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Anthony Davis says Lakers have to ‘quickly flush’ loss to Sixers

After the biggest loss of the season to the Sixers, it's in the Lakers' best interest to forget about this one and move on quickly.

Los Angeles Lakers v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

After suffering a 44-point road loss, there aren't many positive takeaways a team can hold onto from such an abysmal performance.

Up and down the roster, the Lakers were simply outclassed by the Philadelphia 76ers in virtually every statistical category, advanced metrics and individual matchups.

Anthony Davis had a level-headed perspective on the result after the embarrassing defeat.

"We'll watch film tomorrow and that's an opportunity for us to talk about it and look at it and be like 'This is what we can't have.'" Davis said postgame. "But you have to quickly flush it because we have another one Wednesday. We can't harp on it too long. It's good to watch the film and see where we can get better on both ends but then you got to get ready for games Wednesday and Thursday.

“We got to look at it, embrace it, own it, guys don't take it personal for whatever is said in the film session and then move on from it."

While no player shined on Monday against Philly, Davis had the best game. He was active and engaged on both sides of the ball and ended the night with 17 points and 11 rebounds, so if anyone has the right to speak about this team's performance and the best course of action moving forward, it’s AD.

Fans will undoubtedly hit up the trade machine, look for the play or sequence that caused the blowout or use this to blame their favorite scapegoat for the result.

However, this was just a bad loss against a good team and the Lakers are short four key players. This doesn't excuse the performance. A 40-plus point loss in the NBA is indefensible and unacceptable.

But at the end of the day, it's still just one of 82 games and if the Lakers beat the 2-14 Detroit Pistons and go on to win versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, that would make this an incredibly successful road trip, finishing the time away from home 3-1.

Monday was ugly, but Monday is over. The loss came with a lesson. Now it's time for the Lakers to take that wisdom and get back in the win column on Wednesday.

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