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Report: Lakers ‘not been inclined’ to include Austin Reaves in trade talks for Zach LaVine

The Lakers are likely going to express interest in Zach LaVine, but it doesn’t appear Austin Reaves will be included in trade talks with the Bulls.

Los Angeles Lakers v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

At this point, it does seem to be a foregone conclusion based on the reporting that the Lakers will at least explore a Zach LaVine trade to some degree. To that point, Shams Charania reported as much once again on Tuesday on FanDuel TV.

However, who the team will and won’t include in trade talks will be the key factor. And, as things stand, it appears the Lakers have a pretty clear — and obvious — line in the sand.

On the same appearance on FanDuel TV, Shams revealed that the Lakers have not been inclined to include Austin Reaves in trade talks for LaVine, though the Bulls would covet him in a deal.

As Charania notes, if the Lakers are going to pursue a third star, Reaves is going to be coveted by teams. And for the right player, parting ways with him could be an option, though it would need to be a really good player to do so.

LaVine, though, is not that player. And that list of players is a short one.

As hot and cold as Reaves has been at times this year, he’s still a supremely talented player who was crucial in the Lakers playoff run last season. And, particularly when it comes to trade discussions, he’s on an incredibly team-friendly deal which only increases his value.

Reaves was gotten on a bargain deal in the offseason and his production far exceeds his salary. Realistically, there’s nothing the Bulls have that should entice the Lakers to include Reaves in a trade.

The Lakers have plenty of assets to complete a deal for LaVine — if that’s even the player they want to target — that wouldn’t even come close to needing to include Reaves. The Bulls can ask for him, but it’s an entire non-starter for anything the Bulls have.

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