +26

Is it possible to have a quiet 25-point game?

If so, LeBron James just had one.

It was a combination of Russell playing his best game and Davis dominating alongside him, so it appeared that James was going through the motions and picking up baskets where he could.

He still had a few monster dunks and shooting 47% from the field is nothing to sneeze at. It's a testament to James' greatness that a 25-point, 8 rebounds, 4 assists night doesn't raise much of an eyebrow. It's business as usual for the King.

Grade: B-

Max Christie

22 minutes, 5 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 0-3 FG, 0-2 3PT, 5-5 FT, +13

It was an excellent game for the Lakers but not so much for Max Christie. He was fine defensively but couldn't convert on a bucket, only managed a couple of boards and you often forgot he was on the floor.

With Cam Reddish back in action, it might be time for Christie to head back to the bench and play a shift or two if this is what he can give you offensively. He has all the tools to develop into a starter in this league, but right now, it looks like he's biting off more than he can chew.

Grade: C-

Taurean Prince

23 minutes, 9 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 3-4 FG, 3-4 3PT, +26

Is Taurean Prince finally becoming the knockdown shooter the Lakers have been looking for? He was efficient from deep versus the Sixers and replicated that success against the Pistons, shooting purely threes and going 3-4 from deep.

I still believe he'll be regulated to the bench once Jarred Vanderbilt is available. However, if he can continue shooting at this high a percentage from three, it'll ensure he still plays 15-plus minutes a night and gives Los Angeles some much-needed long-range shooting.

Grade: B-

Austin Reaves

24 minutes, 6 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 3-8 FG, 0-4 3PT, +13

Everyone was forgettable on Monday, but tonight, Reaves was one of the few with a lackluster performance.

He didn't make much of an impact offensively or defensively. He did drive hard to the basket and you saw the effort present, but the execution was lacking.

He played too long tonight to only muster six points and a handful of rebounds.

Grade: C-

Christian Wood

25 minutes, 12 points, 9 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block, 4-9 FG, 0-4 3PT, +2

Wood must've been told he had the green light because he was getting shots up with zero hesitation. Yes, most of it was when the result was in hand, but going 0-4 from three isn't ideal.

He's been on a downward trend from beyond-the-arch lately, but luckily, it didn't impact the result, given how big the advantage was.

Grade: C

Cam Reddish

20 minutes, 0 points, 1 rebound, 1 block, 0-3 FG, 0-2 3PT, 0-0 FT, +13

It was a bad Cam Reddish game, but the silver lining is we got a game at all from Reddish since he's been out of the lineup due to a groin injury.

He didn't produce during his 20 minutes of play, except for a couple of forced turnovers. Overall, he looked like what he is, a player getting back after an injury.

Grade: D-

Jalen Hood-Schifino

11 minutes, 10 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 3-4 FG, 1-2 3PT, 3-6 FT, -6

Don't look now, but the point guard of the future is here.

Okay, that's a bit much, but in his second game of the season, Jalen Hood-Schifino looked pretty good.

He logged in 11 minutes, only missed one shot and showed promise on and off the ball. So far he's mainly played when games are out of reach, but if he continues to look good during his minutes, perhaps he can break into the rotation this year after all.

Grade: C

Jaxson Hayes, Maxwell Lewis, D'Moi Hodge, Alex Fudge

Normally, Jaxson Hayes wouldn't be lumped in with the rookies and two-way players, but unfortunately, he only logged in seven minutes due to elbow soreness. Head coach Darvin Ham says he was pulled as a 'precaution' but it remains to be seen if he'll be available for the matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder tomorrow.

Alex Fudge, D'Moi Hodge and Maxwell Lewis all saw minutes during garbage time in the fourth but didn't do much with that time, with Hodge scoring the lone three-pointer from the young trio.

Friday's inactive: Jarred Vanderbilt, Gabe Vincent, Rui Hachimura and Colin Castleton

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